Wednesday, July 28, 2010

liv tyler..

hmm currently working on a portrait of liv tyler,
i think shes very very pretty :D

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sentosa Night Lights

went sentosa to take photos at night :)

Credits to my friend Nuh for helping me with my camera settings,LOL
im a noob at it!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


finally managed to complete this landscape drawing
wanted to try out machines and stuff.
had lots of fun drawing the details
and the background was super tedious.
very frustrating hahaha

Metropolis 2090
In the near future,mankind allowed technology to overwhelm them.
replacing their minds,are droids and clones of themselves.
the hunger for immortality driven mankind into extinction,
what was left of this place we once called Earth,
is nothing but heaps and heaps of scrap,waste metal and toxic fumes.

we brought it upon ourselves,this luxurious life we are living in,this is what we've brought upon our future generation,the mess we left for them.

Monday, July 19, 2010

AEP at Lucie's

Lucie's back in town!!
Met up with the AEP peeps at her place for BBQ
she and her family prepared such nice food for us :)
there was fruit salad

and lotsa crab meat,sausages and chicken :D

guess what,getting the fire stared was much harder than we thought.
ended up using like almost 30 fire starters to get it going
HAHA,thats cos our camping pro,szeying, hasn't arrived yet!
nevertheless,we managed to fire up the BBQ pit :)

a few failed attempts at first,but soon we got the hang of it :)
ahh~can you smell it?

Our beloved art teachers,Miss Hew and Miss Lye were present too!
and they brought super nice grape juice for us.
whereas we,thinking that we're adults already,brought wine
haha guess we're no longer the JC students we used to be :)
we played card games and drank those vile concoctions..
tasted like chinese herbs,yucks.

then came this adorable little cat,

that was obviously very used to having people around,
it went under the table and ALL the girls screamed
and got up from their seats
haha amusing ;)

It was nice being with them
talking about the times we spent together
the times we ate together
the times we laughed,and cried in the art room
the times we greedily finished the free cookies
the times we panicked during critic
it was those times,
that made us so close

it wasnt chance that brought us together
it was meant to be :)

it was getting late
and yes,
one last group shot before we part our seperate ways

we'll meet again,won't we :D

Sunday, July 18, 2010


It'd be nice if you've just shown a little bit of appreciation,
but thats how you've has always been,cool.
and that will never changed.
Have a nice day!

We may have changed but we're still the same.

Friday, July 16, 2010

16KM today morning.
conquered it :)

next one,
18KM here i come!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Marina Bay Sands

Haha this is a continuation from the previous post!
well i left off saying that i went to Alvin Lim's "birthday" party
and this is what happened that night :)

after i took the cab with benjamin,
i dropped off at Newton MRT and made my way to promenade station.

upon alighting there,well i followed Alvin's advice to go by millenia walk,
all of a sudden,
there were fireworks above me.
haha apparently it was some NDP rehearsal
didnt managed to get a good view of it,
oh wells,this was all i got.TOO SLOW!!

haha epic fail.
and whats worse,ashes from the fireworks actually landed into my mouth,
uncertain of what the hell was inside that substance from above.
i hurried to the nearest toilet,
and after i came out,i was completely disorientated.
as a result,i ended up walking further and further away from Marina Bay Sands
but it didnt stop me,cos im too used to getting lost.LOL.

and YES,finally i reached Marina Bay Sands Hotel!
it was rather grand,but too many people inside.
felt just like expo or suntec city
oh wells,guess cos it just opened

went up to the hotel room
alvin and the rest were taking a dip in the pool at the highest floor
while i was eating the remaining pieces of KFC chicken left for me.

the view was awesome
haha so was the lift ride,it was so fast that your ears would pop.
the rest of the night was just booze,poker cards,soccer and lotsa cigarettes for them
i didnt drink much though,hated the taste of liquor :(
shall let the pics do the talking :D

Joel,Leonard,Alvin Lim,Leslie

the "Cougar Boys"

leonard posing HAHAHaHAHA

everyone was so tired that it took so long to "tau pok" someone,
watch this.LOL.

and with all that booze,
of course there would be the vomit and the knockouts
haha surprisingly they still managed to stay awake for the 2:30am
germany vs uruguay match.

Before you know it,
its already the next day.

though it was a beautiful sunny morning,
we were still snuggled under the blankets refusing to get up.

before we left the hotel,
we made our way up to the pool area to check out the magnificent view from above

it was as though we were in another country,

really awesome huh.

all in all,it was a rather awesome weekend that i had
really enjoyed it :)

Photoshoot : benjamin

Met up with Benjamin yesterday for a photoshoot,
after a super super longgg time,we finally meet again.
and he sure looks different after BMT!

As we had lunch at Manhattan Fish Market,
we shared our own experiences as drivers in different unit,
his in sembawang camp whereas mine in selerang camp.
haha but there sure is alot in common though,
yep that is loads of fucked up people everywhere u go.

it was nice meeting him again,
i always liked it when he shares with me all the places he has travelled to,
and all the exciting and wonderful peope he met.

we then headed back to my place,
where ive set up a "photoshoot studio"
using my own room.
awesome right??

started using body paint,
or washeable tempera paint to be exact on him
and it was much more tedious than i expected!
took me super long to complete it.
but it was worth it :D

this was where he was trying to unzip his thousand dollars jacket
but was so scared to use force as it might damage it.

and his new shades :p

putting on makeup,

and of course
heres some shots from the photoshoot :D

time wasnt on our side as he had to rush off to a wedding dinner,
thus we called it a day and took a cab down to town
where i went to Marina Bay Sands hotel for alvin's party
and he went for his cousin's wedding dinner

its awesome to have such supportive friends :D
owe you big time man
thanks ben.