Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Mimosa

The Mimosa
The generic name is derived from the Greek word μιμος (mimos), meaning "mimic"

its a plant that has a brain of its own,with hands similar to those of human beings.
the fruits are being held and protected,it will then be tossed far away by the hands of the Mimosa,allowing the seeds to have ample space for growth.

was also thinking along the line of "touch-me-not" which is commonly used during my childhood times.haha oh wells.

been really busy these few weeks,
loads of events and stuff going on in my unit
this anniversary,that anniversary.
coerced to celebrate.
but i must admit,some parts of the events i did have fun
especially the one at Jurong East Swimming Complex.
the slides there were fun :)

ok now time for a confession
well,after trying out other games
like Warcraft and L4D2
i ended up returning to a game
that i used to play,
and one that i swore never to touch ever again
MAPLESTORY!! (nows the time to go WTF?!)
haha well,
my friend got me back into the game
would really like to play MUonline again
but its wayyy too screwed up.
guess i shall be hooked on to this for now.HAHAHA

yeah thats me,TheWhiteMage
a priest! :D

"will you still be my friend? XD"

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sentosa Trip :)

Went sentosa to chill on saturday:)

its been such a long time
since the last time i went there
and so much has changed!!

even though theres alot of renovations going on
and many attractions not yet open
there were still loads of people!
maybe because Singaporeans really have no place else to go
haha just like myself.

The first thing that i wanted to do was to take a cable car ride,
thus i queued up for the "Skyrider" which was sort of similiar to the cable car

i was suddenly reminded of the fact that
haha but too late man
im way way way up there alr

i was sooo worried that my slippers would drop down below
and that my camera would slip out of my hands
plus i wasnt paying attention to what pictures i was taking
just randomly snapping photos
while holding on to dear life.
when i finally got off the ride
i could still feel myself tremble
ya ya im such a puss :p

we then went to stroll along the beach
watching people having fun
while feeling envious of people with such good physique
theres a good reason why i had my shirt on.HAHA

watching the kids building sandcastles
lost in their own innocent little world
not having to face the brutality of the real world
how fortunate

after which
we head on down to check out the recent attraction
Resort World Sentosa
on our way there,
we were rather intrigued by the ornamental structures

it felt rather mystical :)

its the first time ive ever seen this place
and it was rather impressive
dunno why i kept smelling a scent of barbequed prawns though.
maybe i was hungry.

everything is brand new and squeaky clean :D

there was such a longggg queue outside Universal Studios!!
its a pity that we didnt have tickets
would really love to check it out :(

but I heard many of the attractions are still in construction
maybe i'll just wait a little while :)

the fountain was charming with all its blue lights
and and
i was really impressed by the underground carpark
LOL man it was MASSIVE!!
(of all things right?)

btw,the mascot for the attraction
"song of the sea"
was a lionfish with two huge front teeth
my friend and i were wondering what kinda retarded sound it would make
and we were very amused by our own jokes.HAHAHA

all in all,
i enjoyed the trip there
and i look forward to my next visit
hopefully the next time id be entering with a ticket in hand :)