Monday, December 31, 2007

flu :( sick on the last day of 2007,great.

dunno if later still want go countdown or not.



last day of 2007

went out with ben and his CG ytd,haha it was fun and meaningful. ive learnt many many things and im happy :D
i look forward to being with them again :)

today is the last day of 2007,hahas,geez
brace yourselves :D

meeting lucie and friends at clarke quay later on to countdown,hahas

and to everyone in this whole wide world

Sunday, December 30, 2007


erm,i changed my blog page,but i did some mistakes,so..erm alot of my links are gone,if you cant find ur name on my link list,please tag with ur blog page address,sorry and thanks

happy new year

Saturday, December 29, 2007


as mentioned in the previous post,went to gym with my sis and her colleagues

ran on the trackmill for 20+min ,which was arnd 4km+

then did a little bit of other excercise before heading to the sauna.
yea nth much.

went to orchard to eat,we went to wisma atria's food republic ,had some jap dishes,which total cost was $47,but my sis paid for it.
then went around looking at shops,went to topman as they were having a sale,but nth really caught my eye
and went la coste,saw a shirt on display which looked really cool,but cost $200+,even cooler.

in the end never buy anything.hahas.

oh and when i came online,i checked my facebook thing,and a girl commented on one of my photos from my album
quote:" errr..go do more facials mann"

wtf,whats ur problem la.
she looks like crap btw
i really wanna tell her "errr..go get more plastic surgeories please"
"oh and top that up with a boob transplant"

what i look like is none of her business la,idiotic bitch,spoilt my mood

cya and cheers*

btw happy birthday yanjie


my maid went back to her hometown for like 3 weeks..and geez
i do nid a maid,its so tiring doing house chores as im the only one at home..

had this for breakfast yesterday,lol,it looked damn cute so i bought it..and ate it of course :p

bah,some sketch im working on for days now,sketching with a mechanical pencil is really taking a long time..

and in case youre wondering what ive become after the holidays,
here i am

i swear i was screaming inside when i saw the barber shave off my sideburns,as i forgotten to tell her not to.
oh well,what to do..

oh ya,heading to raffles city gym later on with my sister.
need to burn off some fats...

GOALS in 2008

GOALS in 2008

#1 study hard
#2 be more considerate
#3 stop being such an emo
#4 improve art skills
#5 lose weight
#6 learn to be happy
#7 get along with others
#8 forgive
#9 learn to trust people

Friday, December 28, 2007

dont be such a bitch

in a person's lifespan,there are many choices to be made,from trivial ones such as whether to eat this or that,to walk here or there
however,every choice that you make is equally important.
you have to choice to say hurtful things to other people,but once you've said it,theres no turning back.

if things in life does not go the way you expected it to become,you should LEARN to accept it,view it from a different perspective,and maybe things will be more pleasant,for yourself and others..

words that you said will come back to you someday,when you least expected it.
you'd never know how painful it will hit you,but im sure to say that you deserve it.

if you do not like the way other people lead their lives,the choices that they have chosen,what you should learn to do is to accept it and respect their choice.
NOT to make their life more difficult.

and if you hold grudges against people,say it straight in their not be a hypocrite as thats the lowest a human being can go.and if you stoop lower than that,there isnt really a better term to describe you other than a bitch or a slut.

If you really think that youre all that high and almighty,then youre very wrong indeed.there are many other things going on,just that you arent aware of

the most pathetic kind of people are those who act pathetic, hoping to get support from others

right now,youre being an annoying little mosquito buzzing around and making people itch.the fact that people did not realise that you were sucking their blood doesnt mean that they will never realise it.and the moment they get irritated, they will find you and smack you dead

all that i can say is,watch your back

Thursday, December 27, 2007

the end?

2007 is coming to an end,
how short this year seems to have been
a new phase in life,as people weave in and out
as we all play with the game of fate

bonds have been formed,as some were broken

however,we do not mourn and remain in grief
for we know tomorrow will be a better place
take a step into the next day,
as you will never know whom you will meet,
and who you will forget,
just the footprints along the beach
washed away

as they say "every end marks the start of a new beginning"
let time reveal all
the truth and the lies
in this little story
of my life

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone !!

for ur info,i dont celebrate christmas :(

and to all those who did not reply to my messages on handphone or msn,i hate you.
LOL,im kidding,happy holidays!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

