Monday, April 30, 2007


haha hey guys.remember the first post.i mentioned that my friend helped me be the model for the WARRIOR thingy? yea..heres a sneak peek of my progress..haha.yep,still lotsa of work to be done.and something which i find dumb.the theme says the picture have to reflect the loyalty,courage and honour.<<

today was horribly tiring.first was the Geography lesson.ok...i survived that...then it was this point my head was collapsing..then until GP..i think i boldly fell asleep right in front of the teacher...lucky he nvr point out or anything.thanks. and then...worst came.after GP was 4 hours straight of ART.thanks to the sleep i had during GP.i am breathing.

and we had this one-by-one 'interview' by our AEP teachers about who gets to go Japan they asked us in one by one.after a longgg wait.
it was my turn.
i turned the door knob.
there it was.


k la,it wasnt that scary.they just passed off a few remarks and asked me stuff about coping with sch work.thats all.

hmm.tmr's labour day.i think im staying up late.wanna finish watching the 'Ghost Ship' and 'Scream 3' .. then i guess tmr will be a day full of meaningful.
oh ya.and i'll try to add more photos.haha.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

design. .... !! (:

Hey people!
recently its been a super busy time for me.
i had to design for :

house flags (pegasus,phoenix,dragon,griffin) and i edited all except pegasus

and our class tee shirt and sweater.

now i have to design for Art Elective Programme Tee shirt.
hey im not that free.whether im terms of time and MONEY.
but i do it for friendship :) blog is not so wordy.thats cos my english sucks.haha BIG TIME.but i will try to brush up my english.promise!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

NYJC 30th anniversary.

thats spongebob squarepants on my face :D
so fierce. me.sarah.lee yen.bryan

its late..

what were we looking at anyway.
andre and his painting
yixiu's painting

AEP students :D me.sarah.lee yen

today was NYJC's 30th anniversary.
and hey.guess what my job was.
to go there and clap.
what the heck la.
so important aint it?

say hi to me :D

erm.since i just started my new blog.just an intro of myself.

Catholic High School, Attended 1997 - 2006, Class of 2006
Church of the Holy Trinity(kindergarden), Catholic high (primary), Catholic high (secondary), NanyangJC [PAE], NanyangJC [JAE]?
Nanyang Junior College, Attended 2007 - ????, Other
Student+Artist[Art Elective Programme]
Trinity Christian Centre, IGNYTE!, pegasus!
Hobbies and Interests:
drawing bah..
Favorite Books:
stupid question..
Favorite Movies:
LOTR, Tokyo drift, Casino Royale, Nemo, Pans Labyrinth, Protege, i want watch EPIC movie..Spiderman3...The Messengers
Favorite Music:
TOKYO DRIFT ~ woot my fav..
Favorite TV Shows:
:) no idea, everything seems cool
Zodiac Sign:
About Me:
Hey..i don't recall much about my past..amnesia :pso i will try my best to KEEP it SIMPLE
I dOnt LikE :
-OwInG pEoPle MoNEy

-ChocolatE..makes me fat :p

-beInG FAT and OveRweIghT!

-bEing UGlY like how i was LAST yr..ACtuAllY now still UGLY :(

-bEIng ME..i think im too EMO

-pEoPLE who betRAYed my TRusT


-ants..crawls everywhere..

-peOplE whO sTIcks TO me even AFTER i tOLd him/her To Stay AWAY!

-PeOpLE wHO BeLitTLes FriENDshIP-pEoPle wHO INSULTS my aRT..CONSTRUCTIVE comments are alright with me..but dont give me comments which are meant to describe urself u ******-outbreak..NOT COOL-ExMiNaTiONs = pek chek

-AtTENtion SEEKERS.. = fcktards..

-N.E.R.D.S ..

-haNdINg uP homework-sleeping,have tht fear which i can't wake up..-LIBRARIAN AUNTIES..damn no life..

-my hair..damn wavy/ such thing as hairstyling for me

-ArRoGaNT pEoPlE Male/Femalewhy so proud.

-and lastly..tht B!TCH kindergarden girl who bit my hand and told ur grandmama i bite u..i still remember it..damn u..u were the first BLOODY sh!t who accused me..i will remember u DAMN ass..WON'T FORGIVE YOU! go to hell

now for something less intense :)things i LIKE :

-WaTeRmElON jUiCe*regular customer


-SiNGing..but nOW not rEallY

-EaTiNG..expensive STUFF!

-get HIGH! hahahaHAHAHA!!

-stoning..try it..hours of fun

-CrACkInG LAME jokes

-wATCHinG ANimE..tsubasa chronicles.. :D

-wATCHing MOVIES!..with friends

-anyhow IMAGINaTING thiNGS..sometimes i see stuff i shudnt see..

-DanCIng..although i suck at fact i wouldn't even call that dancing..

-RUnNinG..whether physically or mentally..

-tANnIng..something i started recently..

-and lastly all my AEP and NYJC friends,they own

Friday, April 27, 2007

heh my first entry

hey yo.this is my very very first entry

and if you're readin this.erm.good for you :D

haha.this is how my day went.erm.first lesson was PW.we read an article on how the PW a-grades differed in the JCs.SAJC had less than 1% A.whereas Hwa Chong JC had 85% A.check out the point is that they shud just remove PW.its imba.

and hey.i got a friend to model for me for my drawing was damn funny.when taking photos.we felt damn stupid lar.cos the theme of the competition was 'WARRIOR'.then he had to pose like he holding some imaginary lame can the topic possibly get.anyway.he still agreed to help.and that i thanks him alot.
try to imagine hes holding a sword la.

man.our sch is having a 30th anniversary celebration tmr.and there is a carnival going on.they prepared so many fun things.and believe or not.i never played in an inflatable castle.maybe shud try tht tmr.what to do.deprived childhood.

haha.and also my class and I went to toa payoh sports hall to watch the table tennis finals.i must say it was quite fast match.if im not wrong we lost.but winning isnt everything.3 cheers for them.

heading home was rather weird.cos i live in pasir ris,i took 88 from toa payoh back home.and damn it was long.when i reached pasir was raining like MAD.and you should have seen how close the lightning was.i think about less than 100m away.the whole bus practically lit up and was like someone taking a photo.CHEESE :D

that wraps up today's events.and also my first entry.haha.bye.