Saturday, June 28, 2008

saturday 28th june

went jogging ytd night,hadnt been moving much since the hols.
at first when i started to jog,my chest hurt a little,but as i continued the pain faded away.oh wells..

rested for the entire day today.
didnt study much,feeling damn guilty now..
have to get the photos from benjamin asap
have to start on art for mid yrs.
im screwed la.
watched lord of the rings on TV
so amazing :)
having diarrhoea today
kinda stuck in a bad mood.

my blog is all about my personal life.kinda boring aint it?.hahaha

This is how it works
You're young until you're not
You love until you don't
You try until you can't
You laugh until you cry
You cry until you laugh
And everyone must breathe
Until their dying breath

-on the radio 'regina skeptor'

Friday, June 27, 2008

june 27

was doing maths in library today morning.
kenneth came to join me
we started chatting abt everything.
and mr ng came to remind me to study,not chat
maths paper 2,quite okay...just some parts kinda wasted.ah!
two more papers left.

suppose to get photos from benjamin,but he was at town.

haha when i got home,saw this coconut in the fridge,so i took it out,took a big fat butcher's knife,and started hacking it.

and of course it tasted nice,my own effort placed into it :D

played a game of DOTA with t.e.d.d.y
haha ended quite early.cos the opponent team was really lousy..

im super happy today for some reason.
even i don't noe why.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

24 june

went to sch at 9am..went to eat breakfast at sch canteen.
miss poh(econs teacher) and mr ng(geog teacher) said hi to me
,what a bad place to be doing last minute revision.
learnt my i went to library
after a while,dina saw me and said hi,then i went to join them further inside to cram for geog.
benjamin came to library study too.
charged my handphone in the

k..geog paper sucked big time.
tmr is ART theory la...

some stuff im saving up for
(laptop,watch,branded vest+shirt+jeans,wig)
i want get a wig..cos i hate my sucks
plus our sch dont let us keep hair long and going army next yr

i want something like this,but black in colour..
anybody knows where to get one?..

today is thaddeus's death anniversary.i feel like everyone has grown alot after that incident..well i learnt to cherish my friends even more now..but then my friends don't appreciate it.but nevertheless i still love them.

Monday, June 23, 2008

monday june 23

june 23,happy birthday chantal.

woot.first day of 3rd term.
aniw.maths paper 1 was today
the questions were quite manageable,IF ONLY I HAD MORE TIME?!@#
the thing is i knew how to do them,but it required alot of time to think.DAMMIT.
aniw its over.maths paper 2 on fri...

today morning.took 81 to sch,then while i was on my way,i saw this dead crow.

so when it was assembly,i asked my friend.
"if a crow signifies a bad omen,what does a dead crow means then?"
my friend replied "erm super bad luck?"

then after awhile we both thought..
"hmm maybe it means the death of bad luck,which means something good!"
yep,we are such optimistic people :D

im mastering the art of camwhore.its a deep skill that requires profound knowledge of the camera,your face,and the perfect angle.

was watching jurassic park 2 ytd,sunday prime movie.
i love it.

tmr is physical GEOG paper!
went to get some art photos developed.
now back to studying.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

all the best

just want to say to all my friends out there who are having their mid years just like me...


dont stress kae. its just mid years,so don't get stressed out by it.even though i am.

oh wells
come what may
God bless =D

Saturday, June 21, 2008


how i 'handle' stress

when im stressed,i use distracts me.
and usually works most of the time..
blogging is a way which i pour out all my personal emotions.hoping that someone would share my thoughts if not just listening to what i have to say..
it often turns out making my blog seems very 'emo' and suicidal,but thats just how i felt..

there are also times where im seriously troubled,
and prayers always help to release some of the tension in my head..

but there are times,where i feel very very depressed.
i'll just shut my room door and cry it all out.
i'm a very sensitive boy,i'm aware of that,but i don't think its a weakness,
i feel that it's just me and its how i cope.
i don't have to be like those 'manly man' and abide by 'boys dont cry'.
i don't believe that one should hold back their tears and keep it all inside
i feel that if one has to vent it out,so be it.
so if a friend of mine needs someone to listen,i'll definitely be glad to lend them a shoulder to cry on.

even still,
though i agree that crying isnt something shameful,but overdoing it can be rather bothersome.
im aware of that. very stressed out right now,but i laugh more when im stressed.coping mechanism i guess..btw i just realised that i bathed 4 times within 6 hours today..don't ask me why..i kinda forgot that i bathed,and went to bathe again..lmao

i love this fella.

