Sunday, May 20, 2007


woot. sunday morning. mother gave me $150 to buy jeans.
but before i went shoppin,had to go TUITION.

went walk walk.went to 77th street to buy jeans.bought one jeans and two

also went to X-craft to buy a ring.

1st specs.

2nd specs

after that went over to shop to buy another pair of jeans. my legs so short.they help me alter,tmr then go collect. lol sians.
after that went to swimming complex to tan.but then.i was abit too late.sun doesnt wanna shine on me.sian.waste my time.

wednesday.JAPAN.we taking singapore airlines :D
cannot bring water bottle hor.later they suspect u terrorist and shoot ur water bottle.crap im lame.

i know.. i look like housefly..


Saturday, May 19, 2007

NTU is expensive shit.

AEP went for a course at nanayang technological university NTU today.
on the way.i was really bored.

the first thing was the talk by the art teachers there.
still can survive.
then after that.we went around the campus to check things out.
wah lau man.the campus damn expensive gadgets la.
their coms are like ****ing cool.and everything is like the best you can get la.
this is our AEP seniors in the library

these are the computers in the labrary

chen hong,xianmin and i taking a photo of our reflection.check out Elvis in the background sitted there.LOL

andre( my brother from the "long kang(drain)" )

NTU's filming studio.there are ALOT of professional stuff inside.

NTU's dark room~

this is their graphic design huh

lee i had a nice nap during the talk. :D

i have NO IDEA why i was makign that expression.and xinli just HAD to capture it... emo kids.

people bully me! i tell teacher!

and still got other very cool expensive stuff.
on the way back, we were reading japanese phrases from some guidebook as we going had phrases such as
:"lets go to bed"
:"do you use a condom?"
:"oh my god,that was amazing!easy tiger!"
and many MANY more.shant elaborate.


Friday, May 18, 2007

tauhui rocks.

i shall skip whatever happened during sch period.
nothing.NOTHING.important la.

yea and after school, i went to the ART usual.
oh ya and my class tee shirt+ jacket is FINALLY here!
have a look.
sarah(left) is wearing the class tee shirt. lee yen(right is wearing the class sweater.and im so proud to say that i designed them :P

after that had to take photos for art coursework.

take take take.
reject reject reject
take take take.
reject reject reject

and the cycle continues,until its time to go back home (around 6pm)
then me,sarah,lee yen and bryan went to eat chicken pie and tauhui(beancurd) again!
we were talking about the stupidest stuff and anything made us laugh.bryan bit his finger whilst eating the chicken pie.amazing huh?
and sarah was happily munching away .
in total, i ate 1 curry pie and 2 bowls of tauhui(beancurd).and sarah won me.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

im a turtle ..


its so tiring man.
i shud have went poly.

JC drains your meaning of life.

during CT period.we did some quiz on what kind animal you are when it comes to conflicts. there were shark,owl,teddy bear,fox,and turtle.
and guess what was i?

a turtle!
WTH.thats it hiding in my shell forever.

anyway.after that was common lunch break,sarah,lee yen and i went out to beancurd stall.we ordered chicken pie + beancurd.
it was nice.die die must try!

tmr got geog test.
and i havent STARTED reading.
still typing this entry.
this shows.
how much.
i love.

tmr class jacket and tee shirts coming.heh
cant wait.
hope nothing goes wrong.
my class of 24 girls.

and one day closer to the japan trip!.damn cool. be jealous.

Monday, May 14, 2007

sayo nara?

what the hell
i cant believe im alive
MONDAY is finally over.
sht man.
for those who think Art is a relaxing and fun subject,
think again
We have to study the HISTORY of all the artists
1)descibe thier painting
2)learn about their EMO ours isnt enuff
3)analyse their painting
4)think of their intentions
5)interpretation of their work

and other than that.
we have to hand in art pieces,PAINTED NICELY. every alternating 2~3 days.

so if u happen to walk past the AEP room.
and u see anyone of us comes out.
pls see if our souls are really there.

anyway.apart from,sarah,leeyen,zhiwei,bryan and marcus will be heading off to JAPAN.
on the 24th may until 3rd june
what the heck.
i just wanna go away from Singapore.
and the Cold and Brutal world of AEP.
sayo nara!

