Thursday, January 31, 2008


today had quite a few things that made me reflect
one was the GP lecture on discrimination.
it was about the obese people in Singapore
and the moment the lecturer mentioned about it,i felt real uneasy.
as you would have guessed,i was from TAF club last year,yea.
and frankly speaking,its still a rather disturbing experience

imagine this,after the long and tiring lessons,your stomach is calling out for mercy..the bell finally rings,its time for recess,HOWEVER,you dont get to go to the canteen! thats cos ure FAT! and because ure FAT you have to go to the track and RUN!
what the hell can. until now i still have super low confidence in how i look.
stupid secondary school.stupid MOE.i swear that i cannot get fat ever again.
cos this stupid world is so discriminatory

oh and during CT period,we had this topic about marriage.
our teacher asked who thinks that they are most likely to end up single.
and only i raised up my hand.
my whole class of girls look suprised though.
but seriously..part of the reason i want to remain single is cos of them.
GIRLS SCARE ME. just like how i scare them

oh well.i bought myself a shirt which cost $30.i thought it looked nice.

*i noe you dont like to see my face,but i cant help it,im just so shameless HAHA*

Monday, January 28, 2008


k. im serious. so from now onwards,everyone is my friend,unless you don't wanna be.

haha i was so bored today,doing weird stuff for art
K art IS weird
photos photos and more photos

dont ask me what are these.
they are for ART.
and that is ALL you got to know

the only thing i found amusing was when i was at home.
hmm,just around 10pm,my mom asked "is it raining?"
i said " no,its the computer" (because our com's fan is spoilt,so makes alot of noise"

then we went to check out the source of the sound
turns out we were both wrong,it happened to be the HDB flat opposite to mine has a water pipe burst.HAHA
it was like a fountain.
and you could just stare at it
just keep staring...

anyway,it lasted around 20minutes,and the height of the "water fountain" was wow!
haha i shall let pictures do the talking.
cant see clearly thouugh,cos it was at night


Thursday, January 24, 2008


today the J1s got back their O level results,and congrats to all who scored well!!!
if you did not get what you were expecting,fret not,there is always another path!

congrats to Kao and Ling from two are pro..haha

went to mustafa with lucie today to buy some stuff
bought shirts and berry juice

oh well,i got to go do art ler


Wednesday, January 23, 2008


school was okay today
had a chat with J1 AEP students,they all so friendly haha.
got to know 3 of their names, Er Pei,Kao and Ling
wish them good luck for tmr's result taking

felt kinda stressed out after school during AEP club
AEP teachers had a meeting,so i slacked off somewhere else..
watched the J1s with their games day and had a chat with ben and lee yen

released at 5:30pm,then went with ben and xuanxuan to hougang mall (is it?)
then we met up with junxiong and johnathan to eat at food court
Ben was damn hungry lol,and 3 of us ordered hokkien mee,but suprisingly,all 3 of us didnt like prawns,so we gave them to ben,hahas

oh and we went over to junxiong's hse for fellowship
it was really cool,as the things they said i could relate to it
and it was very meaningful

although i was damn tired,im happy :)

Monday, January 21, 2008


yesterday,sunday 20th january 2008,i broke my promise to myself
i told myself that i shall not be emo
but when certain thoughts came to my mind at that time,i couldnt take it
i felt like a loser
a fucking loser
a weak coward who isnt able to control his own emotions
i hated myself

i kept dampening people's mood
selfish bastard i am
whats wrong with me??!!

i kept saying sorry to people who are concerned about me
but yet,i kept making the same mistake
im really sorry
i really am

the events in life
which feels too heavy
too heavy for me to support
i collapsed

but i know
i will stand up again

i will

Sunday, January 20, 2008

come what may

as you walk down the streets
walk through the doors
people you see
you hear
you feel

something is different
different everyday
every hour

you realise something is missing
something important

you want to know
want to find out
desperate to find out
just what is

the time goes by
yet what was lost is still not found
not back to you
by your side

tears to your eyes
it doesnt seem to stop
it wont listen
as it only hears your heart
your shattered heart

you long to forget
forget this pain
this toture
this misery
this agony

let it be
and let time
do what it does best
let it heal

come what may

Thursday, January 17, 2008


sucky weather today,and i did not eat anything throughout the whole day,
even though we had 45 mins of common lunch break,the canteen was so crowded,then the other half of the break was to have maths..

and after maths,we had GP comprehension test,which i kept dozing off..
im so screwed

cedar art girls came to view our AEP stuff today,saw jedidah and cheryl :)
that cheered me up

siantzu and wei ni agreed to help me with my Alvl art,being models
i was so noob at thinking of postures for them,luckily siantzu was quite experienced
and wei ni had good taste too

my mind was at a complete shutdown,sorry hahas
this is my first day feeling emo in year 2008
not good

cant show you guys photos though,haha
maybe after ive drawn/painted then i post

oh and to wei ni,siantzu and friends who came into art room,sorry if you got scolded for no reason,im really fault

a big THANK YOU !

