Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fertility Outing!!

Went to Kallang Leisure Park with my orientation group mates!
We went to get tickets for Captain America
before heading into the ice skating ring!
haha it felt similiar to roller blading,
only that the floor is much wetter
and much more slippery!

Hannah,Alice,Xiangting,Gabriel and Tanyin had no problems skating
hahaha i did pretty well too!
but lost balance quite a few times :p
the rest of the group were struggling as it was their first time
i had some experience from roller blading which really helped!

Oh and alice showed us her friend who was a splitting image of Kunming,
hahaha its so alike that its freaky!

We then went to watch Captain America!
the cinema was just next to the skating ring haha :)
The movie was not bad,
but the action part was too short!
more please.
i find it so amazing how Chris Evans went from this,

to this within a matter of minutes!!
hahaha i want it too!!
oh btw,if you're watching it in cinemas,
be sure to stay after the movie has ended
theres an awesome trailer after the credits!

After the movie,we made our way to Tian Tian Huo Guo at Bugis!
hmm the food was okay...
nothing could compare to the steamboat i had in Taipei!!!
it was soooooooo awesome!!!!!!!
i miss the food there..
hmm hmm

ohh and i went to check into my hostel on saturday!
its at hall 11,quite far from ADM :(

i like my new room!!!!!!!!
the desk feels so cosy
the only sad thing is the windows
oh wells,
not gonna open the windows at all
as there's construction going on outside,
and all the dust will just overwhelm the room.
hmm my roomate hasn't moved in yet,
i wonder who will it be...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Flew off to Taiwan on wednesday
took SIA siaaaa :))

We arrived at Taipei airport at around 5:30pm
then reached our hotel only to find out that the rooms we booked were taken!
they then transfered us to another nearby hotel
quite a bummer.

After placing our luggages
we went to explore 西門町
it reminded me of Bugis Street,
only larger.

After which we went to visit the different night markets in Taipei
so much nice street food!!
Smelly tofu,Oyster Mee Sua,Chicken Intestines,Chicken Backside,Taiwan Sausage etc..

This is the famous Chicken Cutlet stall
located opposite Shilin Station.
Super yummy and the portion is HUGE
Look,its almost as big as Alvin's head :p

Oh and we happen to pass by this pet shop
which was selling kittens!!
insanely adorable

We visited Taipei 101
the tallest building in Taiwan
Haha the lift went up to the 89th floor damn fast!
The view up there was awesome
but it was really hot!
took a paranomic photo with my iphone using the app Photosynth :)

The following day,
we took the train to visit 淡水

nothing much there other than the seaview
hahas,quite forgettable
hmm hmm

We then went to 九份
Quite a long train ride
but the scenery was AWESOME!!
totally worth the trip up there :)

there were loads of stalls selling soveniours and food
the barbequed mushrooms were not bad!
just a tad expensive

There was this Converse Block Party at 西門町
decided to check it out!
There were people playing basketball,
skateboarding,graffiti and hip hop.

went to get a temporary tattoo on my face
all for the fun of it haha

For dinner,we had steamboat buffet at this place called 天外天火鍋
for $20 plus SGD,all you can eat
gosh the food was sooooo awesome!!
everything was fresh and there was a large variety to choose from
definitely a must try!!

And of course
we went clubbing!!
We went to a club called LUXY,
the place was awesome!!!
Opened up a bottle of Black Label Whiskey
and i drank quite alot hahaha
We were having so much fun,until the police check came
where they had to stop everything and check everyone's IDs
gosh my head was still spinning thus i ended up puking in the toilet
ugh felt terrible!
nevertheless,we had loads of fun haha

hahaha my head was still spinning even on the way back
what a night!~

For the last day in Taipei,
we went shopping!!
heehee bought lots of Rilakkuma merchandise

including these button stickers
which i've been trying to find for a longggg time!!
hahaha can't bear to use it though

All in all,
Taiwan was a nice place!!
other than the freaking hot weather.
The food was nice,the scenery was nice,the shop attendants were friendly,
there were plenty of gorgeous looking people and most of all,there were loads of Rilakkuma toys!!!! :D :D :D

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Helicopter by Oh Land

Take off to a place I've never seen
I'll find it from my helicopter
Away from who I used to be
I'll get there in my helicopter
Met up with George and my bunkmates for dinner!
Leonard,Alvin,Chee Hern and Joel were able to make it :D

George came back from overseas for a short break
It's been about half a year since i last saw him
haha time sure flies!
we always have loads to talk about,
the good old days back in 36SCE.

oh and im flying off for Taiwan tomorrow!!
haven't packed my bags yet!!
very excited!!!! :D


It was finally time for ADM Freshmen Orientation Camp!

On the first day
we were greeted by a tribal scene that was so entertaining
you could see people rowing their boats,fishing and dancing
haha i couldn't stop smiling!!

we were split into 6 different groups
Harvest,Land,Hunter,Sky,Warrior and Fertility
say hi to my group's totem,Fertility!!
hahaha it has boobs and a penis :p

The second day was The Amazing Race,
where they gave us clues and we had to complete tasks
mostly around Bugis area.

Oh and we had to paint our faces!
people gave me weird stares when i went to the toilet alone
hahaha they must be thinking that im nuts!

The third day was sports and games!!
it took us freaking long to finally get this shot right
but it was so worth it!!

oh ya we also went shopping for props
that we were gonna use for our performance on Bash Night!
our theme was Bollywood!
thus we went to Arab Street in search of cloth :D

we then went back to NTU ADM to rehearse and rehearse our skit

The fourth day was EPIC!!
we went to an open field
with the clean white shirts that they provided

when we arrived,
we saw buckets of water and bottles of paint!
its time to get dirty!!!!!

hahaha it took us a freaking long time to shower
as the paint was sooo hard to wash off
but it was super fun!!!!!!

It was then time for the performance and Bash Night!!
we were the last group to perform!
haha all of us gave everything we got
and the audiences loved it!!

After which,
it was time to party!!!!!
they transformed the school into a dancefloor
super awesome!!

what an awesome night!!

Then came the final closing ceremony
where we thanked all those who contributed to this FOC
making it such a huge success :D

i'm glad that i attended it
got to meet a whole bunch of awesome friends!
Alice,Gabriel,Tan Yin our OGLs
Kun Ming,Bryan,Jason,Leonard,Tong Pei,
and Xiangting
they were super awesome!!
i miss them so much :(

ADM FOC2011,it was amazing!!!!
well done guys!!

(credits to Gel ST,Adrian Vanq Wong and Bryan Mosby for the amazing photos!!)