Monday, January 31, 2011


ahh i got so bored that i went to do a photoshoot of myself in front of the mirror.LOL
should've just used my handphone camera,DSLR takes too clear pictures of all the flaws alr..

"moustache! ;)"


was supposed to have a photoshoot today
but due to the weather
the model couldnt make it :(
oh wells!

its 1:22 am and its still raining..
on the brightside,
its a nice weather to sleep in ;)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

ahh haha nuh came to my place today
and we did a mini photoshoot!

was playing around with the lightings,
and figured out one that looks nice =)
gonna try it out for the next photoshoot! =D

Monday, January 17, 2011

the trip to Jurong Hill!

took the MRT from pasir ris all the way to pioneer MRT station,
THATS 28 stations hello!
haha nuh and I walked around the industrial areas of jurong
with our trusty DSLRs
we set off on our little adventure

we had a good start
there were mushrooms lined all across the path
they are called "fairy wing mushrooms"
supposedly they'd grow to form a circle naturally
amazing huh!
*photo taken by nuh*

they kinda looked like eggs to me
*photo taken by nuh*

even crossing beneath an MRT track
they had these lovely trees

we had to make a detour as there were guard dogs with the gates open,
how irresponsible! there were 5-6 of them!
but it led us to this overhead bridge across the expressway
with a lovely view =)

on our way,we came across this canal which looked awesome!
hahaha we spent quite awhile taking pictures there

the climb up to jurong hill wasnt as bad as we thought itd be
ooh the view up there was awesome
especially when all lights came on
could even see the CBD area from up there!
*photo taken by nuh*

*photo taken by nuh*

all in all,
had a very fruitful day
can't wait for the next mini adventure!

Photoshoot: Alphonsus & Eleen

had a photoshoot with Alhponsus and Eleen on saturday
both of them came to my place at around 8:40am!
haha spent like around an hour applying makeup on eleen
MAN i never knew makeup was so troublesome!
i should've just used two guys HAHA
after several hours later
we finally completed the shoot
with loads of black paint all over
haha what a mess it was!
love the photos though :D
heres some of them

haha the idea behind this shoot is like shes kinda psychotic and loves him so much that shes never gonna let him go...someeething like that

both of them were so enthusiastic in helping me out
haha im sooooooo happy :D
oh oh heres eleen teaching us how to make a super ugly face
HAHA its damn funny!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


haha just happen to saw this video clip
wanted to share it with YOU!
yes the cat lover =)

oh wait!
theres even a sequel =D

the 3rd kitten is just awesomely cute hahaha

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

bahhh annoying

I hate it when i let myself get so angry over stupid people like my elder brother
i hate the fact that i can't do anything about
im not the type that will shout back at someone
im not the kind of person that "does-not-care-that-his-dad-is-sleeping-and-by-shouting-so-loud-would-just-wake-him-up",no im not.
so as a result,i just bottle up all that angst and try ways to release all that anger
and i end up complaining to others
and i end up making myself seem so whiny and full of complaints
adding problems to people who already have problems of their own.
i hate all these shit.
please stop being such an asshole

gonna do a small photoshoot with alphonsus and eleen this saturday!
looking forward to it =D
just trying some stuff out
hope i can pull it off!

yay my fringe is growing =D

"hey,im know id probably said this a thousand times but
im sorry to bother you with all these..
its just that you're the only person in this world that i could find comfort in
i hope you understand..and i miss you "

Monday, January 10, 2011

Botanical Gardens!

went to botanical gardens with my photography buddy,nuh!

my sad paper bag collapsed and all the coins i had inside came pouring out
thankfully he brought a bag =D
haha its time i get a pouch/wallet

aniw the weather was sooo cooling
it drizzled now and then
but i brought an umbrella so it didn't stop us
we didn't enter the orchid garden cause you had to pay to get in
and we didn't wanna pay XD
but yeah i wanted to show him the "cool garden" they had inside
the one with lotsa mist

but nevertheless,
we still got some pretty nice pictures =)
oo we spotted these two swans that were grooming themselves
one of them actually fell asleep while grooming hahaha
they were totally unaffected by humans going so near them
probably used to it by now

nuh at work =)

spotted this "mini forest" growing on the rocks
thought it looked kinda pretty =)

after which,we head on down to takashimaya to have dinner
KFC!! haven't had that in ages =D
walked around ArtFriend and Kinokuniya
saw some awesome artworks in the books
so inpsiring =D
gonna work on my own painting too!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


wah wah wahhhh i got OUTSTANDING for my NS transcript and testimonial!!
haha and i was told not everyone has a testimonial,
only those with outstanding performance =D
hahaha YAY!
im such a good boy LOL
*pats myself on the back*

oh ya went to catch Hello Stranger yesterday!

the movie started at 9:20pm and ended around 11:20pm
almost missed the last train
but it was worth it
its such a nice movie!!
sweet,touching and funny too =D
ahh love thailand movies..
Love of Siam,First Love,Hello Stranger were all so awesome!!
i'm a fan for thai movies already =)

Can't wait for uni to start,
kinda excited about ADM

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

bye bye my online game :)

finally decided to quit the MMORPG game ive been so hooked up with
why? cause i've been spending way too much time and cash on it.
so much that i feel like ive totally no life at all.
can't waste the day wishing it'd slow down
time to get back on track

byebye bloodslayer =)

Monday, January 3, 2011

First Love

First Love
watched it online
haha loved it to bits
super sweet movie,brought me to tears lol
haha yeah im that emotional :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year!!

had a last minute call from my friends
asking me to go out for a drink.
baddddd decision

woahhh after new year's countdown,
it was almost impossible to get a cab
lucky i lived in pasir ris :D
there was this cab that had 'pasir ris' on it
i knew it was meant for me :D
ahh nice ride home
listening to the songs on my new mp3
given by my sis :)
happy new year to all!