Thursday, April 30, 2009

hmm apparently the swine flu thingy is getting rather serious..
kinda like SARS back then..
hope it doesn't get worse man

it is said that swine flu doesn't spread through food
so basically pork is safe to be eaten :)

go ahead,eat it :D

aniw,whats up with calling it swine flu
making it sound so refined..
haha just call it pig flu la

kinda boring staying at home doing absolutely nothing
its making me sleepy..

went to get a haircut,and i dont know why i even did that
kinda regretted it

oh wells

no money means no need to go ANYWHERE at all
haha this sucks la
when is our next allowance coming???

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

went to a restaurant called Rice Table today
together with my whole coursemates
and some of our commanders

its erm...cohesion day!
we booked out at arnd 10:30am
then made our way to the lunch venue

its an indonesian buffet
and we became damn bloated
but we just kept ordering
the sweet and sour fish was awesome :p

after which we went our seperate ways
i headed to tampines to collect the cargo pants
which are freaking ugly but necessary for our ops
and IKEA to buy frame for the momento thingy
which im 95% done?...

i sense more art projects coming my way...

Sunday, April 26, 2009


went to orchard cineleisure with some of my BMT friends
and had dinner at xinwang
wasn't feeling well
thus i only had congee

and a salted egg

we then went to catch 17again
haha the show was so funny
esp the part where Ned tried to woo the female principal

we then head down to the coffee club and had a little chat

$5.50 for this thing...jolly shandy would have tasted much better..
after which went clubbing
and it was fun!!
kept drinking baileys
cos its damn nice (intro by sarah choo last time)

but the cab fare back sucks.
ugh $26..

bought a pair of cargo pants that we have to use at our unit
cost me $40...
also bought this shirt
which cost $22

haha hair finally growing back ler
:D :D :D :D

some memento we're gonna present to the unit
and yes its become my job

as my friends would tell me
"see la,who ask you can draw so well"

oh wells
cya :D

Friday, April 24, 2009

bedok reservoir

had out camp run today
apparently the instructions was to meet at 7:15am
at bedok reservoir hilltop

when ive reached
what i had in mind was that there was some kinda condominium or smth of that sort
cos of the name "hilltop"
after almost 20minutes of walking around aimlessly
finally we figured it out
that it meant the top of the hill

the scenery there was rather nice

heres george and joel who were trying to figure out which direction the wind was blowing,no seriously..

aniw,we ran one round around the reservoir
which was said to be around 5km
i finished it at around 27minutes..
lol was trying to overtake this officer that was ahead of me
and i was successful

we were dismissed from there at around 10am
haha army life rocks :D

Thursday, April 23, 2009

ive made another blog :D

planning to make it an art blog
so will post my art stuffs there
so do check it out yeah!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

haha heres the finalised design
spent over 2 days on it..
had to change the 01:09 to EOD cos some other commanders wanted to order too..hahas

Friday, April 17, 2009

selerang VS seletar

sore throat sucks...
strepsils are useless

aniw,last wednesday we had nights off
went outta camp from 5:30pm and went roaming around tampines
went to check out lloyd's new owrkplace,teadot
then we went to check out the vcd shop
bought quite a few discs
esp one which was called [.REC]
its the orignal version,
well,it was remade and called Quarantine

it was kinda freaky at first
with all the blood and stuff
but soon it got kinda predictable..
haha but overall i liked it :D

im loving army life..
we basically have lessons and stuff till arnd 3pm?
then 5pm we go for dinner
and from then till 12am its our free time
haha so we would all hang out at the enlistee's mess
with air con,watching television shows
and chasing drama serials such as
'table of glory' channel8 show at 9pm

and our warrant isnt that bad afterall
hes in fact
a very funny guy
as long as we dont go overboard :)

thursday we were actually allowed to go at 1pm,
but we did smth wrong which made him furious
so he made us change back to army uniform,
when we were already in our civilian clothings waiting to go out
it really dampened all our moods
everyone was sulking while they changed back into their boots
and the algae looking uniform

but in the end,
he still let us go out
at 2:30pm
haha,we sure learnt our lesson

we are now back at seletar camp
for some live firing thingy on monday
all of us hate it here at seletar camp..
cos its so effing regimental

we really miss selerang camp
even though we are only going to stay here until monday night

something really random.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

haha went on a date with myself ytd
went to watch shinjuku incident at tampines mall
the show was rather alright for me haha
surprisingly jackie chan didn't show any kung fu skills at all
it was an okayyy show for me
not really a fan of hong kong movies

went to check out the new Tampines1 mall
gosh it was so crowded
esp at the shop uni qlo
some japan casual wear shop
which claims to be japan's number one casual wear brand..
well that seems to have worked out though
there was such a long queue outside
maybe i'd go check it out some other time
i hate to queue

aniw bought a shirt from topman
meant for clubbing

oh and from what i heard
my sister is gonna register for marraige
like in december?

i feel happy for her

hope everything will go smoothly for her!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

what have i become?
is this the kind of life i want to lead?
is this me?

"Untouched" Official Music Video - The Veronicas

cool song!

Friday, April 10, 2009

i said things which i horribly regretted yesterday

ive to stop thinking so much into things
stop expecting things to happen
cause im just gonna be disappointed
time and time again

text and messages are such
artificial ways of expressing emotions
like "haha" and "lol"
when it isnt funny at all
but thats how it works isnt it?

its good friday today
and i hope i get to start anew

gonna party tonight :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Explosive Ordnance Disposal T-shirt designs

tee shirt design for my NS unit
these are drafts,havent finalised yet
gonna work on some more i guess

some other random stuff i drew in camp..

its been really tiring for me the past few days
feeling empty at times
and having to keep myself preoccupied with work
or some form of entertainment like watching television

i had this same feeling before
it was during the middle of last year
where i can't help but feeling self pity
its pathetic
and i hope this feeling goes away

give me some time
i'd get back on my feet
i promise

Sunday, April 5, 2009

haha its time to move on
i won't take relationships seriously anymore
its dumb and i always end up getting hurt
im glad that i finally got an answer to my questions
yet at the same time i felt really sad
that i have to wake up from this sweet dream of mine

back to reality :)

There are no gurantees in life,and i'll accept that with a smile
haha ytd met up with weizong,weisheng,roonkai to have dinner
we watched 'confessions of a shopaholic'
haha it was hilarious
and i have to admit
retail theraphy is shiok.
hahaha i went to buy a shirt that cost $169
from Fred Perry

i like it alot :) :)

after which we went to The Rebel at clarke quay
drank two cups of vodka lime
and clubbed all the way till 2am
took cab home
haha yep

Friday, April 3, 2009

see you seletar camp :)

Life in 39SCE bravo company has come to an end
2 weeks in there seemed extremely long..
it was finally time for us EOD pioneers
to return to our mother unit
selerang camp

today,we bid farewell to the whole bravo company
shook every single one of their hands
i felt dizzy after everything lol

36SCE really looks much better than in our previous unit
the facilities
the people (excluding the sergeant major)
we get to book-in in our civilian clothes
and we get to keep our hair long

although its too early to conclude
but im gonna look on the bright side
and stay positive :)

im happy with my new bunk mates
they're awesome bunch
only a few which really gets on peoples' nerves
but im sure we will all get along quite well
as time goes by

sleeping in camp
every night,its so very quiet
(lets ignore the snoring sounds)
and time seems to pass so slowly
whenever i think of the people i love
the people that i used to take for granted
now that they're not by my side
i feel the need to be independent
to be on my own

but i know
im not alone in this