Saturday, May 31, 2008


haha spent my whole morning watching 交叉点 ,the changing point

i always dreamnt of directing and having my own production
but i aint got no support,in terms of $$$
maybe next time.

aniw! i think its AWESOME :D
haha,its funny and heartwarming too.
the actors are around my age but they are so professional.

go watch if you have time online :D

the actress 'huiyun' is super funny and
btw,the model i was talking about previously is also known as 'rui kai' in the show.
hope you like it as much as i did! :)

the call

It started out as a feeling
Which then grew into a hope
Which then turned into a quiet thought
Which then turned into a quiet word

And then that word grew louder and louder
'Till it was a battle cry

I'll come back
When you call me
No need to say goodbye

Just because everything's changing
Doesn't mean its never
Been this way before

All you can do is try to know
Who your friends are
As you head off to the war

Pick a star on the dark horizon
And follow the light

You'll come back
When It's over
No need to say goodbye

You'll come back
When It's over
No need to say goodbye

Now we're back to the beginning
It's just a feeling and no one knows yet
But just because they can't feel it too
Doesn't mean that you have to forget

Let your memories grow stronger and stronger
'Till they're before your eyes

You'll come back
When they call you
No need to say goodbye

You'll come back
When they call you
No need to say goodbye

Friday, May 30, 2008


today was awesome man.
the day started off with a good sign when the econs lecturer mistakenly took the lecture as 1hour when it wrote 1.5hrs ,i think?
aniw,then after that,had SOVA from 11:30am till 12:20am
i went to set up the dark room
then went to canteen to get sum stuff to eat

DID YOU KNOW? my model brian came to school just to help out with the modelling,
while he is someone whom i just met 2 days ago.
what a friendly guy siaaa
Awesome kind soul
haha the photoshoot went well too

after he left,i continued tracing in the dark room,with air con and my own seclusion.
which was uber cool.hahaha

then at 5:30pm,i packed up and took 133 to suntec
to watch PRINCE CASPIAN with some friends
we ate at the food court first.
and i tell u something damn cool?
my friend found this MILLIPEDE in his hor fun.

despite that,he continued eating his dinner heartily.
its amazing what army can do for you.

PRINCE CASPIAN was alright for me
haha,but i was expecting more from the ice queen...
as i was watching the movie,i suddenly realised,wheres benjamin?
then i remembered that he had gone overseas for literature trip
haha i forgot.
but he is most probably enjoying himself by then
haha aniw still,bon voyage

at like 12am,i smelt something burnt,and i thought it was coming from outside.
then i thought it was from our computer,as the smell grew stronger,i felt something was amiss,so i went around sniffing,and it led me to the kitchen.

turns out that my mom forgot about the herbal tea she was heating up?
and it got 'chao ta',my goodness.what wud have happened if i was asleep?!?@#?

all in all,i wanna thank Brian for helping me out and thank God for all the undeserved favour!!


Wednesday, May 28, 2008


nth special today,lectures plus art.
but there was SUSHI today
haha,we accumulated all our anti drug poster winnings (contributed a small sum each)
and we managed to fork out $90!
so we bought like $90 worth of sakae sushi
it came at like 5pm
and it was such a spread.
cos many of them have weak stomach thus cant eat much raw food.
so i eat lor,im so used to eating raw sashimi and stuff.haha

today was rather unproductive though,cos of the stupid lectures that disrupted my momentum (finding excuses to slack)

aniw.tmr will be a busy day to make up for today's slackiness.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

tuesday 27th may

so continue with the fire fashion design i was working on since yesterday
almost complete.need half a day more tmr,then can work on new design:D

haha today damn funny.
theres this guy from J1 whom i wanted to ask to be my model.
then its damn hard to ask cos i didnt noe him AT ALL
but syahidah and qixuan decided to go with me to ask.
i went there.
and i said like " hey im a J2 from aep,im doing art a level this year and i need you to be one of my models,and..."
then i stun ler.lmao,dunno what else to say sia
LUCKILY qixuan helped my continue "he is doing fashion design and needs you to be his model,he got many models already,im also his model,.."
then he agreed to help me out sia.
hahaha,a complete stranger.
damn cool

must be God's help
and definitely not forgetting QIXUAN and SYAHIDAH
now i have all 8 models.but i aint thought of all the designs yet!
OH shit!

