Saturday, February 28, 2009


woots just finished 16KM route march
it started at 2:30pm
where the sun was scorching hot
but as soon as we started marching
the sky turned grey
and the weather was rather cooling

upon reaching the 8KM mark
it started to pour like mad
and it was a thunderstorm
we had shelter and a long break cos of the thunderstorm
they provided kit kat and H20

after the rain had stopped
we continued our journey back to company line
and before we knew it
we were back in our bunks sleeping :)

and this morning we finally got to book out
haha :)
damn happy that i got to keep my hair for one more week
hahaha its rather long now(rather)

last wednesday was fun
cos we had OC evening
where all of us,including the sergeants and Sirs
all let our hair down (provided we have any)
and enjoyed performances by all four platoons
being platoon 1
we were the first to perform
and our performance was revolving around 'H' company
which means Homo company
with all the sick jokes and stuff
the audience enjoyed our performance as they laughed like mad

our platoon won the best performance out of the four
as our OC thought it was entertaining and creative
big thanks to jun wei for organising
and all the rest for putting in effort
into making the performance work out in the end :)

HAWK COY ah platoon 1!


by the way,A level results is next friday aint it.
i dont want to take my results!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

went to mr ng kim teck's place to have BBQ with the girls of 0728

dorcas was hungry

the guys preparing the food

while the girls learning how to be 'tai tai's


how romantic

haha the girls wanted to motivate me by showing that they too can do pull ups


went out at around 12:30am to meet my friend at pasir ris area
chat till near 4am
haha met clement(my platoon mate) at Downtowneast
what a coincidence lol

oh wells,booking in at 8:55pm tonight
haha awesome :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentine's day

had to stay in camp today morning for remedial training
why? cos i failed my pull ups during IPPT
haha but now i can do 5 pull ups already
must reach at least 7!!

saw rudi at the cookhouse today,he told me that they could only book out on monday cos today was their out field SIT(situatonal) test
they looked so emo..
and i didnt noe what to say to him
so i said "all the best"
wtf? what a stupid thing to say

valentine's day,
went to catch the movie 'Curious case of Benjamin Button'
by myself,the counter person had to keep repeating "1 ticket?"
so loudly,make people feel even more miserable..

that movie lasted 3 hours...
some parts very touching
quite a nice movie to watch :)

happy valentine's to all single people like myself
its just not time yet i guess... oh wells

Sunday, February 8, 2009

went over to Miss Hew's house last saturday
met up with the rest of the AEPs
we had lotsa food.
haha i ate quite alot!

it felt so nice to meet them once again
its been such a long time apart
and yet we still felt so close
we spent two years in the art room
painting night and day

haha sarah,huimin,yirong and xuli are now teachers in secondary school
each have their different experiences
sounds fun

now i can finally understand the alien language when guys talk about NS life
with all the abbreviated words like IPPT,SOC,BCCT,SIT..
cos im one of them now :)