Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day!!! @ the ZOO :D

Its christmas,and i wanted to go out
thus i dragged my friend out to go with me to the ZOO

upon arrival,we were shocked to see the long queue
waited for at least half and hour before buying our tickets.

shall let the pics do the talking :D

many many more pics on facebook
saw all the animals in the zoo,
some were just lazing around or hiding cos of the humid and hot weather,
shall visit night safari next time round

was feeling hungry,thus we decided to eat at Seoul Garden~
damn expensive.LOL.
the beef and teriyaki chicken was nice!
had quite a mouthful

my very first ice kachang that i made!!

went to catch a movie after eating cos it was still early
damn smart movie
haha :D

cinammon cookies

Honey cornflakes

All in all,had a great christmas day!
wish everyone a merry christmas and a blessed 2010!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas card :D

Decided to make a christmas card for my dear friend :D
took out my watercolour and masking fluid
then applied on areas i wanted to be kept white and clean

wait for it to dry completely before peeling off the masking fluid
and u'll get something like this

after which i proceed with the front
where i used computer fonts,same as the reindeers,i applied masking fluid on the areas i wanted to be kept clean

i then painted in the background with presents and stuff
and finally its done! :D

Merry christmas everyone!

Monday, December 21, 2009

happy birthday dad :D

Frozen Citadel...
santa claus's crib.

oh christmas is around the corner
but i dont really celebrate christmas
too lazy to do any christmas cards either..
NS making me bored of life.

my dad's birthday today
bought Black Forest cake from four leaves
its was nice :D
right amount of sweetness
soft chocolate cake with cream
topped with black cherries
lovely :D

had a rather relaxing day today
hanging out at changi airport

Happy birthday dad~!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


ohhh kay
went to watch AVATAR at downtown east cathay
bought the 3D version.
and the verdict is...

5/5 stars
(other than the predictable outcome as most hollywood movies goes)
super nice :D
love all the nature and stuff
real exciting to see such fantasy creatures in 3D
haha was like waving my hands in excitement.

so awesome!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

stupid fat security guard

was about to go take photos at pasir ris park after buying my printer ink
thus i had my camera slung around my neck
as i walked into white sands mall
a security guard noticed me and followed me
i didnt realise until i went into an electronics store,
he confronted me and said
"why are u taking photos in the mall?
there was a report that someone was taking photos in the mall
so it MUST be you
"*looks at my camera*

thus i showed him my photos and i didn't even take a single shit yet
then he carried on saying
"you know you cannot take photos here in the mall"

okay first thing,i was carrying a camera thus i am the culprit,getting accused agitates me more than anything else

second thing,what the fuck is there in that stupid mall i'd want to take

third thing,i've been living in pasir ris for goddamn my whole life,so tell me whats new to me that i have to use my fucking camera to take photos of?

and lastly,fuck you stupid fat shit security guard,have fats chocked up the nerves linking to ur brains?? that thats outta my head
haha gotta brush up my technical skills
in order to improve my photography!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Was crossing an overhead bridge
then i saw my bus arriving
i was too late
but then i thought
it ain't that bad
i shall do something different today

thus i decided to walk home instead
the scorching sun hid itself behind those fluffy candy floss up above..
the wind grew stronger and it was very very relaxing :)
on my way i happen to notice this moniter lizard
it had something between its teeth
i think its a rat.
saw the lizard pull it out from that pipe..
can see can see?

nature in action

it was a beautiful day
if only i could learn to look on the bright side more often

"hey hey,im glad i met you :)"

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


you've just lost all the respect i have for you
thanks,just thanks for ruining everything
no idea how much i hate you right now.

photoshoot : Hao Wei

monday 14th december~

it was noon,
went to meet Hao Wei at pasir ris mrt
then went to my place,where i made a "photoshoot studio" out of my own room

cool right??
i spent a long time setting it up kae
took me an hour

the entire photoshoot process took 5 hours!
both of us were damn tired
plus the room super stuffy

for the rest of the pics
go to:

thanks Hao Wei!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

not today

went to help out at my dad's in the afternoon
then took train to bugis in search of materials for my photoshoot
walked all around the textile centre to look for fabric shops
cheap ones
but they were all closed!
not even a single shop in the whole bulding was open

but we didn't stop there
took a cab down to plaza singapura
and went to get fabrics at SPOTLIGHT
woots got the fabric i needed
but expensive man

and and,there was this roll of fur,which had jaguar preens on it
haha couldn't resist and was determined to bring it home
1 metre of that cloth cost $34~!
thus i only bought half of it
hahaha half the price~
also bought 4m of black cloth! hehe
spent quite alot today
haha but for the photoshoot!

not entirely meaningless stuff i bought~

"not today~"

saturday dec 12

went to catch the movie 2012 at orchard cineleisure!
finally,after so many failed attempts to persuade my bunkmates to watch it with me

it was a NICE movie
some part were rather touching
and the scene that left a lasting impression was when
the russian guy went "engine start" in a deep husky voice
to activate his expensive voice activated car
totally didn't saw that coming

quite depressing movie i must say
cos id probably be one of the many billions of people that gets flushed away
or trampled to death by my fellow kiasu singaporeans?

aniw,took a pic with santarina at orchard cineleisure
dunno when will it be

oh oh
orchard central's rooftop is open already
*i know im slow*
but yeah,its super awesome
should try taking those scary escalators that goes up so slowly and its such a scary sight to look behind
but once uve reached the 11th floor
u are already at the rooftop
splendid view of the city up there
awesome stuff

went around looking at shops that were newly opened
hmm,had a fun time trying to pronounce those high end brand names
didn't bought anything though,thought they were really expensive

we then hang around at clarke quay and fort canning park
and chatted till around 2am!
night rider bus took freaking long,
reached home only at 3:40am

Friday, December 11, 2009

gonna be rather busy yet slack week ahead
no NS for the whole week
cos im on leave!
but lotsa photoshoot to do
gotta buy some stuff on sunday
and help out at my dad's stall
T1 changi airport staff canteen!
hahaha gonna be an awesome week:)

"oooo~we'll be in town~there won't be any beach around"

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Angel of Death

yay just finished one drawing yesterday
started in the morning 10am and finished it at around 10pm?

click to view large

Angel of Death

done in mechanical pencil 4B

don't you think it looks like the Alien in the movie 'Alien vs predator'?
well thats what most of my friends thought so
wasn't my intention though
oh wells

haha was playing with my webcam.

eh i need some MMORPG game to play
super bored of warcraft (dota)

maybe i shud get L4D 2 hmmmmmm

"hello hello
i really really really like you.
and im missing you.
thanks to you
i know how to pronounce