cam whoring with tiak hui :p

aniw,i really have to work much MUCH harder

Monday, May 26, 2008


haha shit! late for art today
haha,kanna scolding

aniw.ANDRE came to visit :D

and someone really pissed me off.big time.

have to go sch again for the next two weeks.
this sucks.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


just recieved this message worse than a death sentence.

'hi J2s, pls be in college for the first two weeks of the holiday from 9am to 6pm to carry on with your coursework,starting from tmr'


AHHHH art. killing me man.9am to 6pm,thats like longer than normal school days.LOL

rawr.nvm.i can pull through.


first day of june holidays.
went to school at 8:20am
quite high cos i was rather excited abt the hillsong united concert at the max pavillion at night

J2s had to help out with the tape art workshop for secondary sch students.
turnout was quite pathetic cos they had flag day,so many couldn't come.
but still,it was fun doing tape art again,knowing that you wont have to remove the tape.

after which,i took bus to kembangan and took mrt to expo
jimmy was there already,and soon many others came.
we headed to the holding area.
haha most expensive plate of 'mian' that cost $4+
which u can buy normally at $1
although i was quite pissed.but NVM that.

while,study,eat,chat,played bingo,sleep.
FINALLY time to go in.

my first ever offical concert :D

during the concert,light sticks where flying everywhere.and a few hit
the girls were like screaming and so paranoid about getting hit by one.hahaha
after it ended,we all lost our voices.haha but it was AWESOME!
lights went back on,and we took photos :)

me and ben

JC north

aniw,left with junxiong to take mrt,then it was like CROWDED la
when u went up the mrt escalator,theres no space at the platform.almost get stuck on the escalator.wtfomg.

i took the mrt to changi airport then took bus 53 back home.

Thank God that i arrived just on time,and i managed to board the bus.
it was so crowded that the bus driver couldnt fetch any more passengers.

some random cat i met on the way back

and heres another i took before my math tuition.
i thought it was fake. until it went 'meow'

got to do my work now.CYA.

Friday, May 23, 2008


omgwtf lol
today morning dad fetch me to school
had milk tea and bread in school
and sooner than i expected,the tea started to had its effects
i became damn high and was laughing and getting excited over anything and everything.

but soon i found myself in the exam hall.
Paper 1 was essay.
yep i screwed up.
i chose " The world of business and ethics cannot mix,do you agree?"
why the heck did i chose this?cos i had no other choices as i did not read up.
i wrote about how consumerism and advertising has eroded ethics and stuff.
i think im screwed.

aniw,paper 2 was much better for me. my suprise the passage was also about consumerism and the media.
great.cos i thought about these in my essay.
so it was rather smooth flowing for me.

now have to focus on Art coursework.
was drawing from like 12noon till 7pm.
and I DID VERY LITTLE. too slow.
tmr have to go out.
same on sunday.

i miss you exams,see you after the holidays.
i'll always be there for you sexy exams.
lets make babies

omg im so in love.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

GP paper tmr morning.

im still cramming.
even more awesome

i love this kind of life

can't wait for sat.

and shit i gained weight over these few days.
dammit.better watch my diet now.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

im sane

wah seh.i feel fugly la
no time to care abt looks aniw

JC i must win you.
not gonna let u swallow me and chew me then spit out.

A levels i love you.
you are my life.
i so look forward to meeting you babe
wait for me darling.

