Tuesday, November 30, 2010

katy my lady

haha i almost screwed it up with the painting of the boobies
but finally got it done!!
click image to view large

quite pleased with the results
gonna do more watercolour paintings
maybe not portraits..
too taxing XD

realised i havent eaten anything since this morning
haha too preoccupied with painting
my maid isn't home today
guess i shall go buy dinner then

Monday, November 29, 2010

OIC portrait day!!

Its here again!
the OIC portrait drawing day
for people who like to draw,or be drawn!
do come on down to the red dot museum
its $10 to register as a "drawer"
Saturday,4 Dec 2010,2:00pm to 7:00pm

besides this,there are stalls that sell art and crafts
and also some exhibits on display!
do come and take a look :D

for more info
go to this webby!

to register online(must for the artists)

hope to see you guys there!! :D

oh remember the $40 shirt i bought on saturday?
well here it is!
haha i always liked this "ah beng" kinda shirt
now ive finally got one for myself XD

on magic off now,till next friday!
where i'll be collecting my pink IC (fugly photo)

oh btw,i just started on a new painting,
haha heres a sneak peek

painting portraits using watercolour
is so much harder than i thought!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


went to Orchard with cheehern today
really shocked by how much it has changed since i last came here!
due to the lack of time
i was absolutely under-dressed for town,
haha just jeans and a polo tee
didnt bother much about how i looked

was kinda looking around for a round-neck long-sleeved shirt
haha and i happen to see one v-neck one in Uniqlo
however,it was the last piece,and it was on the mannequin!
the staff helped me stripped the mannequin off its clothes
hahaha i was so paiseh la!
felt so desperate.
plus the best part was i didnt even buy that shirt.
lol,but i did get myself a black sweat shirt
and i like it very much :D

we then had dinner at some chinese restaurant
it was easy to get in as it was just the two of us
managed to skip past the whole queue ahead of us :D

after which,we head on down to the Heeren
it was not even 10pm
yet many of the shops were closing already
business ain't that good for them i guess
not even on a weekend

bought a shirt from Culture Coalition
that cost me $40.
but to me
id rather buy a shirt that is costly
and wear it
instead of many cheap shirts that i don't wear..

spent quite alot today
gonna rest now
still have to return back to that sad old place tomorrow morning

Friday, November 26, 2010


recieved a call this morning,
from a 3rd sergeant saying
"eh yaokhuan,wheres the safety driver? how come hes not here yet?"and immediately i called to ask for a replacement
and as expected not a single fucking soul was able to help
in the end they just pointed out a new pioneer to cover safety
and when i called the one that was supposed to do
he told me he forgot about it.

then the lieutenant called
asking the same bloody question
"does the driver knows hes supposed to come down??where is he?"
the PT starts at 8am,
and it was already 8:15am

just when i thought everything was over
at 10am i recieved a call from the lieutenant
"whats the name of the driver that was supposed to be down?"
"as the OIC(overall in charge) shouldn't you ensure that this kinda thing doesn't happen?"
"whats his name?"
"you and him come and see me in my office on monday,if not i will report this matter to your superior"

im so fucking pissed off right now
what the fuck am i?
some babysitter for a whole group thats even older than me??
what the fuck,how old are we already?!
im sure they're old enough to take responsibility of themselves
my mom was sick the previous day,
so i spent my whole day helping out at the stall
and what,
you expect me to call every single fucking soul
ensure that they know what they have to do the next day
if not they will have not a fucking idea what they're duty is??
we've been doing this every single day of our lives for more than a year now!
and the saddest part is,
i always thought well of this lieutenant
i thought he was a nice guy
well not anymore.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

dragon :D

wah spent the whole of yesterday in camp sketching out a dragon
just had the sudden urge of drawing one cause i lost my previous dragon pic that i was working on...

dunno where i chucked it :(

aniway the one im working on currently
is already halfway there!
and i think it looks better than my previous one :D

*click to view large*
oh oh gonna attempt to do a watercolour painting too
haha :D
im in the mood for art :)
but first,gonna go for a run!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hello Stranger-thai movie

im so gonna watch this :D

Monday, November 22, 2010


went for my daily jog this morning
and decided to take a new route,
instead of within pasir ris park,
i ran towards my camp,selerang camp.
and by the time i made it all the way there,
i was so so soo exhausted!
there were quite a number of slopes i had to overcome
and the worst was the overhead bridge,
after reaching to the top
i just called it a day
and walked all the way back home
didnt wanna push myself too hard.

the sun was out,
great for a tan
i need one

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Hey if ure reading this right now,
just wanna say
im sorry for what happened today
should've listened to your advice
and i promise it wont ever happen again..

sunday morning :)

Inchua & Nathan Hartono

we may be small but we sure have talents!
go Singapore!! :)

haha went to library with my friend
wanted to borrow some books
i have a fine that was long overdue
and i mean really long
haha the book was called "nezha"
LOL,i think it was borrowed when i was in primary school!
and guess what,
the fine for losing the book and the processing fee
altogether adds up to $37.50!!
as painful as it was,
i decided to pay up the fines
as i'd have to do it sooner or later
hahaha dumb book!
argh my money...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


i used to catch a few episodes of naruto here and there
thus couldn't really figure out what was going on
so..i started watching Naruto,
from episode 1!
skipped some unimportant parts though
im now on episode 41 already,
some scenes made me cry
haha can't help it

and my favourite character is no doubt sasuke
hes just too cool

and i can breathe much easier now
after a long rest yesterday

yay :D

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

sad sad situation

went to selerang medical centre to see the MO
due to my difficulty in breathing
man,so many tests had to be done
had to take ECG,which the medic tried several times to get a reading..
then the best part was,
the Medical Officer (the same guy that saw me for my sore throat)
used a stethoscope to hear my breathing,
when i was wearing TWO layers of clothes(my uniform and inner shirt)
woah..is that possible?
and after that,he told me that im fine
the readings were normal and he didnt detect anything wrong..
and dismissed it as "probably due to the haze"

its sad to see people like him that are
probably gonna be doctors in the near future..
they have no concern over people's health and well-being..
its just real sad..

but then again,
thats just SAF for you
nothing's gonna change,
not now,
not ever.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


hahaha i havent laughed this hard for a longg time

aniw.been having some breathing difficulties recently..
wonder whats wrong...
have to take deep breaths quite often..
kinda worried :(
hope it doesn't get any worse..