'elmo loves to smoke,elmo hearts lung cancer'

some reminiscing of the past..

oh wells.come what may

Friday, June 20, 2008

you're in that world,one which i'm not allowed to enter

I kept forgetting where i stand
stepping across your line
then i stop and think
before i take a step back again

i realised that you are too far
too far ahead of me
even though we are right next to each other

fate,let me met you
you were part of the happiest and saddest moments of my life.
i've cried in agony,hated you for your actions
yet,laughed and smiled without a single hesitation
for the worst thing you could ever do to hurt me
is by trying not to hurt me

i wondered why did you even set my world into motion
why were you even part of my life
im glad you were

now,you're in that world
one which i'm not allowed to enter

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

went for a jog just now..
health really deteriorating..
i think i put on weight during the hols
got to lose it off..bah.
very moody right now..super depressed..

got to watch what i eat from now on..

Monday, June 16, 2008

NS medical checkup

went for NS medical checkup with joseph today

1) went for phototaking
2) urine test,but no skipped it first.
3) blood test,i didn't realise that the needle was in already..
4)sound test
5) check teeth,nth wrong with mine.
6) chest X ray.
7) urine came,nth wrong with my pee.
8) medical checkup,went in,got a locker. stripped down to pants.
then had ECG which took 6 minutes plus cos my heartbeat rate too fast,100+ per minute..
went over to height and weight station,i think im overweight.and my blood pressure too high too..
then after which went into a room where had to pull pants and underwear down,to check puberty stage.
i then got this letter saying Pes D(temporarily unfit for grading and pending further review), asking me to come back for another RP+ECG checkup..
9)VAC took over 2 hours..never ending questions..very annoying..

finally got to go damn worried about my heartbeat and blood pressure..
very very worried..
daddy even though i don't say it out.

I LOVE YOU.happy father's day

Friday, June 13, 2008

friday the 13th

Yakult and Vitagen.

which do you prefer?

ingredients: Sucrose,Dried Skim Milk,Glucose,Fructose,Flavouring,Permitted Colouring,L.casei strain shirota (wtf is that?)
Manufactured by: Yakult (Singapore) pte ltd,no.7 senoko ave,singapore 758300

Vitagen: LESS SUGAR cultured milk drink, 125ml
ingredients: dietary fibre(prebiotics),fructose,milk solids,apple juice concentrate,sucrose,glucose,permitted stabilizers,permitted colouring,permitted flavouring,lactobacillus culture (prebiotics)
Manufactured by: Malaysia Dairy industries pte ltd,2 davidson rd,singapore 369941

honestly, i hate vitagen. i think it taste really yucky.have no idea why my mom actually ordered it to be delivered to our hse..

yakult is so much nicer...and whats the point of being less sugar..
its so not useful in promoting itself...

i really cannot tell the difference between the two.
yakult and vitagen..econs would say variety in goods?
geez..are they from the same producer?does anyone noes?

if you ask me to choose...

aniw,went to get usual.

and after

oh and smth random..i was staring at something in my room
then i thought of this super SUPER lame joke...ok here goes..

:what is the smartest dinosaur?

ans: thesaurus

i have no idea why did i even thought of something so lame..well it cracked me up for awhile.reminds me of those 'joke books' that i read when i was a little its all about cramming the facts and data into our heads and vomitting them out onto our exam papers.10 days left.and counting..

Thursday, June 12, 2008

bye friendster,bye facebook

Friendster and Facebook has taken up too much of my online time.
and its starting to bother me.

so i just deleted both accounts.

and no its not on impulse.
its just damn boring.
online friends that are linked to you by photos and words.
its meaningless to me now.

yep.don't worry i wont delete my blog
because these memories are too precious to me

tuition at

anther thing is i just realised that many of my friends actually read my blogposts... OH CRAP THIS IS DAMN EMBARASSING.
im quite happy that there are people who uses my blog site as a MP3 player..
haha the songs on my blog are ones that i really like :)

when these memories become meaningless to me..
will you still be there by my side?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

10th june 08

woke up at 6 am..
recieved msg from benjamin,had guessed that he hadn't slept
euro 2008,haha what to expect eh.

went to school at 8:40am,went to sweep the 'dark room' floor,cos it was so bloody messy and dusty,with tape,hair,dust,spotlights lying all over the floor tangled up..
poor spiders who never expected someone to come in and destroy their beautiful homes.

i felt much better after seeing it all tidied up.kinda reminds me of my own messy room.