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Art musuem

hahas went to art museum today for AEP after school
during the bus ride,we tried to get marcus (AEP president) to start some ice breaker games with the J1s,but what we heard was tt the bus driver didnt like people standing up during the ride,so haix..

oh and we were given a worksheet at the museum
the museum had artifacts of Greek Masterpieces from the Louvre
there were like many many diff sculptures there
so pro

me and sarah went to look around together,we drew the same statue
we were instructed to sketch one male and one female statue
so for the male,we chose one with no head and hands LOL
then for the female,we chose Aphrodite (Venus Genitrix)
alot of our J2 aep were at that area
we managed to finish sketching on time
then were dismissed after that :)

then headed down to plaza singapura to eat
J1s had to go back :(

so i went with Xuli,Szeying,Lucie and Lee yen
had meal at KFC
after which,xuli and szeying went back
then me,lucie and lee yen went walking arnd looking at shops
G2000 had a sale,but the queue was too long so we decided to give it a miss

walk to many shops and i bought something :p

went back after that on a crowded MRT
i dont like crowds..bleargh

heres the two statues i sketched out
OH and sarah was feeling uncomfortable drawing the boy's thing

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

too blessed to be stressed

yeahhh im so fucking happy now
cos everyone that i asked to be my models,all agreed to help me!!

i feel blessed like mad
cant wait to meet the J1s tmr,we're going to a ART MUSEUM!
hahaha wootsies

show u some of my photos i took for ART coursework
im so happy with the results la,its like one of my first tries in using macro photography

if you dont like them then TOO BAD!
i dont give a damn!

sorry~ and thanks ben

Monday, January 14, 2008


omg omg i survived art critic today
i feel great
if you prayed for me
thanks i love you



took photos for ART ytd,was like setting up many candles and lighting them right outside my hse,was raining so i had to use umbrellas and stuff to block the wind
and hor,i tried to use a lighter that i foudn on the table to light the candle,i click until my thumb was black still no fire,i got so pissed,so i went to the kitchen and turned on the stove to get some fire.first try,i got it lit,went to the door,woosh the wind extinguished it.
the second time,i took aluminium foil and protected it ,sucessful :)

i bought a whole box of red candles,and started to lit them up one by one and placing them on a metal tray,then by the time i got them all lit up,i realised that the photos i took were too bright,cos all the candles were shining..
so i blown out all the candles leaving 1 or 2 left to burn

then i went to my pot of papaya plant,and i found some dry leaves collected at the bottom,took them and placed them into the fire,
and geez,the pictures turned out really nice.

and went on taking other photos
by the time i finished taking them,i realised it was 8:20pm
i went like oh sht,cos developing photos need to wait till the next day(unless instant print) and the photo shop like closes at arnd this time

so i ran to whitesands,and luckily it was still open,i ordered the photos,arnd 54 for $19.80
just then,i realised some of the photos were missing cos i forgot to load them into the disk.
so at 8.40pm,i ran all the way back,upload the photos,and ran all the way back to the shop *note that i was still sick and coughing* but heng ar,reached the shop at 8.56pm
was the last person to order,before they closed sharp at 9pm. GEEZ

today,went tuition in the morning,then recieved a call from the photoshop saying that their machien got prob,need wait till arnd 5pm then can develop (supposed to be 2pm)

but at 3pm i called back,they say can ler,PHEW

btw,my father cooked steak for me and my bro

and it was damn nice la,haha
thats what u get when ur father is a chef :p

ok anyway
got my photos,then started to draw and paint..
from justnow till now,only managed two pieces of work..
hope i can manage to draw+paint out one more piece tmr in sch..

please pray for me,im very worried about tmr

oh and my AEP teacher,miss lye added us on facebook
i was stunned i tell u.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

pornography!! be very aroused

im feeling damn random .
saw some interesting pics on the net

if you happen to be aroused by these pics please dont tell me..not really interested to know :)

haha mum cooked nian gao yesterday,for dunno what reason
it had like 90% vegetables..

but got abalone too!!


LOL me feet

told you im feeling random

Friday, January 11, 2008

damien hirst

FRIDAY finally ended.

we learnt a new artist today,Damien Hirst
ohh man,you shud check out his works,its damn awesome!!!!!

hes one of my favourite artist ler.
let me describe to you one of his works,
imagine this
you walk into a museum,and u see 3 door sized paintings which is just black,the whole thing is black.
however,when u walk closer to examine the artwork,you realise that..
its all dead houseflies

man he is just awesome
show u some of his works.

this one is just a skull,but he used arnd 12million worth of diamonds to create this,and it was sold for 50million pounds.

heres a preserved shark using a poisonous fluid called formaldehyde to preserve it

erm,a neatly dissected sheep

this is titled "Mother and Child"
it shows two cows,one is the mother and the other is the calf
yep,and they are being seperated after death
theres much more to it though,go read up :p

heres a dead cow with many arrows shot into it..

ooo let me explain how this works,
you see that white box on the right? its filled with houseflies and maggots and eggs
so when the maggots turn into flies,they will fly through that hole in the centre,and feed on the cow's head which is on the left..
and after they eat,they fly up to the insect bzzt thingy lol and die..
so the cycle just continues,cool eh

anyway,he is a freak,but i think hes damn cool

oh had SOVA test,all of us were spotting that Mondrian/kadinsky will come out,but
what came out was BRANCUSI and CHUCK CLOSE
what the hell!! it came out for promos so we tot wont repeat,damn
i think damien hirst can just add us to his collection..

