Saturday, March 28, 2009

had dessert at xinwang before going back to camp
man,the ice kachang was so freaking tall
eat halfway then the upper half dropped onto the table..
cos i accidently knocked onto the table
honestly i thought it was quite funny
now that i think of it

went to downtown east coasta sands resort yesterday
its so cool to see the AEP people again!
and i was so surprised to see lucie hahaha
sarah was totally exhausted from the BBQ
happy birthday SARAH CHOO!!
let's go clubbing next saturday! :D

aniw,people has been asking me how's life in camp
hmm,its kinda...
similiar to BMT
just that our bunks now are so cramp!
as they said...BMT is just to create an illusion that army life is nt that bad afterall..haha so true

hmm after next week
we EOD DVR will be heading to our actual unit
36SCE,we are just a small group of 29 people
and i really hope life will be much better there
cos currently our platoon sergeant is so strict!#@
i miss my sergeants at BMTC(excluding some)

around 5 more weeks later,
we'll be posted to sembawang camp to learn driving!
haha can't wait
:D :D :D :D :D

A level coursework
freaking spent one whole year
ONE WHOLE YEAR of absolute no life.
thanks to miss hew
and with all the help from my schoolmates
who modelled for my coursework

dimension: 75x105cm
medium:acrylic paint,pencil,watercolour,gouache

gosh i miss painting..

Saturday, March 21, 2009


ytd was really random
peiya and i went to lloyd's workplace
Mr Bean's wine and bar restaurant at Prinsep Street

he was working nightshift,
so we decided to go pay him a visit haha
the food there not bad
chicken chop was nice! :D

after which went to join Andrew,Mark,Weisheng
to some pub to chill
i didn't like the taste of alcohol
esp the ones mark ordered..
i just had cuba libre(coke+rum)

after which was a super long wait
for night rider bus

reached home at 5am
haha sleepy~



heres some of my artwork i managed to dig out
they were done during J1

some random watercolour painting..

istana art competition

year end promo


mural painting design


Friday, March 20, 2009


what is this??
1. You are posted to 39 SCE.
2. Your vocation is CBRE PNR - EOD DVR.

someone enlighten me please

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

went back to school in the morning to take photos of all my previous works
suprisingly i managed to dig out some nice works
later then i post

damn alot of work to be done
uni application is so troublesome..

been polishing my boots and making weird breakfast for myself

posting for army is this friday!
this sucks!!
oh wells..

haha a poser shot :p

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ticket (day trip)

You must have heard of the place that if we get to, we will have everything.
Happiness and dreams that's been waiting for will wait for us at the destination.
And only a single ticket is needed for multiple return trips.
But no one has ever returned to tell me anything.

So I wonder if it's real, want to see it for myself.
Even if it's by foot I'm willing to go, if there will be something upon arrival.
No matter what I must pay to get the ticket, I will.
and so I paid with everything I have just for someone to return it all to me and say...

* This ticket is not for me even though it is sold to all. It's just that this train does not have a place for me so I cannot travel.

Like I said, I'm dedicated and travelled in the direction that he travelled.
No matter the fatigue, the heat, or the cold, I'm not afraid. With a proud heart I will endure
and in not too long the destination will become apparent.
So I clamber on to reach that destination that is disappearing.
It probably is not real, that destination for someone like me.

The ticket that everyone has, probably does not exist for someonelike me.
And so I turn my back to the way that I came from, and there I saw someone looking.
When walked back, I saw that it was the same peson that told me repeatedly, stressingly that...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Science Centre!

went to Science Centre today with Lloyd and his younger brother,Loysius
didn't really understand the stuff in science centre when i was younger
now that i've learnt QUITE a sum about science
i find this place much more interesting

there was this tesla coil demonstration which i found it damn cool

especially this video

my first ever magic show Live!
so i was pretty amazed by it
so were the kids
by Lloyd was totally not amused hahaha

some "mind reading" computer man...lolol

this is so cool :D
i walk this lonely road,hoping that you'd be there at the end of the journey

Saturday, March 14, 2009

19th Birthday!! :D

Had an enjoyable birthday yesterday :D :D
went to eat at Manhattan Fish Market at Plaza Singapura
haha i was super clumsy,
i accidently knocked down the salt and pepper bottles
and it spilled all over the floor
luckily the staff there were super efficient and changed our tables
hahaha i felt so pai seh!!

we had Pacific Dory Fish

and it was nicceeeeeeeeeee
we then went to catch Watchmen(which sucks)
cos it totally didn't make sense to us
and the flashbacks was irritating

right after that i had to rush back home to cut cake :D

then immeadiately after that,
my sis's bf drove me to downtown east E!hub
at arnd 11:20pm

went to meet up with Lloyd and two of his friends
we went to watch the thai movie 'Coming Soon'

the cinema had full house
and almost everyone put their legs on their seats
including myself
we were laughing and getting scared throughout the whole movie
i'd give it 4.5/5 stars for a horror movie!

luckily we lived near each other
so the guys could send the girls back home

heehee birthday gift from Lloyd
hahaha thanks! :D

thanks everyone for wishing me happy birthday!
it really made my day :D

I'd like to thank
First and foremost,MOM & DAD!!
Zijun ,my sister :)
Benson, her bf
Yin khuan (my brother who rarely talks to me hahaha)
Lloyd! thanks for the gift and the movie hahaha
Liying my lover :p
Benjamin Jinhong! My friend who has helped me so much!! :D
Eric Lee
Xin Li,my AEP senior
Yun Huey
Calsia :D
Theodore Roan Archibald :)
Isauro Diaz Garcia,haha i want to change my name ler
Yi Ning,knew her from japan trip during J1
Qarissa,also from the japan trip :D
Jason Hoon,my BMT sergeant!haha hes a really nice! WELFARE!!
Jeanette James
Nicano Antonio Villarroel Godoy,omg..what a name
Chunann,one of my models :D
Matt J Fam,my classmate since primary school :D
Sarah Choo!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D
Kheng Kia,my bunk mate :D
elvis :p
i hope i didnt miss out anybody
thanks ALOT!!

"we've got a long
Long way to go
To get there
We'll get there
But oh
If there's one thing
That we know
It's that
We will not grow old"