AEP bbq

AEP bbq at ms lye's condo!
woots,met up with sarah and yixiu at farrer park mrt,then we headed down to my lye's condo.
when we reached there,we realised we were at the back gate,so we couldnt enter,LUCKILY,a group of china people came and they tapped to open,so we pretend nth happen and just follow in,hahas.
then we reached to the BBQ pit,but noone was there,sarah then called ms lye,and she popped her head from her flat to wave down at us,hahas!
we reached her flat,but then it was locked,and ms lye forgotten to on the phone,so we just waited for someone to come and tap the door AGAIn :p

ms lye's unit was so minimalist and so hotel like,shud have seen her bathroom,damnnnnnnnnn
haha and guess what we got for going early,we were rewarded by another side of ms lye,one that you'd most probably wont be able to see in ur whole life.
she was a daddy's girl!! haha,omg,her dad had his arm aroudn her neck and they were so cuddlish *everyone go awwwww now*

hahas,enuff of that,we brought the food and stuff down :D
then we started to set up the fire! thanks to SZEYING,i finally noe how to start a fire,and i just cant help but to comment that the charcoal was damn high class,it burns so easily,unlike those which you fan until u die.

hahas,it started to drizzle abit halfway during the BBQing,but all was well as people took their umbrellas out to shelter the food,yes the food = =
k la,at least my longkang bro got shelter me for awhile b4 he ran away ..

NEVERMIND that,hahas,i was enjoying cooking so much that i hogged the space for so long,until i finally felt hungry.
then as the lighting there was not bad and we had a PRO photographer XINLI,how can you miss the chance of not cam whoring?????

HAHA,thus sarah,lucie and I were like cam whoring with anything we can find,from sliced cucumbers to satay ,HAHA,we're officially AEP people.

oh and did i mention,miss hew was super high,after drinking SPRITE,yes sprite!
she was giggling and laughing and was SUPER HIGH.geez,i never knew sprite was alcoholic o.o

oooh oooh,we played some card games,called "asshole taiti or smth,i-dont-know-how-to-spell-so-dont-correct-me-on-this"
haha there was like the king,the queen,the commoner,the prostitute,and lastly the asshole,elvis taught us how to play,and it was retarded!

all good things had to end eventually,but we had a fun time as we exchanged presents,hahas,miss hew! good singing,just that couldnt quite hear it,hahas.
we then all went up to miss lye's apartment to see a few of her art works and its damnnn pro la *claps until hands bleed*

oh well,it ended on a happy note,and xuli was reunited with her dear satay friends ;)

miss lye!

miss hew :D

Saturday, December 22, 2007

jet lag?

i just realised that today was friday and tomorrow was saturday,i was lagging by one day and i kept thinking that it was thursday.

oh my god.

i feel retarded

Friday, December 21, 2007

fuck it

im at the edge of insanity,
i cannot control my emotions any longer
im no longer who i used to be
it scares me

to know that im such a weakling
to know that all those around me arent true
all of them are so hypocritical

tell me, why can't the world be simpler?
why can't people say things truthfully?
why can't promises be kept?

are you proving to me that the world has nothing worth living for?
are you taking every last thing i placed my faith in?

why must you do this?
i need an answer

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


monday was BBQ day with my current class

okay the day before that i was kind of thinking of not going,cos i was having mental blockage and did not know what to draw...
and i was so scared that my art teachers would reject the idea of me doing fantasy world thingy..

in the morning,ms lye forgotten she told us to meet at 9am,so she was LATE!!!
bah,we forgive her
then we were told to paint the 3R's corner,reduce..ya u know
so we just started to paint the base colour robin yellow,then carried on with a tree which undergone many operations,but it turned out pretty in the end.

then all was left is the top of the wooden container,dunno what name to call it.
its rather big ..
ok nvm that,so we were thinking of what to paint at the top,then i remembered of the hong kong drama serial "fei tian xi shi" where she used her handprint to make a we decided to play with the paint and all of us were painting our hands and just smacking it onto the board,and huimin was giving high pitch "EEeeeeeeee" and she was super high for some reason.
haha,then after we finished with hand printing,we use paint to drip all over the top,and it was so retarded when some of the paint got flickered onto the floor.
at first everyone was still quite okay,calm..but then me and sarah decided to dramtise the thing,so we shouted to faster clean up the floor and get water and stuff,that really got the other AEP members panicking,LOL!!

then all of us were busy scrubbing the floor and we managed to removed the white paint stains :D

then around 4pm,it was finally time for CONSULTATION :(
so our art teachers started to give comments and suggestions from one student to another,and phew i managed to survive.
and yirong was super funny,shes unknowingly funny,everyone laughed like mad cos she is just too innocent.

