Saturday, July 28, 2007

INK prize presentation ,bunch of idiots.

woke up 6am.
meet at art room. 8.30am
took bus all the way to NTU.
had to listen to opening speeches.
Ceremony begins.

commendations~ andre
merit~ Sarah chew,Me
3rd~ Hui Min [NYJC]
2nd~ Bryan [NYJC]
1st~ Marcus [NYJC] <<
then it was time for the comments.
i show u my drawing.

and these are the comments.

quoted "a child like face"
"armour too sharp, might fall and prick to death by his own armour"
"a dark humour would be he seems to be using the sword to scratch his back"
"Body looks distorted"

and this is my word to them, idiot.

back in NYJC, wanted to do art work, but ended up falling asleep.
then went to J8 with Sarah for Pastamania.
we both had vongole and sodas.(almost finished the cheese)

then we walk around and bought green tea ice cream :D
just happen to walk past ZINC bag store and i just bought a bag.lmao


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

updating my life?

erm,havent been blogging lately,bro always using com.and coming back late
so heres whats been going on.

july 21, sandcastle...thing

its was quite fun actually.and the weather was cooling :)

sarah was looking for a display pic for her HP..

my longkang brother :) !

a shirt my sis bought for me.

oh ya..and 23 july was my brother's birthday,kor happy birthday!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

i will bring you down to Hell with me

today is my most irritated day of NYJC
and all because of ONE of the lessons.

went in to class,mood= happy
teacher comes in,at first alright,but then,when he mentioned homework,he just flared up
he said:' enough is enough,blah blah~ why shud i get angry? its not good for my health,ha i wont be stupid and get angry over this.'
when obvioulsy he is already angry.
then he wanted those ppl who nvr hand up to stand up,and write him a letter

when i wanted to ask him a question,he said:' PLEASE do NOT interrupt.'
then another time i raise up again:' please do not interrupt.'
THEN he said:' i dont want to listen to any excuses,blah blah~'

hey you mister,i think you have very VERY low EQ, even if you had a bad day or what the heck i dont give a damn about,dont vent it on us.

You think its so easy to do the work you gave us ON OUR OWN?
so what if it was given during the holidays??
what abt those ppl who doesnt have tuition?
and i think you were damn biased.
you look down on those who scored badly for the mid yrs.
when some of them REALLY tried thier best.
but did you give a damn?

IF i ever wanna commit suicide , i promise you that i will DEFINITELY bring you down with me to hell.

If any teachers happen to read this post and feel a sense of guilt or dissapointment,i really don't care.
i will NEVER be a teacher, because to me all teachers are heartless beings that does not owns up to their own mistakes and expect us to do so.

always asking us students to reflect on our actions.


Monday, July 16, 2007

First love

this is the worst year if my life,results screwed up,friend passed away,ex teacher passed away,mother's friend's husband passed away,failure in results,end up in a class full of girls who doesnt understands me.and

never would i have guessed that the one to hurt me the most was the one whom i felt closest to.

i felt betrayed,a knife stabbed right through my back and yet i still have to smile while im bleeding.

Just when i felt that this is the first right decision i made,it had to end.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Love sucks

Love is Dissappointing.
A waste of time

i never knew it would be this painful.
i never knew it would be this hard.
i never felt so alone.

i never knew,i was this weak.


last night my parents quarreled over a damn stupid thing.
shant elaborate. need to go to tuition from 11am~1pm
then rush to lee yen's house for japan project 2pm~6pm?
then rush back home to do painting for project work 7pm~9pm
then finish painting the istana art piece 9pm~12am
then time for bed.

crap this what a teenager suppose to do on a Sunday?!
damn no life.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Japan photos

Heres some of the photos we took in Japan.erm.
still got few hundreds more coming ..but next time then i post.haha

This one is at Mt Aso, Advertising for levis jeans.

Breakfast buffet at Mt Aso :)

today so tiring.spent so long viewing and deleting the photos at Sarah's house.
and we are damn worried abt zhiwei.
she was suppose to reach at 11+am
she messaged us telling that she taking cab to Sarah's house form yishun.
but after 2~3 hours, she still hasnt arrived.
and we called her HP sooo many times.
does anyone know where is zhiwei?
is she at home??
can someone contact us?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

i passed GP wahhaha...

wah today's A'lvl oral was about joining superstar competitions.
and they asked do you approve students joining it?
then i went.
come on man,if you have a chance at fame, would you give it up?
and i went on bullshtting throughout the whole thing,they stopped me before i even finished.
hope that bodes well.

guess what
i dunno why am i so happy
i got
23/50 for GP, and 22.5 is a pass
that means
ok..u can say i have low expectations.but i dont what u think,cos ive PASSED

btw,i chanced upon this big red button

Put The Big Red Button on your site
have fun :D


boring sia!
result sucks like hell.
dunno how to face parents.

and i am still so fat.
went jogging yest.
but still feeling fat and ugly.

i want watch harry potter.
sian la.
today chinese alvl oral.
zhen me ban??

Sunday, July 8, 2007


erm some random fanart works for competition i did recently..
quality not there..

another two

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Thanks to everybody for your concerns.
im alright ya

just that mid yr exams is making me be warned.
but that doesnt stop me from cam whoring :)

i went to pull down my fringe,and cut it O.o

oh crap.
i fail math like nobody's business.

and during assembly,we had reading period...and the piece of essay was on...
suicide trend...
before that,i was looking at the sign that said "no roof excess"
when i mentioned it,all my classmates went

*I seriously didn't had that on my mind..*

is like this.
so no point brooding over it.

oh ya,and i found this specs which i bought from japan.