Saturday, August 30, 2008


andre WEE Eng Keong came back to visit us(miss hew)! together with xinli cathleen and shangyi :)

shangyi has super fast hand movements that even the camera has difficulty capturing

Friday, August 29, 2008

happy teachers day

happy teachers day to all teachers out there!
had some games and stuff
after the celebrations, the J1s prepared a suprise party for the art teachers. yanjie did a super huge potrait card for miss hew

there was SO much food!
qixuan made sushi
syahidah made sphaghetti
yanjie made dumplings
leeyen baked cookies
deborah brought cheese sausage!!!

ate quite alot :p
after eating,i was looking for something in the art room,
i opened this locker,
and i saw a plastic bag,
i lift it and it was wet and leaking i looked at the sides of the locker,
there were maggot like things crawling around
they were huge!
so i helped out to clean the locker
we didnt open up the bag to see what was it though
haha after i cleaned it

casing of the maggot like thing

it stinked badly.
besides that,we found something else even dirtier going on in another locker...

watch this short video clip we made

watch this too

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

im keeping things simple and im gonna smile through life.

well,as the joker always say,

so lets put a smile on that face of yours or im gonna have to use my penknife.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

23 august

23 august 2008
woots.i managed to complete my forth design in 4 days!
the others took 3weeks plus each
and apparently its the design that miss hew likes the most..
big thanks to daddy God!

2 more designs left.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

august 21st

lee yen removed her braces! congrats!!!

shes a happy girl :D

went to changi airport on tuesday night cos Miss Lye our art teacher was leaving for US the next morning.we camped at Swensons,and attempted to study there

after awhile,it got abit tiring as we had an entire day of schooling.

lucie and I were camwhoring.lmao.
*warning,damn alot of photos.

where was I again?
oh,yeah,miss lye.

supper :D

we waited for a message from miss hew,we waited and waited till we all fell asleep.
the staff at swensons were nice,they offed the lights at our area to let us rest :)

finally,at around 4am+,we recieved a message from miss hew,telling us that miss lye is at the airport already,thus we walked over to Terminal3 as the sky train was still not in operation yet.

we bid Miss Lye farewell,and we are all going to miss her badly..
*photos not with me yet*

after seeing her off,we had breakfast at burger king,before cabbing to school.

back in school,all of us who stayed overnight were dozing off during lessons,haha.
too tired,can't take it.haha.i have no idea how ben can stay up without sleep for so long.

after school,went to meet my friend to study at coffee bean.but it was very unproductive cos i felt sleepy after awhile,so my father came to fetch me home.

today,i managed to start on my fourth design piece.

Monday, August 18, 2008

august 18th

saw rudi carrying a frog this morning.
and i was wondering why.and the only reason was that its his birthday!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUDI! (the only other guy in my class)


i kept playing with it during GP lesson.some of my classmates told me i shud stop torturing it,but i continued anyhow :p
they gave it a named call 'prince fudi jack-son' (inside joke)

miss Lye is leaving on wed morning 4am,we AEPeople are gonna stay at the airport overnight,then take cab to sch :)

made a little gift for miss lye.
First,use ink to dye a piece of tissue (make sure it doesnt tear upon wetting it)
secondly,let it dry and the tissue should become rather hard.
thirdly,fold it into a rose.LOL.
fourth,cut out the leaf and paint it green with acrylic.
fifth,find a nice transparent bottle and shuff the rose in GENTLY.
sixth,cut a slip of cardboard and write ur message,then attach a string to it.
finally,add flowery decorations to make it complete.

if all these doesnt work out,theres alternative way.
pay me :)

im joking kae.i dont have the time anyway.

i waited half and hour for my bus 58 to come.wth. three 105 buses came before mine did.

doodling on the bus

it rained, and thoughts of you came to my mind

Saturday, August 16, 2008


went to school in the morning for some 3 hours math paper.
after that went to have KFC with my friend

on my way back home,i saw this awesome creature.
was on the grass patch beside a lamp post.

i decided to name it 'dickhead' cos of the way it's head comes in and out of its shell,looks just like an erection.

while me,lucie and yirong were eating instant noodles,
mr kwek our principal came and have a chat with us.
he was telling us how people gamble and win big bucks,
and also that people should rob a bank
instead of robbing old woman with little money on them,
although you risk being killed.
in the end,
he concluded that one should just work to earn a living,
and lead a simple happy life.

we were

olympics is real awesome stuff,especially table tennis
so intense.unlike art,where you only feel excited upon completion.

Friday, August 15, 2008

august 15th

hmm,each CT were given two plain mugs to decorate for teacher's day gift.
and SOMEHOW it always end up being the job of an AEP student..
anyway,szeying and I were testing out different mediums to see which on stays on the mug even after washing,we tried using acrylic paint,permenant markers etc,and only spray paint seems to be the most lasting.

firstly, use a pen knife to cut out shapes that you want out of masking tape.

secondly,cover the areas which are meant for drinking,and seal it properly using masking tape.

third,stick the shapes you've cut out onto the mug.

fourth,place a sheet of paper under the mug,and when u spray paint onto it,do not aim directly on the mug,aim onto the paper and spray.
*start with light colours,for eg: yellow before orange

when you're done.peel off the tape and let it dry.

you should get something like this.

takes around 10 minutes.quick and easy :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Schizophrenia ("to split")
is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a mental disorder characterized by abnormalities in the perception or expression of reality. It most commonly manifests as auditory hallucinations, paranoid or bizarre delusions or disorganized speech and thinking in the context of significant social or occupational dysfunction. Onset of symptoms typically occurs in young adulthood.

is talking to one's self considered a symptom? cos i realised i've been to do that rather often lately.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

august 13th

august 13th. 8days after the incident. i've been thinking about what i've done and what i should have done. my behaviour was childish. and really dumb too.

but somehow it was like a little escape route that i found,things started to make sense to me now. it was foolish of me.

i feel that i take life too seriously, too serious.
some things are not what others can tell you,you have to realise it for yourself before you actually truly learn from it.
thats called experience.

all i had to do was to listen.
but i refused to and landed myself in such a sad state.

anyway,besides that.i finally completed the eyeball thingy i've been working on the past few was my way of theraphy,by transfering my thoughts on feelings onto a piece of paper.well thats how artists work i guess.
upload it later when i reach home.haha :p

august 13th : NYJC


finally done
spent quite alot of effort on it.haha

i like it alot :D