Wednesday, December 24, 2008

merry christmas


just came back from tekong
12 days of NS
i like it there
even though sometimes punishments are rather unbearable
but its still okay

i feel lucky to be located just on the second floor
while other platoons have to climb so many flights of steps
and our sergeants are strict,but really nice and caring

food there is not bad
and in NS everything is so schedueled
time is so precious

we have to wake up at around 5am in order to make it just in time
but it isnt a problem for me
just that some of the people from my platoon are just
dragging us down with them
haha but thats what NS is about anyway
you cant choose who you'd end up with in times of crisis
come what may :)

at night,
there were times where i started to miss everyone
back at home,at school,all my friends

but still,i like NS
it makes me feel like im constantly inproving myself
day by day

oh wells
merry christmas to all
and a happy new year too :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

buh bye!

"i'm leaving on a jet plane~
don't know when i'll be back again.."

i wish ah,i leaving on a ferry boat to

Thursday, December 11, 2008


haha im enlisting Tomorrow!
at 1pm
haha woots!
i think im the only guy in Singapore whos excited about NS

well,ive been stuck to doing art for as long as i can remember
thus im excited about finally excercising...LOL

damn happy today,
i managed to return ALL the stuff i borrowed
then send out ALL the christmas cards i made

then bought some stuff for NS
then last but not least...

haha i totally love it.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


went over to chunann's house for photoshoot today
my last and final model cos im enlisting on FRIDAY
he ended up with a runny nose~sorry

damn happy~
gonna start selecting and compiling all the nice photos of all my models!

to all my models,
you guys are damn awesome!
if you guys need any favour,feel free to ask!
and not forgetting xuyun!
who lent me his pro camera for my photoshoots!

0728 class outing

0728 class outing :D
haha it was at pasir ris park!
damn windy throughout the entire day
hahaha we played card games and 'truth or dare'
and we ended the game with nad and mus doing a 'bollywood dance scene'

*still have many missing photos...from yingxi and szeying's side*

and here are...

the best shot(s) of the day!
a true work of art :')

she made a kiddy slide looked like a roller coaster from hell

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


weini,siantzu and their friends came over to my house ytd for photoshoot
but then.the sky wasn't very cooperative and kept raining non stop
thus we had to cancel the outdoor shots :(
oh wells

alphonsus came after the first group left
at around 3:30pm
and we ended photoshoot at around 7pm! are some of the photos!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

first kiss :)


i suddenly have this urge to make christmas cards for my friends today
hmm,gonna buy materials after the photoshoot


Daddy God,guide me so that i can MAKE DAMN ALOT OF NICE CARDS!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

"let the butterflies cry,let them cry for you
and you just dry your eyes,because the world is wonderful"

Friday, December 5, 2008

dec 5th

7 more models left to photoshoot!
and i have to finish it within 4 days!
more woots!

aniw,im super happy that all my models took the effort to come and help me out
im a sucker for people who are nice
haha THANKS so so much

zeyi came down to pasir ris today
took like over 3 hours of photoshoot.
LOL,longest record yet
despite his busy schedule he still made time for the photoshoot
haha thanks!! :D
and sorry

got some pretty nice photos,
need photoshop to enhance
anyone can tell me where to dl??
thanks :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

prom night

ugh just woke up.

had photoshoot with hellven ytd morning
i actually lost my ticket 2 hours before prom
lucky can get to use IC

prom was at night.hilton hotel
well,the food was boring.
haha but i still ate alot

and the service there was funny,caifeng wanted to change her drink to something else,
but everytime they topped it up before she could finish it.hahahaha

the host for the evening was nt bad,making us do retarded stuff
such as waving our napkins and sing "ali baba"

the prom queen was siantzu!! :D
and king was mao cheng

after that went over to the butter factory
there was such a long queue
i went to ask haikal where to get tix,
then called this guy whom we didnt noe his name
but the tix was sold out
*even black market also runs out of tix*

so i got kinda bored,thus i left the queue and headed home
but on the way i met fahanah and the DB girls
so i joined them and we went to other clubbing areas
we ended up at 'the Arena'
the atmosphere was kinda cool
they had live performances
and a bunch of fake "pussycat dolls"
whom totally c.m.i

oh and i met john tung there too

aniw had a few drinks of orange juice with liquor
and all i rmb was i danced and danced till like 4:30am?

after that we all sat by the river waiting for the first train service
spend too much and didnt wanna cab home.haha

saw SOOOO many post prom partiers at the MRT station

it was my first time clubbing!
feels good to be home :)

and i actually slept until 5:30pm..

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


erm,something sketch i drew cos i couldn't sleep..
haha its very random i know