oh and by the time the art things ended,it was around 6pm!!
they estimated to end at 4pm..

ok so me and szeying made our way to the BBQ pit
we met with our classmates and had some laughter.
i ate quite alot cos i was feeling relieved :D

when a group was leaving,i had this dejavu that lasted rather long and it freaked me out.and while explaining it freaked szeying out too. lol!

then after they all left,only me,szeying,dorcas and yingxi were left to CLEAR UP THE TRASH.haha,smart people leave early. = =
we played a few rounds card games and the loser had to bring home stuff like,chilla sauce(a whole bottle),paper plates and cups,otahs O_O which dorcas suggested putting butter on them..LOL

so in the end we ended up giving a whole lot of the otahs to the group of malays who were sharing the pavillion with us :D

oh well,thats all and guess i will be having another BBQ on sat..

btw,the anti drug competition sent the winners an envelope,whereby we had to fill in the form and FAX it back to them..wth!!
we are required to produce a photocopy of NRIC front and back,bankbook front page too!

wah lau la! so troublesome lo,the army poster that we won only required to EMAIL the bank account number,yet this one so troublesome.

HAIYO,they shud update themselves sia..

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cosfest @ expo


went to EXPO with eleen and 3 of her friends today for the EOY cosplay thingy.

i saw,erm i think its yining or of the CHIJ girls tt we went with to japan,sorry that i forgotten your name!

saw sarah chew too,like duh

and abigail,childhood friend!

eleen was happy like mad even after she got home
she was smiling all the way

i shall save on the words and let the pictures do the talking :D

Friday, December 14, 2007


erm,nvm the previous post.
i've cooled down already.
felt real sucky yesterday
oh oh,going to EOY cosfest to check it out tmr with eleen and her friends
if youre coming message me ya

going off now to BBQ
cya and cheers

Thursday, December 13, 2007

God,rid this devil

let me introduce to you guys the one person which i fcking hate the most in my life.
make a guess?
its my brother!

He is the most fucked up person in this fucked up human world,and to think that i am so unlucky to have stepped on this piece of shit
he is ungrateful bastard which Hell would most probably spit him out as he is a fucktard. i hate him like nothing else in the world. he is an incorrigible bastard who squanders away money and does not even contribute close to little,but none!
ever since young until now,i had to put up with his fucked up face and fucked up attitude. hey u bloody hell bastard,if not for mom and dad,i swear that i wouldve plunged a knife through your eyes,so you can never stare back at me.
ironed away your lips so that you can never fucking shout back at me.
shatter your bones so that you would never be able to move an inch.
and not forgetting,i will not make you deaf as i want you to hear every word i say and not be ale to retaliate.but too bad,youre already semi deaf

i look down on you brother,i really look down on you.youre worse than those pile of shit that people step on,at least they can be used as fertilizers or something,but you? nah,all you do is make LOTS OF FUCKING NOISE! and wow! i have to bear with it all the time!

youre such a loser i must say,look at yourself,aged 21,turning 22 next year.but what have you achieved? hmm,lets see,lots of failures in life and still never ends!

check out what you do EVERY day
wake up,read abit of newspaper,come to me and say "siam"
then i would walk away and let you use the computer,from morning 11am+ all the way till 9pm,then you would let me use till 11pm,then ask me to get away again,and you use to 3~4am or more.then the cycle continues!

now that youre in army? you EXPECT MORE!
YESTERDAY,i couldve been at home relaxing,but because mother had to attend your passing out parade,i had to help out at dad's stall for the whole fucking day!
but thats ALRIGHT,when i ask you to let me use longer,you fuckign shout at me and say "nobody ask you go help what"
every time you come back,i OUGHT to let you use no matter what happens,even if they sky falls!

when i argue back? you would say QUOTE:"i let you use awhile and you always expect more"

i always prayed to God hoping that you would somehow be enlightened and treat me like how and elder brother would.but now i changed my mind
i given up on you totally,bastard

brother,if youre reading this right now,i wish you are already dead.
really.GOD please answer my prayers.rid this devil off the face of the earth and even in hell


i've got many MANy maaany MaNy things i want to tell you guys..but i cant,
so please don't blame me

looks like all i can do is just bottle them up and bring them to my grave :D

but i know it myself,that im losing my senses..i know im going crazy

if one day i really gone mad,please stay away from me,cos i KNOW i will definitely bite you!