Monday, May 19, 2008

monday 19th may

so crap man.
today's weather was so nice
but i didnt go out
wanted to go tanning.

went jogging in the afternoon.
so many families having bbq and tents set up at pasir ris park
haha how sweet.
dad and mom working on a public holiday
love you mom and dad.
sorry mom for getting angry at you.
although its ur fault.BUT,still i shudnt get angry.

i always thought gangster look was cool.
serious.but i don't know hokkien. least i know some cantonese,yeahh maybe i can be a canto punk.

anybody want watch chronicles of narnia?
msg me if u do.
planning to go on 31st may

Sunday, May 18, 2008


tuition in the morning at 9am!
but i was late,reached there at 9:20am
Ended at 12noon

bought vanilla waffle cone from Macdonalds to cheer myself up
i feel like a kid

GP mid years this friday
im getting into the exams HIGH-ness once again

k better stop wasting time
the train to uni isnt gonna wait for me :)

im so gonna get a tan during the hols

aniw,went for haircut today.
now i look fugly.

AFTER haircut. fugly.

if you are wondering why i like to cam whore so much
heres 8 reasons why

#1 : i love myself
#2 : i look better in photos.
#3 : im still young
#4 : i think i look better than you
#5 : i tend to forget what i look like
#6 : i want to irritate you =)
#7 : im a whore
#8 : i love you =D
i hope this is what you want.

Friday, May 16, 2008

16th may

shall skip all the boring lessons of today.
nothing special happened. :)
mr lau ordered pizza as a way to celebrate the AEP assembly programme
ended econs lesson at 7:20pm!
went back home after that

Thursday, May 15, 2008

NYJC pwns.

NYJC volleyball made it to the finals
so.....the J2s were all dismissed at 12noon
had our lunch then gathered back at the hall
there were buses to bring us to tao payoh sports hall

Thank God that it was air conditioned.
cos the temperature was unbearable.

NYJC was up against TJC.
honestly.TJC players were all shorter than NYJC players.that would be something you would definitely notice immeadiately.
the game began with NYJC making the very first score
it was a damn close match at the start
each time the ball touched the ground
we didnt clap immeadiately
cos even when we thought we won,we didnt
so very malu to clap for no reason

NYJC players were all damn pro
and theres this black shirt guy at the back
who never fails to dive down and save the ball.
dina and i saw him dive down so many gotta hurt kae.
we won 3 games in a row
and yeah NYJC volleyball boys team emerged champions!
the girls got 3rd
but it really made us NYJCians feel proud
yep :D

after the match,went back with hui rong
we wanted to take MRT back
but due to our laziness
we both agreed to take the bus back despite the long ride
so glad it was double decker
we chat for half the ride
and i was amused by how she is amused by the number of 88 buses that went by us in the opposite direction.but it was really alot.we saw around 9 of them in a short time.
after that we just fell asleep all the way to pasir ris interchange
then at white sands,we bought vanilla cones from Macdonald
waited with her for her bus,then it came but she hasnt finished her ice cream.
lol,but she did managed to finish the ice cream before boarding the bus,hahaha

finally back home now
what a gotta finish my GP presentation for tmr,and econs case study.
wish me luck.

me in the morning.
me in the evening.

lol just being random.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


today had a rather nice weather
it was so cooling :) awesome
my flu is killing me,but not as bad as monday
i had laksa+salad+watermelon juice for breakfast.

yea.wth right.but i didnt drink the laksa soup even though it was rather tempting.
yep so proud of myself.

btw,qixuan and syahidah are now my bitch friends :D
damn cool.hahaha

aniway,amelia came in to model at 5pm
nicole was super helpful kae
she so professional in directing amelia to her poses
thanks nicole!!
i was so unprepared,as usual.lmao
both of them were so helpful la
and took many many shots
haha cant wait to develop them
oh and i realised that girls make alot of comments when reading magazines.alot
thanks nicole & amelia!
i promise i will paint nicely

today was awesome

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

may 13th

i cried.but then i felt stupid for doing so.
cos its not worth it

oh oh,i think i have some psychic abilities.
lol,some freaky incidents.
during an econs lecture,i was doodling on the lecture notes,i drew this cartoon figure of 'darth vader'.a few mins later,to my horror,our lecturer miss hazel ho flashed a picture of Darth Vader on the lecture screen,supposedly to explain some econs concept in an interesting way.
and just today,i was in my father's car this morning,i was stoning as usual,and the radio was on yeah,i was listening,however i was thinking of a song,pink's "youre just like a pill",so it was like going on in my mind..then suddenly,the radio host said " now lets have a song by pink". i paused for a moment,i thought,nah its most probably gonna be some other song,but was THAT song!
it totally freaked me out.
talk about probability.

