Thursday, October 30, 2008


A Levels started!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

october 29

had horfun for lunch :D

really nice
NYJC's western kingdom should just sell horfun..
their western food really CMI

should try this meiji strawberry thingy.LOL.
its nice. addictive. but really expensive.

haha decided to give it a try :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

pikachu :)

ariel showed me this video on youtube
dunno if uve watched it or not.

if u did
watch it again.

spend the day at shaw house mugging
jarett left us at 1:30pm
thus two people take up the whole table
then came along this bitchy auntie with her little daughter who were finding for seats,
they walked past us and commented "so selfish~"
hellven heard it,
but we bear with it.
THEN that thick face auntie came back to our table and asked if anyone sitting
and if they could sit,wtf?
then after awhile she found another table.
haha i think we were damn close to scolding her vulgar.

damn cute baby.LOL.
cheered us up after that fucktard auntie left.

there was this kid from shanghai
who was 6yrs old
but he was very clever.
very very smart little fella
hellven was entertaining the little kid.
lol,and he kept asking questions.
turns out that he can draw quite well too!

haha really smart kid.
and knowledgeable too
he came to singapore for 3days only
and he knows how to speak basic english
when he didnt learn it before

hellven is photogenic LOL
(inside joke)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

friday oct24

went to shaw house to meet hellven today
was busy reading my geog notes
they always have sales at the 3rd floor
i went to take a look
hugo boss.
the orginal price $389,after discount $189
then i was ex.
maybe when i earn my own money then i will buy one
but for now,$30 shirts are suitable for me :)

ah we kept chatting for like damn long
shit man.supposed to be studying
helped hellven with his art prep layouts.
haha my first 'art student'

on the train there was this group of caucasians
haha one of them too tall thus kept knocking his head against the mrt door
they were so merry
and were quite funny too
only both of us on the mrt seemed to be amused

the rest of the singaporeans on board.
looked like they wanted to kill them using their eyes..

Friday, October 24, 2008

brideshead revisited

my first time watching preview movie..
i liked it :)

haha aniw,
seems like many people already got posted to places already for NS..
and they've recieved letters telling them when they're enlisted..
and all i got was a 'NAVY NEWS' magazine..wth
when will the letter arrive..??

btw,heard some stuff from amelia's blog
haha i find it so funny,
yeah when u're not the gossip topic,
its entertaining.
seems similiar to edison chen's case.lolol
all i can say is...
"raging hormones"

Thursday, October 23, 2008

october 22nd

studied in art room for the whole morning till afternoon

after which went to changi airport with HR,
the people on the bus were undescribably noisy.
i tried to sleep on the bus,
and apparently their laughter was so loud
that it entered my dreams

we went to popeye's to eat
the food there was not bad
the first time i came here was last year,
and it was closed then.
so didnt get to try it
their mashed potato is damn damn DAMN nice!

while we were mugging,there was this brother,sister and mother sitting next to us
and the brother was around our age,if not older
he was damn rude!
the way he talked to his mother was like Sh!t
the sister was like his accomplice.
poor mother..dunno how she even put up with it

when art meets music,
u get amazing artistes
like bjork

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

october 22nd

todays the 22nd of october
my first paper is on the 3rd of november
that means..
there is 12 more days left till A levels

went to school for consultation
then went back at arnd 4pm
after which bought bdae cake
and went out again to meet huirong
we went changi airport to mug abit more..

will be going to changi airport again later on..


celebrated mum's birthday
two days unfilial we are!

felt really stressed out yesterday
and said things which were quite hurtful
im sorry kae..
really sorry

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


i feel that love is just like energy,
it can neither be created nor destroyed
it just changes its forms

when you're in love,
it gets stronger
as more energy from you is converted into the relationship
and the moment that bond breaks,
it will turn into hate
equally intense

so many songs,poems,novels,movies written about love
people finding what true love is
some getting it
some doesnt
some losing their lives
in the name of love

i guess im just one of them
what it means
to love,and be loved in return

Monday, October 20, 2008

my little expedition

went school in the morning.

found a classroom
took out my notes..
then J1 teacher came in,
said he needed to use the classroom for lesson
so i left

settled down at atrium,started reading notes
then it started to rain,how cooling i thought
then once rain ended,it got so hot and humid

thus i went to art room,
"ahh..air con" i thought
then miss hew came out and said shes locking up art room

so.went to find a classroom with Xuli
sarah choo and lucie joined us too
"finally" i thought
but no,chess club students came and had to use the room!

so in the end.we went up to fifth floor
and shared a classroom with one student working on his PW..
the temperature of the air con was 18degrees..
i was freezing in
wonder why that student didnt felt cold at all!

oh wells.
lesson learnt: just bring uniform and camp in the library.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


you actually believed that Pikachus came from eggs? how naive

Saturday, October 18, 2008

saturday october 18th

felt really dumb today.
cannot believe that i actually took it for real.

