Tuesday, January 27, 2009

and the cold wind blows

army life

i like being in the army,
cos in there,every single minute is being used up

everyday passes by so quickly with barely time spare to think
i guess it helps to distract myself from my bad habit of thinking too much

i realised that i've become a much happier person now

maybe in the past,
things have gone too complex for me

and now,
everything in the army is so simple and basic
its like a huge burden being lifted
and thus,
i can smile once again

k wont be online anytime soon,
see ya next book out :)

okay something damn random.
i can finally do ONE pull up!
(dont laugh,its a big achievement for me)

marina bay

my parents wanted to go for a walk after dinner
so we went to marina bay
due to my handphone camera,all the pictures turned
out looking like what u'd probably see in hell

i kinda like this last shot

Monday, January 26, 2009

lunar new year

my dad preparing food~

shark's fin with crab shreds




(which i didnt touch at all cos in army u eat chicken for EVERY MEAL!)

damn full now

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday jan 25th

went to tampines to catch The Punisher
bloody.gory.violent show.
kinda nice though

ahh damn bored at home.
want to go out but all the shops are closed!
maybe going to visit some relatives

was having reunion dinner
then my mother mentioned that pisces people are the most vain
haha i can't agree more.

i damn happy with my new clothes.esp the jeans.

i think i gonna go jogging tmr,or sun tanning if the weather is good.

happy chinese new year
gong xi fa cai

24th jan 2009

Haha been a long time since i last posted

just finished my Field Camp!
6 days of no bathing(just powder bathing)
running,crawling,kneeling on all sorts of ground surfaces
sleeping in holes in the ground
shitting in holes in the ground(i didnt shit for 6 days..)
peeing amongst the grass
getting all sorts of weird rashes
eating combat rations
no talking,just whispering and signalling
having to wear back the same uniform for 2~3days after all the sweat from training

wearing a vest and helmet and a 4~5kg rifle all the time
(that includes peeing,shitting,sleeping)

having to guard your own weapon 24hours around the clock
worst of all was to find your stuff in the dark with a torch that is tacticalized to a point that it defeats its purpose of a torchlight...
haha it was damn crappy

but,i felt we were very lucky
there was no rain for the whole camp (which means less trouble)
my section commander is super nice
the place we had to dig our shell scrape was soft as previous groups had dug before
we had KFC in the middle of the jungle due to Chinese New Year celebrations

all in all,
it was tiring,but i enjoyed it :)

lost damn alot of weight,around 6kg haha

yesterday went to laselle to meet my friends
we went over to orchard cineleisure
on our way there,bumped into john tung,yongwen and dickson
went to collage
bought a pair of skinny jeans(my first pair)
and a shirt
together cost $175(with discount)
haha but i like it alot :)
my friend helped me with the choosing
then we went to catch Inkheart at 11:30pm
age friendly movie i would say

im looking forward to a damn awesome dinner on CNY
i still think army is fun
haha :D

Saturday, January 3, 2009

nicole's birthday

2nd Jan,NICOLE'S birthday!
met up with ben,freya,nicole and friend at dohby ghaut
i came too early so i went to PS to walk around,ended up spending $100 on 2 pair of jeans and some CDs,haha wth.

we went to the Singapore Art Museum

there was an exhibition that showed videos of actors/actresses that keep still there,almost like a photograph itself,but after awhile they will start to move

johnny depp

bradd pitt

another was about women being picked by men to be their wives in poorer countries
and the troubles of married couples

of all places in a museum,we took photos at a staircase cos there was this strong air con vent that was super windy...LOL

while waiting for nicole to get a nice shot of the museum
we started to debate about whether the owls on the screens were the same...

we then took MRT to harbour front to buy stuff for our steamboat :)

it was a damn retarded shopping trip.trust me.

after we were done shopping,nicole's mom drove us to her house

we then helped out to prepare all the food and stuff
heres a video :)

meet nicole's cat.
it has mood swings..one moment it comes to u and stuff
the next its scratches you like mad
ben was provoking it with his bare hands and ended up getting scratched by it

after the steamboat,freya and her bf brought nicole downstairs so that we could bring out the cake,
we all hid in the toilet when she came out

haha nicole looked extremely suprised

although the cake looks fudgy,
it tasted really nice :)

after which,we went to a "multi storey carpark" as what nicole said
ended up it was only two storeys high.lol

heres a video of a boy who cannot play sparklers like a normal person does :)

after we left nicole's house
ben,brenda and i went to bedok to chill out
bought sugar cane drink and had a little chat

all in all
it was a fun day :D