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

blame it on the weather,man

im so sick right now..
blame it on the weather.
trembling as i type

was sick for the past few days,
thanks dorcas for your orange
diyana and nadiah for providing me panadol
and dorcas,no i dont eat pink panadol

so sick,but still must do art coursework..

anyway,on to a happier note,
there was the CCA bazaar for NYJC today,
it was crowded and lots of J1s were walking here and there
and as usual,we AEP seniors were busy with art stuff
planning programmes for our new AEP J1 batch,
they are pro can,and this year there is 27 people..damn alot
we were planning all the ice breaker games
haha,hope it would be a sucess

and hope the J1s dont hate me.

i look damn pale now.haha

but i must perservere!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

mural painting

omg,i was feeling bored,so i typed in my name in google
then i found out something
that my name was on channelnewsasia..
its damn funny la,i didnt even noe..
hahaha and they described miss poh as one of the STUDENTS who helped out!!! omg i laughed out loud can

watch the video hahaha!

Friday, January 4, 2008


before that,i was trying to paint with acrylic,i paint paint paint until 3am+,but all i got was crap..i started to feel i decided to just go to sleep

woke up at 6:08am,8 minutes later than usual,and i havent pack me things ready yet.

i dreamnt that i told my mother that i didnt want to go to school cos ive so much work left undone and tmr is consultation with AEP teacher.
and i realised that it was already too late to catch the bus
and i couldnt find my wallet

and that dizzy spell still lingering in my head
it felt damn horrible

luckily my dad drove me to school,so i managed to arrive on time,thanks dad

when i arrived in school,i was still feeling dizzy,and i felt like puking
theres just so much things weighing me down that i felt useless

during econs lesson,i did not do the holiday assignment,and the result is that we have to do an additional article,together with the previous 3..when our econs teacher questioned us as to why we did not do our work,i was feeling suicidal already,and i said "no excuse"...what was i thinking...

and then came SOVA[study of visual arts],it was rather okay as miss hew ended on time,before it came to Art tutorial lesson..
i wanted to just find a hole and bury myself in it..
i felt so damn guilty as i wasnt able to come up with anything decent,but my art tutor miss hew was very understanding and she closed one eye as she said she understand that we needed a break.

after that,i felt so damn relieved..and the dizzyness was gone at last..

got to buckle up for this rough ride,jiayou yao khuan
oh btw,the link to Mr Lau's blog is >
cya and cheers*

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

1st day of JC2

before i start off today's post,wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to nicole :D

today was rather slacky,what to expect on the first day of sch
the new JC1s having their orientation
many new faces

oh,and the people who turned up for the art diagnostic test were around 30people,the whole art room was packed..all so serious..hahas

i wonder who will make it through..
and the new timetable,is so packed..
need time to breath la.

art art art,AHH.geez
still working on the japan trip sketch,which is taking me a bloody hell long time..

almost done almost done

happy new year!

Despite being down with flu,i still forced myself to get up and go out,
as its only once in a year that i get to have a countdown,not gonna miss it! :P

met up with lucie and her sister,had dinner at clarke quay mrt's Subway
met rachel there too! and sarah joined us a while later

then we all headed down to clarke quay countdown party..
okay,it sucked big time as the host was rather boring and its lame,plus the bands they got were rather not entertaining,as we continued watching on,we got desperate as it was really really boring and annoying,thus we walked around looking for another place to partay..

luckily,we found a bar which had a DJ and the atmosphere was not bad..
we wanted to dance but there was like no one taking the lead, but then, two caucasians were dancing and they were so legally seems like they practiced all their dance we were like what the heck and just started moving to the beat.

then as the music played on,we really got into the rhythmn and were having lots of fun :D we were quite high though,must have been the coke that cost us $6 per mug..haha
but no regrets though,we had so much fun until the countdown where we managed to catch the fireworks! it was such a nice start to 2008 :D

then after midnight,we dance awhile more until 12:40am before the girls had to take their leave.
then i waited for ben,nicole and freya to come..
i was wandering around aimlessly until 2am then they arrived,lol
we then sat at "the clinic" to people watch
and we were rather amused by the wheelchairs,lol

bought 4 bottles of calsburg beer and sat there chatting
until it was arnd 3:30am, we wanted to find a place where we can hang out till the next day,but then everyone was tired and the mc cafe was full,lots of drunkards on the streets,and some of them were rather violent

ben took the night bus to hougang
then i just followed nicole and freya taking the night bus to ang mo kio
however nicole wasnt feeling well so they both dropped off halfway
then i took all the way to ang mo kio
and was lost for awhile,but managed to recall the path to ang mo kio MRT station
then took bus 88 back.
went 7-eleven to buy panadol then head back home..

yep,and that was how i spent my first morning of 2008! :D