Sunday, May 13, 2007


apparently.i've been feeling very emo. lol
so sorry ar. spoil u guys' mood
feeling so not confident of myself.
im like still affected by that comments which my seniors said i looked like daisuke.
im one who is EaSiLy affected by other people's comment.

i can't stand it ler. people keep saying i look like this, look like that.
i dont wanna look like anything else other than myself. so stop comparing can.
its irritating.

and what the heck happened to my hair.last time my hair so straight de

then now ended up like this.

people(especially one) keep saying my hair like maggi mee.WTF.dont bloody compare me with some food can??.

i was SO bored that i went to buy hair dye.and went to play with it myself.

i dont wanna be ugly :(



must be because of AEP la.what critique session.
im dead la.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Thank God It's Friday.

wah finally its the end of this week. today was though man.
especially when it was time for econs lesson.
you know why?
cos i got 3/20.
my friends got 2,3,4,5..i think if u add us all up its still a fail.
anyway,our econs teacher,was scolding us like nobody's business.
then she said "whats the point of looking at me,giving me that sorry look?"
she kept on scolding us. :(
then she even told us to write her a letter on why we should continue to take h1 econs.
shes angry for a few reasons: 1)we scored badly
2)People never come for her lesson
3)we did not join the other class when she was on MC

but hey.i wanted to go join the class de, but the econs rep said that if we all not going she will msg the econs teacher to go through the test the next lesson.and furthermore,i couldnt find which class they were in.
but don't worry, i'll buckle up :D

after school, feeling so emo.
so i met up with my classmate to go watch spiderman3.
then i saw this guy/girl/dunno la
he had blonde hair, it was bombarded and permed.he was around 1.8~1.9m tall.
had broad shoulders.he wore a pink tight fitting girl's shirt and hot pants.
he had make-up on and
u could see when he went up the escalator,everyone on the escalator was giggling away.that includes me of course.

anyway it was just sick.really.

i went to buy some thing from 77th street

we watched spiderman3 from 9.30pm till like 12pm.
luckily i made it for the last train back to pasir ris :)
so sleepy ler.haha
this is me back home in the tired.

cya.and cheers*

Friday, May 11, 2007

yay we won something.finally.

today is cool as the results for the ARMY poster design competition results are out!

heres the description:
The ARMS Student Art Competition, open to all Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges, Polytechnics and Institutes of Technical Education, the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and LaSalle College of the Arts, was held from 1 Jan to 31 Mar 07. A total of 432 entries from 42 schools and institutions were received.

and guess what.nanyang JC got 4 entries won.HA,beat that!
hmm.enough of crapping.heres the pics.

Andre's entry

Sarah's entry

Xinli's Entry

Mine :P

and we won $500 each, BUT. 40% of the winnings go to the school. thus we have $300 each. but thats not bad too la. HAHA.
my first time winning something.

wanna see the other winners? heres the url:

and i dunno why they went to put my name under National Junior College.
make me a betrayer. EVIL sia.

and today i went to watch 'Othello' with the lit students.and the play was damn was entertaining :D . HOWEVER.i didnt really catch the words. too chim.
it went like " blah blah blah thy, thou , something.. then blah blah blah"
really couldnt catch what they were saying. but i think that is what makes the play sophisticated. shant probe.

haha so happy.



Wednesday, May 9, 2007

hmm.AEP election.

haha.after a whole day of gruelling and sadistic was tiem fer AEP was much more relaxing than usual.we had our AEP elections.

president of AEP : Marcus
Vice-president of AEP : Zhiwei
Publisher : Sarah
Photographer : Jia Qing
AEP rep : Szeying

its was sure time consuming.but we all enjoyed it as we did not have to force inspiration out of our puny minds.
during the Question and Answer section.there was a heated battle going on between Marcus and Jia Qing. the whole scene was as though we all were invisible,and that they were two 'gladiators' fighting on the battle field.our art teacher even suggested that we go for a break and come back later.
Many inspiring words were said from the nominees.but who actually acts out what they said is another thing.
to me? i don't really care.just dont interfere with my life.

then after the election,me,sarah and lee yen were busy helping sarah out with her was hot,stuffy,dusty,choking,spooky in the dark room,but we still got our photos anyways. *cheers
and my seniors said i looked like a guy named Daisuke.
he is the guy in the middle.

i don't know what to say.really.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

gloomy sunday.'s a sunday..
woke up at arnd 7am to find out that im down with sore throat.
at 10.30am left the house for tuition.
walked home at 1pm.
reach home at 2pm.when its only a few bus stops away.
really sick right now.
i hate sore throats.
people called.
and i had a "sian" tone

