Sunday, August 29, 2010


went to catch step-up 3D
predictable plot,but AWESOME dance moves!
loved the dance scene with all those lights
can feel my heart beating along
super cool!!
check out this scene from the movie

i wanna watch Resident Evil: Afterlife
haha not a big fan of the sequel but it looks cool :)

well havent been doing much lately,
resting i guess
annoying cough that doesnt seem to go away

oh oh,upcoming events for me
AHM 21km on the 12th of september!!!
haha SUPER not prepared,
but nevertheless,still excited about it :D
i mean,how often do you actually get to run such a long distance in your life?

ooh and im gonna do a photoshoot in middle of september!!
on the 18th
cant wait!
hope everything goes well

plus perhaps the biggest thing im looking forwards to is...
the trip to Phuket,Thailand!!
with my beloved bunkmates

gonna be an awesome month ahead!

OH btw,changed my blog template :)
using photos that i took myself!
plus the drawing which ive yet to complete
(just chucked it aside)
haha but i kinda like the new look
hope you do too :D

Monday, August 16, 2010

Youth Olympic Games

its everywhere.
at the mall
at the bus stop
along the streets
on the walls
on the television
on the radio
on the computer
on that person's tee shirt
in my head

its been quite some time since Singapore managed to clinch the chance to host
the first ever YOG(Youth Olympic Games)
the opening was kinda comical
the part where each country/nation had a representative to bear the flag,
as it was supposed to be a rather glam entrance,
mom and I were laughing our heads off when the flag bearers walked the wrong way,
and the volunteers had to run across the screen to signal them back.
ouh but the olympic torch part was nice :D
the dragon boaters and the spiralling flame tower
All in all,
YOG made me feel proud to be a Singaporean :)

(i do not own this image)

watched the gymnastic competitors in the afternoon..
so much potential..
God is fair,at least they cant draw as well as i can
but still...theyre awesome

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve...BORING!!

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve...
took me around 1hour40mins to get there...
and all that steep slopes up and up and up
was kinda disappointed.
nothing much to see there...
everything is green.
and leaves.
and plants.
not a single sign of flora.
Pulau Ubin was much better haha

my verdict?
DONT go there unless u wanna sweat like mad
and you've really nothing better to do.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

camwhore with DSLR = photoshoot

the flu virus seems to be making a statement in my camp
so many people falling ill..
maybe the weather?
the busy schedule?
the sleepless nights?
the unhealthy food at cookhouse?
the bunk conditions?
I guess its a little of everything.

manpower is so limited
ended up having to endure flu and fever in camp
popping panadol and trying to get some rest
sweating profusely the whole day..
glad its all over
still coughing though,
gotta watch what i eat.

havent been able to go for run or physical activities.
didnt wanna choke on my own phlegm,not cool.
maybe tmr morning,id go for a jog

haha guess what ive been up to today?

i was very bored and thus i decided to do a photoshoot of myself,
with my DSLR,and the technical skills my friend imparted to me.
haha,its much harder than i thought.
oh wells.

"Lets go all the way tonight.No regrets,just love"

Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9th

Went to catch the movie 'Salt'
starring Angelina Jolie

the show was not bad
it was non-stop action
and cool moves throughout the whole movie,
didnt bore me at all :D
would give it 3.5/5 for rating :D
worth watching id say

after which we walked down to CBD area
to do some photography,
yep brought along my beloved camera
which until now im still not used to it.
what a noob.
i think ive improved! :)
thanks to my pro friend

heres the pics for today!

before we knew it,it started to get dark
indicating that the fireworks display was about to begin

unfortunately,we sat at a place where there wasn't a clear view of the fireworks
most of it were blocked by the tall office buildings in the area.
haha oh wells

we waited since we were already there.
wasn't really disappointed though,
haha maybe cause ive seen fireworks that were more extravagant than this.

all in all,
the movie was good,
the weather sucked.
the view sucked.
the crowd sucked.

it was a cool experience :)
gonna have another attempt at fireworks during the New Year Celebrations!

gonna be busy busy busy this coming weekend!!

cya soon!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

august august...when will you ever end?

things aren't looking so well..
month of august was a rather sucky one for me
army life is getting really boring
and rather draggy
and August is the busiest month of the year,
with YOG and NDP and F1 coming up.
loads of time gonna be burnt.
hope everything goes well
then we'd be able to hand over our shit to the next batch of pioneers. november?

december 11th,2010
thats my ORD date..
we've been through such a long time
and honestly speaking
im glad that i made it this far
thanks to my bunkmates
and sheer luck.

Life's good in my unit
compared to others
i should count myself lucky
that i have a good life in NS.
what are the chances of landing in a camp
near your house
and having a driver vocation
despite being combat fit.
guess i should really count my blessings :)

aniw,feeling kinda lonely on a saturday night
went for a jog in the park,
saw groups of people enjoying themselves,
couples sitting by the benches,
kids playing with sparklers...
and there i was,
all alone.

shant brood over it.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"hello,I doubt you'd read this.
but I hope you're doing fine."

Sunday, August 1, 2010


k no more junk food and instant noodles!
say hi to oatmeal breakfast

of course im not gonna torture myself
with totally plain and yucky oatmeal
thus i added in some
Whole Grain Cereal
with raisins,dates & pecans! :D

gonna be a super busy month!!