Sunday, October 31, 2010

ohhhhh shit!!!
haha did something i regret today

Friday, October 29, 2010

71into the fire

went to watch 71-into the fire
it had awesome camera angles
and every single scene is so picturesque!
plus it had my idol (T.O.P) in it,
he used to be fat

but now hes just damn cool.

i wanna be like him
awesome :D

bought some materials from spotlight,
3metres cloth that cost me $39
gonna be using it for the upcoming photoshoot

1 more month left till ORD,
press on my fellow friends
we're all in this together :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

nice right?

nice right? nice right!
i spent quite a long time editing my blog's background
the megan fox pic was a watercolour painting i did quite some time back
im gonna do some more watercolour paintings soon
but ive left my watercolour set in camp
but then i still owe my relatives their portraits..
i like no mood to do it leh..


My arms are aching like mad
and i cant straighten them
due to me going to the gym last thursday..

as im not one who always hit the gym
(i prefer going for a jog in the park)
im now having horrible muscle aches.
well my arms are now locked in a position,
similiar to that of a tyrannosaurus rex.

i should hit the gym more often.

oh btw
check out this pic i took of nuh at phuket
it was taken using his camera and the settings he adjusted
i think its super nice :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


yay finally done with the portrait,haha
gosh im still having dizzy spells from the boatride..
and the haze!!
its so bad that i don't dare to go jogging..
still have many photos to upload,
but got to go back camp now.
oh wells~

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Phuket :)

Alvin Lim,Cheehern,Leonard,Nuh,Shaun and Joel
came to stay over at my place on friday night
had a little drinks and took some pics

Since my house was at pasir ris,
i asked them to stay over for their own convenience
as we had to head to the airport at 6am the next morning.
only alvin teng didn't stay over.
It was my first time travelling by budget airlines
and with only my friends
actually i didn't get to travel much
ive been to only a few places
Japan(fukuoka),Malaysia,HongKong...and now Thailand(Phuket)
it felt rather surreal to be on the flight with my friends

the flight there took around an hour and a half

Day 1,
we arrived at around 9am at phuket airport
and being unfamiliar to the place
we headed to one of the tour companies named
Phuket Friendship Tour
we were greeted by this rather plump but super adorable salesman
promoting all the travel places we should visit
phi phi island,maya bay,monkey beach etc..
they way he pronounced the words were so cute!
we ended up going with it as we didnt have much clue of the prices anyway
all we knew was that it provided transportation and a day tour to a few islands

There was a minibus taxi waiting for us right outside the airport
and it drove us to the hotel we booked
Bel Aire Resorts

upon arrival,we were told that the rooms that we booked were full
thus they gave us family sized rooms at the same price
at first we thought we made a loss
but in fact it was much larger than what we expected
the beds were comfty and the room was rather big

they didnt have a swimming pool,which we thought they did
all they had was a mini pool like thing
which i think we were the only ones that used it
but for awhile only haha.

mostly for camwhoring purposes :)
the view was nice from up there though

after placing down our bags
off we went to explore the place
crossing the roads were no mean feat
cars kept coming,even at zebra crossings
thus you had to cross at the slightest opportunity
scary eh!

patong beach was lined up with caucasians
in fact,the whole of patong was brimming with them
all here for a vacation.

we then had lunch at a seafood "restaurant"
the lady serving us was so friendly
felt like we've known her for ages
the food there was not bad

i loved the Thai omelette

it was awesome!
leonard was pespiring from the tom yam soup they ordered
haha it was such a hilarious moment

we then split up as some of them went for a thai massage
and some of us went to walk the streets
was amazed by the artworks they had

such skills..things they do for a living
it woud take me a longg time to reach that standard
the streets were filled with '7-eleven' and 'family mart'
thai massage parlours and money exchange counters everywhere