BUT (yes there's a but)
i felt much better after that..
hahas happy

at white sands,
i felt bored..
so i went into bossini
bought myself a shirt!

stickers drawn by..
deborah, lee yen, yinxue, qixuan, enci, jo, me.. and whoever i missed out?
some of them were given away. hahas.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


haha check out what my dad bought for us
yea,mini apples.

i brought three to school today
ate one for breakfast
gave the other two to my friends :D

haha these apples made me very happy.
simple things like these make me happy.

is this what it feels like to be in love?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


being 18 isnt as easy as i thought
this year was really hectic
and i've never been through so many different emotions before
but i know theres more to come,this isnt the end.

being 18 means that parents no longer have to hide their troubles from you
you are expected to be old enough to accept the reality
reality that you parents aren't exactly happy with each other

throughout these years,
there has been many occasions,where conflict arise
walls can't seem to shut the voices,
i drowned myself in pillows,
escaping reality,
hoping tomorrow would be a better day
and that nothing happened at all

ive come to realise
thats just life
painful as it is,
its reality and that is what i have to face
i cant keep hiding from myself.

its tiring,
and i've came to a decision,
yes,i've made a decision on my own
and i'm gonna follow through
come what may

ok i feel kinda sad today
i have to admit.

let the drummer kick - citizen cope

love the beat of this song
dinner was cool.
relatives from holland came to stay at our house
and we went out for dinner,which means nice food :D
WHICH means,happy me.LOL

hmm just a few days ago
tried to prepare my own breakfast.
damn proud of myself.

as for the taste.
yea it was nice,
cos it was expensive ham my relatives brought us from holland.
but it was damn salty.LOL.
supposed to eat it with bread,but i didnt.

haha show you one of my last minute works done for my prep boards,


Saturday, October 11, 2008

RJC art exhibition

went to RJC art exhibition with eleen today
saw lucie,miss hew,zimu,debra there too!
i don't know if i'm allowed to post their works online.
but i will just post one which i liked.
its a VERY very well done digital fashion design
done by a guy named jonathan
super awesome.

the rest you just have to see it yourself.
should go and view the works.
awesome stuff.
NYJC shud be having its exhibition too :)
up to us J2s to organise.
yeah.but we will be busy with our A's.
so not so soon.

btw: RJC has such a nice gallery. *hint hint*

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


went a few rounds around our school's track this morning.
then had lunch with fellow AEPians.
meet lanlan.

aniw,tried mac's wasabi fish fillet.
nothing special.
taste the same.

ytd,got real fed up with my hair.
so i went to cut my hair.
suprisingly,people noticed i cut my hair.

25days till A levels.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

warcraft is amazing.

Friday, October 3, 2008

october 3rd

screwed up my art theory,got U for it.
but my practical had 87,
so overall was a B for art prelims.

in my answer
there was this artist named 'Wang Guanyi'
but.....i went to write 'Wang Guanyin' (观音)
,LOL i really didnt realise it until today where miss hew pointed it out.
we all laughed like mad.LOL.
maybe i was too busy writing that i didnt bother to check.
HAHA.wont make the same stupid mistake again!


"We Cry" -the script

Jenny was a poor girl
Living in a rich world
Named her baby Hope when she was just fourteen
She was hoping for a better world
For this little girl
But the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree

Well she gets that call
Hope's too far gone
Her baby's on the way
But nothing left inside
Together we cry!

What about the junk head
Could have gone the whole way
Lighting up the stage trying to get a deal
Now he's lighting up the wrong way
"Something for the pain!"
Man you wanna see this kid he was so fuckin' unreal
When he gets that call
He's too far gone
To get it together to sing one song
They won't hear tonight
The words of a lullaby

Together we cry...
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Together we cry...
Whoa oh whoa oh whoa
Together we cry...
Oh we cry we cry we cry
Together we cry...
Oh we cry we cry
Whoa oh whoa oh whoa

Oh... Mary's ambitious
She wanna to be a politician
She been dreaming about it since she was a girl
She thought that she'd be the one who could change the world
Always trying to pave the way for women in a... man's world
But life happened, house, kids, 2 cars, husband hits the jar, checks that don't go very far now
Now she in it can't change it, she keeps her mind on her wages
The only rattling cages!

Together we cry
Together we cry

There's so much sad gonna flood the ocean
We're all in tears for the world is broken
Together we cry!

There comes a time when every bird has to fly
At some point every rose has to die
It's hard to let your children go
Leave home
Where they go?
Who knows!
Getting drunk
Getting stoned
All alone
Teach a man to fish
You'll feed him never lie
You show your kids the truth
Hope they never lie
Instead of reading in a letter that they've gone to something better
"Bet your sorry now! I won't be coming home tonight"

I'm sick of looking for those heroes in the sky
To teach us how to fly
Together we cry!

Together we cry
Together we cry

There's so much sad gonna flood the ocean
We're all in tears for the world is broken
Together we cry!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

selamat hari raya!

saw this kitten on my way to tuition
if not for tuition,i think i would have brought it back home and bought food for it..

hope its doing alright :D