crap,i hate this feeling.its making me wanna cry.but i know im gonna get over it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

dad's stall

went to changi airport to help out at my dad's stall today..
there are a few customers that will really get on your nerves..
especially some of the older ones,not that i discriminate the old,but some can get really irritating.
for example.this old man came to the stall,and i smile and ask him what would he like to order,he just said "she(my mom) knows what i want"
so i replied" erm but shes busy right now,would you tell me what ull like to ordeR?"
and he said "just tell her,she knows what i want"
these kind of customers REALLY pisses me off,i really feel like knocking them unconscious and drag them aside out of the queue

so heres another one,example
customer:"i would like 2 set of A please"
me:"erm,spicy or not spicy?"
customer:"err spicy"
...a while later...
brings out set A spicy
customer:"why is this spicy?i thought i told him(me) i don't want spicy?"
me:"but you said spicy just now.."
customer:"noo..u heard wrongly,i said not spicy"

what an asshole.

okay,now a weird one

customer to mom:"your son ah?"
customer:"your son very tall ah"
mom:"huh ya.."
customer:"he sec 1 ah?"

no wonder she thinks im tall,she thought i was sec 1,and do i look that childish?...damn

but at the end of the day,the customers are always wonder its called hard earned money..

Sunday, December 9, 2007

retarded bug

hahas,nothing interesting happened today
just the fact that i want to comment on how stupid an insect can be
today,a beetle flew into the study room,where our house computer was..
my sister was using the com while it was buzzing round and round and ramming itself against the wall several times making a "thud" sound..

yep,so it landed on one of my paintbrushes left on the table,my sister tried picking the paintbrush to flick the beetle out,but then it took flight and flew towards my sister,which obviously made her scream..then it continued with its journey round the room,until it whacked right at my forehead..

at that moment,i was thinking,damn u stupid bug,go and die
then immeadiately,it flew straight into the fan and wha la!
it severed into two parts.

viewers discretion advised ;p

hahaha thats all for today,
cya and cheers!

To:my class

im gonna admit something today..
it doesnt sound nice but i gotta say it

..i dont like my class..

why you may ask?..
well,firstly,being in a boys school for 10 Years of my life,now my whole class are girls..well except for another guy who doesnt really talk to me..

so everyday of my school life,im always alone..
i do not go out with them,is because the things they do and talk about..i really have no clue what they are talking about,and they often refuse to tell me.

they always seem to be in their own groups,clique,whatever la.
and it really sucks cos i would always end up sitting all the way to the corner of the row as they are ALWAYS reserving seats for their clique..
and it has became a habit such that i always sit at corners even if they dont ask me to..

i know im being sensitive about such things but hey.its fucking irritating do you know that? you go count how many bloody lectures i sat through by not being emo,its just that im also part of the class,so why am i treated so differently?

and i often thought to myself,hey retaining might be a better option,as i might end up in a class which is better..
but then i thought,not all of them are that bad..

but i must say,i dread going to school everyday,i dread having to face my class, and i am always looking forward to going home,thats how i have been struggling throughout the whole of year 2007...

im trying to be more open and adapting to the class,
but really
the tiredness in me is making me feel like im drifting further and further from my class..if any of my classmates is reading this now,im not asking for sympathy,just some understanding will do..

thanks and cheers.

Friday, December 7, 2007

rain after the sunshine

felt so fat today,so decided to go jogging.hurhur
when i jogged into pasir ris park for around 5mins,i suddenly realised that the view is quite nice.
so i jogged all the way back home to get my camera.ok my sis's camera
the sky turned dark suddenly
and it started to rain...
but i still continue to take photos
until my stupid camera ran out of batt.
heres some of the photos i took.
im NOT a photographer,so if the photo sucks dont blame me ;p

hahas,they got horses there.

rawr..after jogging still as fat as ever.haha

and wth la,after i got back home and bathed,the sun came out again and it was sunny..

paper roses

today,YAO KHUAN is gonna teach you how to make paper!
get these materials ready,construction paper,scissors,and wrapped wire which u can get form popular

step 1,cut the coloured paper into a strip like this

ok,now fasten oen end of the paper strip with the wire,u can do so by rolling the tip of the paper,then twist the wire to fasten it

wrap the paper round the wire tight to form the structure first

then u keep coiling and twisting the paper round the wire,doesnt have to be systematic,and make sure one of ur hand is holding on tightly while the other hand twist the paper strip

after ure done,poke the wire through the end of the paper strip,then fasten would then get something like this

you can try out different colours,depending on who you wanna give

and lastly,do a few more then twist them together.

hahas,cya.have fun.
and keep trying