aniw,was quite happy today,despite all the sucky tests and stupid people i met in sch
im glad that tehre are still those who genuinely care
oh qixuan had these 0 degrees specs which i thought were awesome.
tried them on and mr lau called me a "vain pot"
thats besides the point
aniw,it was damn cool la,at least i think its cool

i was so bored in the art room so took out hp to play
thats Tiak Hui and me!
thanks for cheering me up yeah :D

meet Qixuan
my number 6th model
she found a new discovery about "superman"
and she loves Jam,Jogging,Joking
hmm..she'll know what i mean :D

im glad things worked out in the end.

Monday, May 12, 2008

hey snickerman

i hate to breach the promise i made
not to be emo.

today,i finally realised the truth
i hate myself for what i've done

everything starts to makes sense now
the way you reacted

the many times you tried to tell me what my problem was
but i was too blind,too deaf,to recieve and understand what the problem was

i have only myself to blame for this
for being so weak.
and dependent on others
i never realised how i was behaving.

it really hurts to realise the truth only when things have gone too far
sorry makes no sense now.
is it too late to make changes?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

i love you!

despite all that has happened in the last week
i still feel loved
i know youre watching over me
loving me

i have faith that things will get better
i just know it

love you mom =D
hmm,bought a cake for mother's day
so big ... looks smaller on display...

its super nice kae,and i admit,i took it out and ate some of the chocolate flakes
but its unnoticeable!!!

hahaha i feel like a rat

aniw,i am really thankful for someone scolding sense into me
things are much simpler now
i can give my troubles and problems to you Jesus

saw this on my friend's blog
"i decrease YOU increase"
i know that you'll help me in this

Thank you
youre the best thing that has happened to me

Saturday, May 10, 2008

only during the darkest periods of your life,will his light shine through

only during the darkest periods of your life
will his light shine through

condemnation will only kill me
cast them out
for i am the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ
i have every authority to take control of every aspect of my life
and i will not let satan accuse me anymore

im feeling hyper :D
so hyper that even in class i kept talking
haven't felt like that in a long long time

this is the real me
yao khuan,welcome back!

today was Be Yourself Day!
haha,it was rather retarded :D
but i had fun
Elvis dressed up as Elvis Presley
poor thing la he,had to keep wearing the wig and stuff
cos people kept wanting to take photo


:D hahaha
my 3 new boyfriends,yeah be jealous :p

i said : yi rong why u steal my bf!
then she said :come lets go *then she brought her away*

oh man,i love elvis's sunglasses
covers 1/3 of my face


oh aniw,last wednesday was ARTSWEEK assembly period
me jiaqing and sarah were the hosts
i was kinda scared at first
and i did not know what i muttered into the mike
just wanted to kept the students engaged
after it all ended,i really dunno what happened actually

Mr Lau (aep teacher) told me that it was a successful assembly period
and he wanted to celebrate it
i was like : it was?


Thursday, May 8, 2008

7th may

i will not be Emo anymore from today onwards
for the sake of myself
my friends,my family,my future
i will change who i am

with Jesus by my side
i have the strength
to cast out the devil
that has been accusing me
that i need to depend on others

you will not get the chance to come near me
ever again
you fucking weak satan
ure the one that is weak and pathetic
not me!

all you do is try to put me down when i feel bad
making me feel worse about myself
but im not going to let you take over my life anymore
for i am the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ

i am not ashamed that the Lord is my saviour
i am not going to let others condemn me anymore

thanks everyone who tried to cheer me up
i really appreciated it
i promise you that it will never,never happen again
i will be strong,so that you guys will not be worried

to my friends,you have your own problems too
i was too consumed by my own problems
that i failed to see that
but im glad that i realised it
and i hope its not too late
give me another chance
i will change


