Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ris Low ....

alright,just before today 4pm.
i was minding my own business,drawing gleefully in the MTL office
whilst listening to the radio 98.7fm
and all of a sudden...
"welcome to the shan,rozz and ris show~"
well I never commented anything about ris low before
about her bad english,her horrible attitude and stuff
but not until I heard the story about her causing rozz to leave 98.7FM
AND hearing her on radio with my own two ears.

why is she doing this..?
desperate for attention?
please stop her.throw her into a pound or asylum or something.
she needs to be eradicated.
right here.
right now.

to Ris Low:
stop be an annoying housefly that keeps coming back please,pleaze.

to 987FM radio crew:
Being in NS,one of my main form of entertainment is the radio..having said that,i'd really wish Ris Low to kindly disappear from 987FM,cos its really a torture to hear her voice.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Went over to suntec city to paint the mailbox with eleen!
haha it was super tedious,and very annoying painting lines,lol
plus the wind was super strong!!
kept blowing our things away
and and
the wind caused us to
accidently spilt paint on the floor
thus eleen and her friend were busy clearing up the mess

however,it was a nice experience,
reminded me of the mural painting we NYJC AEP students did in JC1
haha nostalgic.


After 6 hours of hard work!!

Dont forget to cast your vote for our team on 5th april!!
its "Mao Yeah Yeah"

aniw,went over to elvis's 21st birthday party
with the AEP peeps
we were completely entertaining ourselves there,
laughing our heads off
without the slightest hint of embarassment.
felt nice to be with them
after sooo long!

when we were about to leave the apartment,
we stepped into the lift,said goodbye to elvis.
the lift doors closed,and ooo~ its a mirror :D
THUS,being AEPeeps
we pressed the lift to the 22nd floor (top floor)
and were spamming with group photos!!!
hahaha we didnt even miss a single chance
then at the 4th floor,
the door opened...
and we saw ELVIS again!!!
hahahaha he obviously knew why we were in the lift STILL
thus he joined in the fun!

haha all in all,
it was a fun day :D

Friday, March 26, 2010

So we burst into colors, colors and carousels, Fall head first like paper planes in playground games

so many things happened in a week.
ugh fell sick yet again,
was vomitting and having diarrhoea yesterday in camp
luckily i was able to go home early today
need loads of rest.

we all learnt an important lesson
that we are not just individuals
we have to learn to put the past behind
cause nobody is perfect.

hope all goes well
really tired.
but i'll still press on
I have faith in all of us

Starry Eyed

Monday, March 22, 2010

"Hush we are your angels,we are your sanctuary"

IPPT is really bugging me
can get silver for every station EXCEPT chin-ups
damn annoying....
need to train.

had a darn busy week,
many more up ahead.

Monday, March 15, 2010



hahahhaha some random sketch i did last night
using my $4 pen i bought from art friend!
loving it :D

aniw,been SUPER busy with uni applicaiton
planning to apply to NTU ArtDesignMedia
and the application process is killing me
thankfully ive got many people to help me with it
giving me useful advice
thanks nuh for helping me resize the pics,BIG LOAD off my mind!
thanks sarah for the advice on my portfolio!
thanks george for getting me focused on my essay
thanks everyone else whom gave me directions

I want to enter NTU so badly now.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

my 20th

happy birthday to me!!
im officially twenty years old :D
thanks for all the birthday wishes :D

recieved lotsa birthday cash from mom&dad,sis and kor
most practical birthday gift :p

oh oh watched Tim Burton's alice in wonderland in 3D
hmm not bad show,but i felt everything went too smoothly for alice
oh wells,haha maybe thats how its suppose to be?

aniw,went art friend today
(yep art friend on my birthday
im sucha dedicated
bought lotsa black paint for photoshoot in april
got some feathers too,
and and these cute little guys found their way into my shopping bag!

cute right??

I know you most probably seen this before but
heres the music video to lady gaga's song Telephone

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

~hello its tuesday!~

hahah woots
feeling much better now.
compared to last friday

took some screenshots while playing L4D2

HAHA check this out,it has like 10 players in it,LOL
only two of us were not AI(artifical intelligence),

hahah apparently i chanced upon some modified map
where u can type "!arang"
then you can buy lotsa stuff,like first aid kit,weapons,special abilities etc..

super fun!!
BUT,in exchange for that...
the zombies are wayyyyy stronger...
such as witches,
they come in GROUPS?!

heres a screenshot with SIX witches in it!!
and theres even purple tank and purple hunter,
where they move SOOOOOOOOOOO fast that you cant even see them coming to you.
madness but still,DAMN FUN!!

having trouble finding my back to that server again..



my birthday is on saturday,
no plans yet,
but im doing a photoshoot in the morning,
maybe go out with my pals at night?
haha oh wells

"hello hello,i promise i'll get well soon!"

Friday, March 5, 2010


"where are you???............
i really need you right now..