Friday, April 30, 2010

The Maze

photography by:yaokhuan
model:zhou yelin

The maze of the heart
we tried ever so hard to escape from.
to every single other being
trapped in the same place as us,
we tried to ask them for answers
to find a way out
but they were silent.

for they withheld the answer
the way out
as you weren't the one
to walk out of the maze with
hand in hand

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


How can someone be ever so selfish?
neglecting how others might be affected
by your selfish act

the whole world doesn't revolve around you
and fucking hell i really hate doing things that benefits you
well too bad its part of my job

you step on others to make yourself feel better,
what the fuck is wrong with you.
youve no manners,youre ill bred
and its just fucked up to put up with you

Hey hey,see that car coming over? go on,go get yourself knocked down by it

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

NTU wants me!

Came back home from a super long and tiring monday...
my parents were at home
and i asked my mom if she'd check the mailbox yet

mom went downstairs to check the mailbox
and when she came up,she was screaming in joy
and kept congratulating me!

cause ive finally been accepted into NTU ADM!!
after waiting for so long!!
super elated!!
my mom definitely looks a thousand times happier than me :D
feels awesome to see my parents so happy

thanks guys for all the words of encouragement
haha really awesome :D
feels like my birthday today

WOOOOTS NTU ADM here i come!!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

facebook makes u fat

facebook is really annoyingly addictive.
I could spend hours clicking endlessly without any purpose nor achievements.
freaking waste of time.LOL.
and I realised that i always ALWAYS end up back at my own profile page.
after looking through photos of others.
Gonna get my ass of this chair and go for a run in the park!

Im thinking of getting myself a Wacom tablet next week or something!
looking at the artworks in deviantart makes me wanna try digital painting too!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sean Faris

mannn super hectic week for me these few weeks.
went for combat shoot I on wednesday,
hahaha we had to use the M16 to shoot,
at first it all went well...
until it came to the night shoot
MISSED like crazy,haha.
but it was fun as it was a group effort kinda thing
i still prefer the SAR21.
did so much better for that.
OHHH wells

haha manage to dig out some time to draw
took me 7 hours to complete,
using my favourite 2b mechanical pencil!

Sean Faris from the movie "Never Back Down"

the movie was very well done!
very inspirational piece.
too bad its under commercialised.
glad to have watched it :D

drawing the nose almost killed me.
gonna work on more pieces!!
so fun :D

"hello hello,
We'll meet again,before you even realise it"

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Hello hello,
yaokhuan here.
do help us out by voting for our postbox design!!
placed lots of effort into this,
that includes cleaning up the mess we made :)

vote here at:

vote for 'CBDO4' by: Yelin Zhou,Yao Khuan
your online vote is very very much appreciated!!
( if can't access,use firefox :D )

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good Friday on Pulau Ubin

It was Good friday,
thus i decided to take a trip to pulau ubin,
cos ive never been there before!
despite looking at it from afar at pasir ris park all my life.

it was super fast to get onto a bumboat,
as they were very efficient.
each boat took a maximum of 12 passengers and off they go
within 10 minutes ride,we arrived at Pulau Ubin!!

it was rather crowded,with people touting
"Rent a bicycle?" everywhere i went.
However it was rather nice to experience the village atmosphere,
in contrast to the city life of Singapore
loved the place :D
hated the mosquitoes
thankfully I brought insect repellent,
otherwise I would've been scratching my skin off!

the kitten at a villager's house
who was selling drinks
super cute :D

stray dogs,they were rather comfortable with the presence of human
some were lazing around on the streets,
sleeping the whole day.

we shouldve chartered a van,man the walk was super LONG!!

a seaside cottage used as a exhibition gallery :)

my photography friend! :)

the coastal boardwalk,which made us feel the super long walk here was worth it :)

loved the view :D

The lonesome tree that stood in the middle of the sea

ubin quarry

Ubin Quarry!the water was turqoise,super nice!!

all in all,
the trip there was worthwhile.
really enjoyed the coastal boardwalk as the view there was paranormal
despite the sunny weather and us sweating like mad,
it was a really nice experience :D

Friday, April 2, 2010


haha went to ikea to get some stuff,
and bought myself some swedish meatballs,
its nice to revisit places you've not been to
reminiscing the past
remembering the people that made me who i am today.

you might say its a little far fetched,
however traces of the person still lingers
for they once walked the same stone pavement
years ago..

haha on to other things,
i bought two packs of red tissue paper
which i thought might come in handy whilst doing my art project.
haha i was playing around with it and my mannequin
and took photos of it :)
here it is