aniw,weini came over at 10:40am,but ben hasnt reached yet. so gave him a call,he was waiting for the bus. haha he was looking for a reason to cab down,and me calling him helped him make that decision.lmao

aniw,ben soon arrived with his super pro camera
haha i told my juniors to help me tell ppl not to come in,and they taped up the door of the dark room.haha damn cute la they all.

the photoshoot was hilarious,cos weini and ben were taking couple shots for my art coursework,and they kept laughing when they see each other face to face.lmao

benjamin told me to msg jonathan saying that me and him cant make it for the movie at 12:30. and after awhile later,huisin called him to ask if we were watching.
turns out that i sent the message to ben's hp.lmao!

haha aniw
managed to capture quite a few good shots,enough to start on my final for the individual paintings of fire and water.
however still have to think abt the couple shots and calling them back again another time.haha
cant show you guys the photos though..due to some "supernatural forces" LOL.
i will die if i do.HAHAHA

after the photoshoot
ben and i accompanied weini to AMK hub as she had to meet her friends.
from there we took MRT to dohby ghaut and meet up with jonathan and the rest of the cg.
after the cg left,ben and i took bus 16 back to bedok interchange.
benjamin hasnt slept for 2days...he dozed off in less than a min

when i got home,i went to bathe,and i realised that we had a new shower,haha so awesome,cos previously i had to bathe in freezing cold water. now the heater is finally changed.hahaha.and the TV is fixed!

yep thats all for the 10th of june

im freed

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

im freed

come what may.

set me free

Monday, June 9, 2008


recently,ive been having this weird habit..
everytime i eat stuff like snacks and fried food
i will chew chew chew,then suddenly i just stop,and i spit it out into the rubbish bin.
i felt very disgusted by what i was putting into my mouth all of a sudden..and i don't wanna swallow it..

but its like all the potato chips and stuff like that...
is this being bulimic?......geez..

note: i did not induce vomit,thats gross.

monday 09

things are not the same anymore
everybody's changing,and this time, i've felt it

its saddening to see how things change for the worse
how things fall apart

well, thats just part of life i guess
we'll still have to move on

you've taught me a lesson that i'll never forget
and i'll remember it well

Saturday, June 7, 2008

friday june 6

today marks the last day of the second week of the holidays.which we,AEP people spent our time ,from 8am to 7pm daily, to work on our A lvl art coursework.

see what i mean?..

aniw.we went to J8 to have dinner after art.

waited arnd 5 mins to get our seats at pastamania

while waiting for our food to arrive..

well,i was busy eating so didnt take more photos.
after dinner,we bid farewell to kao and ling.
they'll be leaving for thailand on sunday.
hahas,bon voyage

after which,we continued to walk around J8
we were giving retarded comments on everything
there was this cool insects exhibition at the atrium
so awesome.

qixuan loves tarantulas.

her eyes lit up upon seeing the huge spider.
and i saw shawn from cjc.

we went over to the toy section,and suddenly,everything seemed so kinky.
especially the whip toy from INDIANA JONES.
it made a whipping sound,before the theme sound came.
we were laughing like are now so ... amazing.
care bear and stich.LOLOL

went to action city,then bought this mini cat claw or smth.
and again,everything was so porno.
the massaging machines made us imagine.
AEP students..

we spent over 1 hour at the popular bookshop.
qixuan was in love with the stickers,en ci was pissed off at zac effron and bombotic girls. josephine was reminiscing her past.. :)
andrew was stuck at the marvel section.
and sian ru was just-cant-wait-to-get-out .
we left at 9:50pm.i've never spent so long at POPULAR before...

time to mug.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

rainy days.
us loves snails.

need me say more?.

everyone's rushing on their art coursework.
everyone on the race against time
i must work harder.

bad hair days for me.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

trying to rush out my SGC now..
plus just bit my tongue,now its bleeding.fck

Sunday, June 1, 2008

ART models.

on embarking this year's Alvl project,i decided to do on fashion design
heres a list of all the models for my A lvl art fashion design
the guys
#1) Benjamin Tan (Jinhong)
#2) Kao
#3) Brian (Cheowkoon)
#4) Kenneth (hongren)
the girls
#5) Siantzu Casteels
#6) Adlyne (Weini)
#7) Amelia
#8) Qixuan

just wanna thank ALL OF THEM for helping me out
i feel really really blessed =D
And i really thank God for the underserved favour

i will bring glory to your name ,Jesus
i will not let YOU down,

and to also all those who helped me

mood: super motivated ;p