Sunday, July 12, 2009


went to buy some DVDs to watch at home
movies which i said i wanted to watch
but in the end forgotten about them
or didn't have a chance to

oh wells
watched like 3 movies in a row

-Quantum of Solace
-War of the Worlds

i didnt quite understand Quantum of Solace
preferred Casino Royale
cos it was just killing and fighting throughout
the whole show..

War of the Worlds was nice :)
really captivating images and exciting :D

Changeling was awesome too
with Angelina Jolie's great portrayal of her role

watched Transformers2 and IceAge3 with my NS pals
transformers was Awesome :D!
ice age not bad too,quite funny!

can't wait for Harry Potter and Disney's UP

gonna go get a haircut nw

trying to grow a frinch
but my hair doesn't seem to be growing any longer

Tried to take it back before it all went wrong

Saturday, July 11, 2009

We don't wait for inspiration,we create them

haha shits PSP is really getting addictive
haven't been drawing much

bought a set of watercolour
which cost $50..?!
haven't started painting yet
forgot to buy watercolour paper!

back at our unit,
our company warant is drilling us at our physical training
we are expected to achieve at least a silver for IPPT
if not we'd have to go for UFT(unit fitness training)

haha train hard train hard!
no more junk food too :)

my new motto!!
We don't wait for inspiration,we create them

Have you ever wondered
why do people hide things from you
words left unspoken

they'd say that
"I didn't want to hurt your feelings"

until the day you find out yourself
then it'll all have been too late

Friday, July 3, 2009

this feeling

look beyond these eyes
you'll be amazed by what you can find
deep inside

empty my heart
cause i've got to make room for this feeling
so much bigger than me

it cannot be
anymore beautiful
than this