Sunday, February 28, 2010

hey apple!

i just can't get enough of this annoying orange!

must watch!

the weather's not being very friendly lately..sheesh
OH shit its march.

oh wells panic

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

hello? anybody?

"Hello hello,where are youuuuuuu
im missing you so badly!..
a phone call would be lovely.heh"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

you're my sanctuary

I hate these tears that fall for all the simplest things,all the dumbest reasons..
why have i become so weak?
am i about to crumble to the stress from my daily life?

i find comfort in you,
being able to be who i am
able to be vulnerable
able to feel safe


I'm sorry for the tears that i've cried
the pain that i've caused in you
I'm sorry,really sorry

hello hello,
"we won't be in love forever,just a lifetime"

Monday, February 15, 2010


kachingz!! $$$
and besides that,
lotsa GOOOOOOOOOOOOD food man!
had reunion dinner on day1 of the new year
cos i was on duty during the eve :(
haha dad spent the WHOLE day preparing the food,
and previous days shopping for groceries.
he cooks at home once a year,
cos too busy at work
but its always such a feast when he enters the kitchen~

shark's fin!! i had 3 bowls of it heehee

I had a whole abalone to myself,haha thanks dad :D:D:D

Day 2: relative's place

we wanted to go Sentosa to take pics of the exhibition..
but it was wayy too crowded and the queue was very very long..
thus we decided to give it a miss..
kinda disappointed though.
we went to Daiso to check out some stuff there
haha so many people!!
don't like crowds..
makes me hard to breathe.
wasn't expecting such a big crowd on new year's man.
man...everyone like me so free sia.

haha aniws,
cat ears at daiso!

emo shot :p

a pity didnt get to go sentosa,
haha oh wells
theres always another time

not today~

cya cya!
may all of you have a prosperous new year!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

hands :D

my hand!
well the faculty test said to use only PENCIL and draw YOUR hand in three different positions...
still working on it though

finally completed it! :D
now to do the other questions..sigh.haha

duty on new year's eve..shucks..

aniways,went to watch percy jackson & the lightning theif
starring logan lerman as the son of poseidon

liked it very much
love how they modernised the greek Gods and the myths
could have more characters in it though
but nonetheless
nice movie! :D

since i took some time to style my hair today,
decided to take some pics before i took a bath

have to loose weight.
getting fat.

Monday, February 8, 2010

blossoms o.O

flowers flowers flowers flo-wers

mum bought pots of plants
which means...
and my dad's gonna cook reunion dinner!!
he only cooks at home once a year!!
can't wait.
theres already shredded crab meat in the freezer

im gonna be a happy ghost!

very nice plants :) :D
but i prefer weeds.

"i wanna have your babies,springing up like daisies~"

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Animals Save the Planet

creative and cute :D