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

i AM the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ

today has been a short yet longgg day for me
it was really very emotionally draining

and i realised the faults that i had in me
faults that i never knew i had,until another told me
i am really thankful for that
for otherwise,i wouldn't have realised the mistake i was making

i went back and thought about my actions
and i read the book that ben lent me a few months back
i completed reading it
and i've found the answers to my problems

i want to apologise to everyone
everyone who had to bear with me and my emo-ness
people whose help i rejected
and also to ben,for putting up with me

i declare that condemnation will be out of my life
i know that God has already forgiven me
all i ask for now is forgiveness from my friends
please give me one more chance
i will change my ways

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

tmr has alot of things going on
i really hope everything goes as what i have in mind
please don't let things screw up.

cat that ignored me even when i placed my handphone camera right in front of its face.

Monday, May 5, 2008

yao khuan is such an emo kid.

i know that too

theres nothing for me to feel happy about

because all that i've seen

are the truth of people

how ugly they can be

how decieving they are

please don't let me become one of them

but i already am

i am


Sunday, May 4, 2008

time will not wait for you

i learnt this from a friend
and i thought it was very meaningful
so yeah

'Life is not about regrets'

so dont keep on regretting and brooding on what you've done
move on with life
and learn from your mistakes
i will keep that in mind

time slips by like a snake
slithers away in silence
if i had a wish
i wish that God would make the world much simpler place
such that life wouldnt be so complicated

relationships will not be broken
people will not be left alone
tears will not fall
laughter will be everywhere
smiles will be genuine
promises will be kept
friends will be there
hopes will not be disappointments
love will not turn into hatred
words will not be gossips
words will not be lies
words will be words
without hidden agendas

if i had a wish

Saturday, May 3, 2008

3rd may


NAPFA was today too.
hmm heres my sad results
Sit-ups: A5
Standing broad jump: E1
Sit and Reach: E1
Shuttle Run: A5
Pull up: -NIL-
2.4km: 11min20sec
due to pull up,i failed

stayed in art room to do some sketches
then went to eat with kao at the nearby food centre
went back home after that

then had to go out again
was quite happy at first
then i got kinda worn out
im kinda disappointed today
but yeah,its over now
no point brooding over it

back home now
very tired..

Friday, May 2, 2008



i woke up at 3am
prayed to God to make me a happy kid today
to grant me strength
and God really did! =D
i was damn hyper today

said hi to nicole in the morning,she saw me carrying a bag,then asked if that was ben's bdae gift
i said no it was much larger
and she guessed it was a painting
hahaha yep.i an artist.hahaha

art lesson was cool too!
i was painting my latest design,kinda screwed up at first
but then it turned out just as what i wanted!
haha damn happy

everything went smoothly for me
cos i was kinda worried about ben forgetting to collect his gift
and i feel that bdae gifts have to give on time then got the meaning ma

God helped me out too
just when i was about to leave the art room to go canteen
i saw ben
then i passed to him the gift
lmao,even took a pic

*dun let you see what i painted :p*
haha he liked it,haha at least my hardwork wasnt in vain :D

so damn hungry now
ask maid go buy food

I really wanna thank God,for helping me out!

and everything went well!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

labour day

went out buy some stuff
then camwhored at home

i dyed my hair
i own self apply de.hahaha

keeping myself distracted.
so as to stop thinking of the times you've failed me
i really wish i could turn back time
to how things were back then...

but it was all a lie
right from the start


theres so many things that i've realised only until now
so many things that i've used to believe in
they all started to erode and fade away
as they are unable to withstand the test of time

i don't like this,knowing that what i believe in are all just a pack of lies
that i've been decieved all these while
and to think that they were the happiest moments of my life
only to know that it was all hidden agendas
why did you have to lie to me?

i really don't like this life that im leading
you left me hanging
and i really dont like it at all

but to you,it is obviously none of your concern
for you have other things in your life
which are your priority