Sunday, January 31, 2010


went to vivocity to catch
'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus'

starring Heath Ledger,Johnny Depp,Jude Law and Colin Farrell
i find it a rather deep show
didn't appeal to me that much
felt kinda weird,maybe because heath ledger died when the movie was filmed halfway..
oh wells.
haha 2.5/5 stars maybe?

anyways,can't wait to watch Peter Jackson's 'My Lovely Bones'
and Tim Burton's 'Alice in wonderland' :D

anyways,ordered a pair of shoes
Gel-Kayano 16 from Asics

cost $190
lol woots.
i don't tend to buy much
but when i do,it always cost a bomb.LOL

my friend got me this cute little handphone strap
haha knowing i liked kittens

we were in a shop where people rent display spaces to sell their items
and there were many interesting stuff
this kitten handphone strap happen to caught my eye
and i wanted it
but we went on to look at other stuff first before purchasing it
after a while,just when we were about to purchase the kitty
we couldn't find it!
it was super confusing,cause the entire collection in that locker space was gone!
and we were damn sure we saw it there
i was rather heartbroken by
we then asked the cashier what happened to the items in that display
and she said the owner decided not to rent the locker already and came to collect back his products!

the owner hasn't left and was at the counter,
we then managed to buy it at last
haha felt so lucky.
:D:D:D and happy

oh oh,got to do my faculty test.
and work on my art portfolio.
so many things to do!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Megan Fox

spent my whole sat playing L4D2 and doing a watercolour painting..
haven't painted in a longgg time.
thus decided to do some practicing
in process..

done! :D

painting the nose almost killed me.LOL

really like megan fox
shes really pretty :)
finally get to book out after a long week
had COC parade (Change of Command)
couldn't book out at all the whole week

and was on standby duty yesterday.
tomorrow have to go back again
sigh sigh

was painting some random stuff/creature
still dunno what i wanna do with it though
thinking thinking haha

lol this quote is funny
"shut the fuck up or i'll fuck your mouth"

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Left 4 Dead 2

bought L4D2 cd ytd
wanna finally try some shooting games
and the verdict is..
i suck at computer games!!

complete noob at this game.
so many zombies!!
and i hate jockey.
keep jumping onto my face.and nobody saves me.
its fun though

im such a liability in the game

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Henderson Walk

Had a longgggg stroll at henderson wave
brought my camera along to take pictures :D
very cool place
nice structure and stuff
and lots and lots of photographers!
the view up there is real awesome

and the breeze was so relaxing
especially after a hike up a slope
was really reluctant to leave the bench haha

brought wrong lens la.
haha shitz

went clubbing
then chilled along clarke quay area..
to catch the first train back home

had some rather bad experiences,with a drunkard
glad nothing happened..

"hey its a shooting star!make a wish~"

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Reeta & Damon

did a rather quick photoshoot
for SDE annual bash
they wanted to have dramatic makeup...
which ive never done before
so took me damn long
figuring out what to put on their faces

it was late and everything was so rushed
and i have problems taking night shots.
i find it damn hard!
and i don't know my camera that well yet
haha gotta read up more

aniways here are some of the pics
Reeta & Damon

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Last Train

I chased so hard for that last train,only to have missed it.
And yet,
u are here right beside me..

cause we both missed that train

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Strawberry yogurt parfait

Strawberry yogurt parfait

at starbucks

did a rather rushed photoshoot today
cant upload the pics though
not yet.
not today.

sorry about today~

Friday, January 1, 2010


came late for the steamboat at nicole's
everyone had eaten alr.
eh and ben didn't say he was still hungry,cos i brought alot of food too.
now its all in my fridge..

and and
nicole's pets are damn cute

nintendo wii is so retarded
played guitar hero,made me realised ive no musical talent AT ALL!
the simple minded retard game

haha it was damn me.

head down to st james power house
we managed to enter at around 3am
then went off at around 4am with ben
took kun yang's ride back home
haha didn't really like that place
atmosphere not there
oh wells

don't intend to come up with any new years resolution or whatever
always fail to stick to it.
i just wanna survive 2010

everythings' the same.
everything except you