Saturday, May 5, 2007

fat boy slim.

today's post i wanna dedicate it to all the people out there who WERE fat,ARE fat,and WILL be fat.
there was a boy,about one or two year(s) ago, when he was in secondary school.he had this habit of eating fatty and oily stuff.and always sitting down right in front of the computer and play by day,he would spend HOURS just sitted there right in front of the computer,without even budging.slowly and slowly,this boy started to grow,not taller,but fatter. and because of this,he ended up in TAF club in school..and he also had very little friends.all because he was obese.he would look into the mirror everyday and only to feel sorry for the person looking back at him.

but then one day.a thought struck him.does he intend to live life on like this,being despised by others and feeling lke a goddamn loser?.then he told himself that he would get rid of this fat and ugly person which he sees everytime even when hes asleep.

and the boy was me.

this is me a year ago.

this is me today.

what i want to say here is that one should NEVER ever give up on what if you're fat? so what if you are ugly? are you just going to give up to yourself?.
there is no point feeling sorry for yourself when you do not even try.and if you give up so easily,then you do deserve to be discriminated.

i just hope that people out there who read this post would learn to gain control of their own lives.

Friday, May 4, 2007

happy birthday to Benjamin !

this is benjamin with his birthday cake on his face :D

finally completed this drawing.nice? i spent 24 hours on it la.

alex yeo is plotting something evil..

REAL evil..

make a wish and blow out the candle.he like no strength to blow them out.

cutting da cake

alex missed him and the cake landed on my pants and shoes.thanks alot.

haha this entry is suppose to be for yesterday, 3rd may. but was too busy with art. check out the completed warrior drawing ;P.
so this is how it went. It was Benjamin's Birthday and apparently the people from my tribe really hate me.cos i've sent out over 20+ messages and only the regular few turned up.guess im a bad Tribe leader.

anyway, i bought this chocolate cake for benjamin's birthday.whilst we were waiting for the rest to come, it seems like alex yeo was plotting something..
then everything went as planned,the blowing of candles,cutting of cake.and the distribution of the cake.Alex requested to have a large slice of cake and thus i gave it to him.
just then,the battle begins.
alex took the cake and tried to cake benjamin's face,HE MISSED.
and know what?the cake landed on my pants and shoe.
But such a setback wasn't going to stop them,benjamin smashed a cake into alex's face and he made sure it stayed there.
then benjamin fleed for his dear life while alex took another slice and ran after him.however,benjamin came back unscathed.
but finally.
benjamin was still


:D- happy 17th birthday dude.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


still working on it.lacks background :(

sarah,lee yen,me,bryan. @ Ben&Jerry's

min wei :) our AEP senior

yesterday i slept at 3am.then today morning i had to wake up at 5.30am. and the weather hor,why so freakin cold huh?.i think i almost froze to death in the bathroom.UNGLAM. glad that i didnt see the AEP teachers today :)
for AEP cca,we went out as a whole AEP 'gang' ,JC1s and JC2s.
first we went to the Singapore Art Museum.sorry la.they dont allow photographs.anyway,i must say, the thing i enjoyed the most was the air con :D ahh..
the artworks by some guy named Affandi.and he had a daughter who also did art whose name i did not bothered to register into my limited brain storage.
anyway.the more i tried to understand and appreciate that form of 'abstract' art..the more i felt like setting it on fire as it irritates me.No WONDER they need security guards.

then we went to the esplanade to view some artworks on display.too bad i couldnt show what we was damn cool.the tables and chairs.were filled with a slightly coloured liquid.and u know what?they looked bloody real.and one of us almost rest their ass onto the chairs.made of was cool,shud go see to believe.and also there were jellyfish like things hanging down form above.they looked very cool from the outside.but it sorta looked like 'the ring' sadako's hair,needs to comb.

and after the viewing,some of us left for home where the others went for dinner.we ate at MOS burger.but as you know,it takes lots of energy for our CREATIVE and FASCINATING minds to work.we had ICE scream after that. *cheers

we went to Ben and Jerry's for something called 'merlionster' ,when it had ZERO link with merlion.really no link.
4 of us shared the ice scream.and of course the price.haha

And it's benjamin's birthday i went to some cake shop and bought a cake which flavour was COCO EXOTIC.just when i was abt to pay.i realised i lost my wallet.haha.
luckily sarah helped me pay first ,while i went to look for it.and thanks to those worker at Ben&Jerry's they found my wallet,God Bless!.