Thursday, December 30, 2010

rain rain go away..

kept raining and raining these days
ended up catching a cold and fever :(
felt really lethargic and bloblike,
like one piece of useless crap that can't do anything but eat and shit.

after a few days of rest,finally got better :)
gotta get a job.
need cash!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


today's the first time ive had a haircut at a salon!
normally i'd just go to the barber
and have a $7.90 haircut
but this time,
its different
its $12!! :p

i was dubious at first,
but at the end of the haircut
i was very happy with the results :D
this was before,

and after
haha kept the fringe
cause it takes damn long to grow

its christmas eve tomorrow!
haha and ive got plans :D
yay not a lonely christmas afterall!!

we're moving~

haha my hair is like shit now
im trying to grow my hair longer,
i dunno how i'll look like
but i really wanna try :)
since i ORD already
but then,
right now my hair is neither here nor there
really thick mess whenever i dont wax it down
real tempted to cut it short XD

aniw,dad's stall at changi airport is closing next tuesday,28thdec
not gonna work there already,after 10 long years
to be honest,our stall's quite well known
especially for its grilled salmon :)
do give it a try!
Terminal 1 staff canteen,basement 1
open till next tuesday,then we'd be moving out :)

heres mom at the stall
(she'd scream if she knew i took a photo of her hahaha)

and here's what our stall offers

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

i feel so..empty

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Create your own snowflake!

oh wow this is damn cool
hahaha i've got to share this
Need a Snow Day?
as you know,every single snowflake is unique
being singapore,you'd probably never get to see snow
cause if you do,its the end of the world.
with this website,
you can create your own snowflake
haha try it :)


heres mine :D

haha just something to do to kill time :p

Monday, December 13, 2010

Seeing Pink

our last day in 36SCE
felt AWESOME to finally leave that place
so sick and tired of it!
we should get an award for putting up with them
those stinking shit
even on our last day they still boss us around,
clean this clean that
when we first came,the bunk was in a HUGE MESS
and we had to clean up ourselves
bah shan't brood over it

after we got our pink IC,
it was BBQ time at seletar gardens!

all of us split up the work
from cleaning of the grills
to setting up the fire
it didnt take long before we could start barbequeing

didnt really chat much,
as didn't felt really comfortable with people that i don't know well
and don't get along well with..
or maybe i was just tired.
wasn't feeling the whole ORD atmosphere
but yeah,it was nice
not fantastic,but nice :)

after the barbeque,
George drove us back home!!
was so tired already
thinking about taking a bus back was sooo depressing!
haha what a pleasant surprise!
thanks george :)

picture of the day

goes to leonard!!

"this is not goodbye"

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

cheesy 8

went to pizza hut with the cheese lover,nuh,yesterday
finally we sat down and ordered ourselves a christmas special
it wasnt just THE cheesy7(as advertised on TV)
but it was cheesy7 with turkey bacon!
and that wasnt enough
we emptied 3/4 of the shredded cheese onto our pizza

ahhh cheese haven~
it was NICE!
been a long time since i had pizza :)

in the blink of an eye
..its the time of the year again
everyone's busy getting presents for one another..
everyone's in the festive mood
but for people who don't celebrate christmas..
its kinda sad
looking at all the christmas decorations
vomitted all over the streets and shopping malls
feels like im the Grinch who hates christmas
and hates little children running around opening their presents
with smiles on their faces..
haha okkkay maybe i dont hate it
but i just dont feel it,you know?

would really like to go out with my "friends"
but when i come to think of it,
they all have their own group of friends that they hang out with
and im just not here nor there..

ah but its alright
cos i know my family loves me
thats all i need.

who am i kidding..

Sunday, December 5, 2010

OIC portrait day/battle of the immortals

ahh went for OIC portrait day yesterday!
it wasn't as happening as the previous one
probably due to the rain :(
but nevertheless,we still had fun!
haha and i managed to sell 3 of my drawings! thats $30!
it was challenging to draw someone properly in 20minutes..
haha i end up drawing them like cartoon characters

this one below was bought :D

and some not sold :)

(photo taken from

but its awesome to see the customers smiling from viewing our works
its something money can't buy
people buying your works is like an icing on the cake
what matters most is the experience gained

oh oh,
just downloaded a new game yesterday
its called Battle of the Immortals
its a MMORPG game,
really cool graphics
haha i always liked games like these
the last one i fell in love with was muonlinebut too bad the game got kinda screwed up with the pay-to-play part..

shall upload more pics next time!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


ahh..i went to the library today
borrowed a few books
3 of which was about watercolour
and 1 of them was on human anatomy
makes me wanna do figure studies
sketches of postures and stuff
something im not that good at..
gonna improve myself!

gonna do more paintings now that im free of army life
gotta catch up and make up for the two years that i lagged behind!

what the?

okay i was looking around deviantart to look at other people's works
saw some very amazing artworks
and then,
i happen to spot a drawing that looked awfully familiar...
haha it happens to be the katy perry drawing i did some time back
he photoshopped in some details and tilted the photo..
plus he erased my signature...
original drawing

copied work

okay i do feel kinda honoured that someone "stole" my artwork
BUT erasing my signature then calling it his own art
is just...
what the?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


oh wee,
i just spent $80 on a pair of dumbells.
the cashier gave me 3 layers of plastic bag
haha i almost died carrying it home!
gonna make full use of it
time to work out those weak arms of mine
the embarassing thing is..
its just 6kg per dumbell.