"we will never remember things people did for us,
only the things they did to us."

Saturday, November 13, 2010


i cant believe i slept till 4pm today
what a nice weather,its against heaven's will if i didnt sleep in
went for a jog before the sky turned super dark and gloomy


Friday, November 12, 2010

yay (:

haha project lose weight seems to be working..
i've been jogging at least 4KM daily
and watching my diet closely
so far ive dropped by around 3kg..

gonna keep working on it
:D :D :D :D

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

just another day in camp

its 9:11pm,says the computer
doing supposedly my last guard duty
(unless someone decides to pull stunts and take MC)
ain't that bad actually
just sitting in an air-conditioned room
opening gates for regulars that just dont appreciate it

sometimes i wonder why are we even cleaning up the commander's mess
aren't they old enough to wash their own utensils and clear their ash trays?
its not like we recieve our monthly pay from them..
yet we're treated like their servants.
worst of all is that we(corporal and below) are banned from using the facilities,and yet we've to clean them every single day.haha
something's obviously wrong here don't you think?
oh wells

its 1month away from my ORD date
yet i don't feel the excitement that i know im supposed to
i wonder why...
maybe because school starts next year august?

oh but i am looking forwards to doing some paintings of my own
had a chance to chat with an artist yesterday
his works are amazing,really inspiring
suddenly had this urge to do works of my own
paintings i can be proud of :)

but for now,im still stuck in NS
my only drive i have currently is to keep exercising
to lose all that weight ive gained the past few months
i want to enter NTU next year,looking good
i want to celebrate my 21st birthday,looking good
i want to take photos,looking good

maybe its me seeing too many good looking people
that it makes me feel that if i just worked hard enough
i should be able to look just as handsome.

and holding on to that little hope of mine
i shall work towards it!
i can't afford to give up
i won't!

Monday, November 8, 2010


woots went to vivocity today
bought myself a jacket from Cotton On
haha i think its nice :D
havent been shopping for clothes for quite some time
looking for black round neck long sleeved shirt.
wonder where can i get one.

went to watch Megamind too
it was a light hearted movie
haha i enjoyed it :D

me in my new jacket :)

urgh damn tired now
gonna go rest already
on leave tomorrow :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

OIC portrait drawing

Just came back from OIC portrait drawing at Red Dot Museum
went with eleen,sakina and martin joined us too!
haha there were so many other artists/illustrators around
we all crowded around the model
and were given 20minutes to complete their portraits
haha it was so difficult!
wasn't used to painting and drawing in such a short time
haha it was darn challenging!

after the 20minutes,
all of us had our works on display,
from there,the model get to choose which picture they liked
and see if they were willing to buy for $10 each!

at the end of the whole event,
i managed to sell 3 out of 5 drawings,thats $30 :D
hahaha its nice to know people appreciates your artwork,
the satisfaction is there.
wasnt expecting to sell anything at all
so it came as a huge surprise :D

eleen,sakina and myself modelled too
haha and it wasnt easy to stay in that position!
kept wanting to laugh out loud haha
and i could feel myself blushing
heres the one i bought!

drawn by:ken lee
so pro...
i like how he made me look so handsome

heres another one done by a different artist

damn cute :)

all in all,
it was really an awesome day :D
maybe id go for the next one

Friday, November 5, 2010


today,i shall start on another artwork.

OIC PORTRAIT DAY, 6th November 2010, 2 TO 7PM

OIC PORTRAIT DAY, 6th November 2010, 2 TO 7PM
On-line registration open NOW !!
Hi Artists and Sitters- Book your OIC Portrait session now! Please spread the word! Get drawn and join in the drawing with us!

Sitters/ Models/ Posers!
Email us which slots you want – reserve early via email “info [at] oicsingapore.com” subject: “Sitters/ Models/ Posers for Portrait Day”.
Posing is FREE, each artwork is S$10 available for purchase- all proceeds goes to the artists.

Polish your drawing skills & catch up with your OIC buddies at the same time. Everyone gets 20 minutes to draw the “patron/ sitter” at the same time.
You get $10 for each drawing sold .
Make it PLAYFUL and COLOURFUL, all skill levels welcomed.
OIC Portrait Day is about artists having fun and experimenting with new ways to capture an interesting image and making new friends.
You don’t have to be an OIC member to take part
but you have to register and please read the FAQ.

Come and draw, make friends and spread good drawing vibes.
Artists Registration Fee is S$10/-
*Posting your work for view & sale (compulsory ) is a sign of appreciation to the patron/sitter/ poser .

REGISTERATION : http://www.oicsingapore.com/event-rsvp.php?id=23

i'll be there :D

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


fell down while running on tuesday...
stupid cemented pavement..
stupid me..

its been a long time since i last fell down..
so long that i couldn't remember when
but there was lotsa blood
and i find it kinda amusing
cos i was watching vampire diaries on my friend's video player
the first thing that came to my mind was
woah imagine a vampire comes out all of a sudden
from the bushes
hahaha i would love to be a vampire.
not the kind in twilight,
but the ones in vampire diaries,
they're wayyy cooler :)