the roadside stalls were selling similiar items
such as sunglasses,slippers,shoes,t-shirts,singlets,pants,bags,earings
and all sorts of different gadgets and soveniours.
thus it depends on which stall owner offered the lowest price
it was practically the calculator game
they type a price,u type a price
it goes on until either party agrees on the price
or you could just walk away

during the night
we ended up going to burger king to have a bite,

yeah of all places right?
we then went to explore bangla street
known for its nightlife
all the clubs and pubs
we went into one of it for a drink
where they had several scantily clad girls up on a platform
dancing alongside a pole each
and some would come over to entertain us
but we didnt stay long,
as nuh,shaun and i weren't into drinking and stuff
we split up from the group and went around

had ice cream at HaƤgen-Dazs
and went back to the hotel
for the night

Day 2,
earlier,we booked a tour package at the airport
Phuket Friendship Tour
a minibus was catered to fetch us to the jetty

the first stop was Khai Nok Island
which was a short 15minutes ride

upon reaching the small island,
smaller boats came to fetch us
as the boat that we were on was too big
and the water was too shallow for it to dock

we had barbequed corn which tasted so yummy
and we were told to use it to feed the fishes as they would eat whatever's left

despite nuh warning me several times not to go near the rocks,
i still ended up getting some cuts from the sharp barnacles on the rocks
as i couldn't see where i was swimming towards,haha.
hmm it was my first time snorkeling
and it was rather interesting experience :)

after which,
the boat headed to monkey island & phi phi island
that was when the nightmare began

that journey to phi phi island
was THE most excruciating ride of my life
the waves were merciless
causing the boat to sway left and right,up and down endlessly
i totally regretted eating the food they had for us on the boat
and i just puked two bags full
luckily nuh was there to help me dispose and get new bags
otherwise id have puked all over.

after an hour and a half,
we arrived at monkey beach
which i didnt bring my camera along
as i was so nauseous that the only thing on my mind
was to get to solid ground
one that doesn't sway so voilently
didnt managed to enjoy it at all :(

the next stop was phi phi island,
by then i was much better already
as id probably puked up everything thats inside me.

we tried the pancake there,
its kinda like roti prata
but with more flavours
and i bought a necklace there
didnt want to go back empty handed after that long excruciating ride
its a pity we didnt had much time to explore
it was such a beautiful place
beneath the jetty,there were tonnes of fishes
and a few sea urchins too!

they swarmed towards whatever food that was thrown in
the moment the bread touched the water
it was a feeding frenzy

the kids were kind enough to throw their bread near my area
so that i could get a clearer picture of the fishes,haha

before we knew it,
it was time to return
the trip back wasn't that bad
as a kind tourist gave me some medication
for me to sleep so that i wouldn't be affected by the motion of the boat
and it worked indeed!
heard that on the way back
some of my friends puked too,

after some rest,
we went to have some seafood
ordered loads of random dishes

which was alright for me,
wasn't as amazing as i expected
the streets at night reminded me of the "pasat malam" we have in singapore
but with much more variety and bustle

we took some pics by the beach,had some drinks
and the second day ended with a good night's rest

Day 3,
our last and final day at phuket
we went to look for things to buy
shopping for things that we fancied

had some yoghurt ice cream

oh and joel was like totally in love with the cashier
haha but shes pretty i must say

dont you think she kinda resembles jeanette aw?
we then had lunch at a thai restaurant

where most of them ordered 'pad thai' fried noodles

and i had fried rice :)

after we left for the hotel
all i bought was a cap,a sweater and a shirt
didn't really saw things that i fancied
haha,well most of us didn't buy much.
Shaun finally managed to find the pancakes that
they were selling in phi phi island.
he was in love with them.

a minibus awaits us back at the hotel
where we packed up our stuff
and hopped on the ride
back to phuket airport

and soon we were back home,

all in all,
i felt that we could've went to try more good food there
instead of going to burger king during on the nights..
but it was an interesting experience
and i enjoyed myself there :)
bye bye phuket