Tuesday, May 18, 2010


typing this blog post using my camp's i-net.
we get to use the computers after working hours.

feeling really down lately.
nothing accomplished
just mundane daily routines.
why do they do that with NSF?
being coerced to serve

sometimes i wonder are we really serving the nation
or are we serving the regulars in camp.
they (not all of them of course) do not care about
how you feel,
how miserable you are,
how much youre missing your family and friends outside
they dont care,really

ordering us around
unable to carry things by themselves
and shouting at us when their superior comes by
to prove to them that they are doing their job
how pathetic.

what makes us less deserving than you guys?
is it because we are NSF?
is it because our rank is lower?
or are you that pathetic that you have to step on others
who are helpless
in order to boost your ego?

do we not have a family?
do we not have friends?
have we stepped on your toes?
then why the fuck are you making life difficult for us?

"concerned" you say?
thats bullshit,you and i both know.
there you are,happily booking out
going back home.
whereas we
have no rights to speak.
even when the dust has settled,
you just HAVE to stir it up again

do you really understand us?
did you even TRY?
i doubt so.
dont bother though,
we dont need you in our life.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Life is Simple"

some doodling i found in my sketchbook,haha

recieved a call this morning,some shitty news.
think i just got myself in trouble.
haha gonna go see a warrant officer on monday
they won't stop till they find a scapegoat.
thats how NS works whenever something goes wrong.
oh wells,come what may.
my conscience is clear.

"something goes wrong,find a scapegoat.
preferably a low ranking NSF.
welcome to NS"

Friday, May 14, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


was surfing the net and decided to look back at a game i used to play

ah...the days where i could just sit in front of my computer non stop
grinding my character,just wishing that EXP bar would rise faster
pressing spacebar to loot items and mesos
having to travel far and wide and through so many channels
just to get a cosy little "hotspot" to train my lightning mage

the fascinating worlds and hypnotic music
that this online game had to offer,
with each character customized to your own liking
those big watery sparkling eyes
saying "please don't go offline and stay with me..please?"

and of course,
the annoying two words that people LOVE to abuse,KS(Kill Steal)
"spot taken,change channel.dont ks me....blah blah blah"
really gets on people's nerves.

I used to like the game alot,
until they introduced EXP cards,
whereby if you're just willing to
fork out that extra amount of cash
to buy the maple cashcard,
ur EXP will go whoooosh!
just like ur cash.

To me,i dont mind spending hours training and training,
to earn my EXP points,
however,if you were to take THAT away and make it all cash based..
really spoils the fun
id rather save the money and spend it on something more worthwhile...
however,they are a company afterall
and im sure they can't possibly maintain the game for free

Its all business tactics i guess.
getting you hooked on to the game,
till you achieve a high level
and THEN they introduce cashcards to boost ur EXP
and everyone else is using them,
thus not wanting to lose out,
you head on to the nearest 7eleven
and take out that $10.50 to purchase the Maplestory cashcard.
but its never enough,trust me.

having said all these
im really impressed by the creativity
and effort
placed into this MMORPG game
captivating game indeed.
but im glad im over it.
haha phew

maybe there are some other MMORPG
that i might fall in love with
but i'd never part with my cash for online money anymore.

MapleStory Dragon Master

p.s *i do not own these images

Monday, May 10, 2010


well,it took me great pains to look for another blog skin that i fancied.
and IVE FOUND IT!! woopee

hope you like it too :)
got it from


Happy Mother's Day!

Well yesterday was Sunday,
not just ANY sunday,it was mother's day!
and i thought id do something sweet for my mom
thus i decided to treat her for dinner :)
with my meagre sum of money in my POSB savings.lol

we head off to the seafood hawker centre
in our neighbourhood after my parents came back from work.
we sat down and looked through the menu,
picked out prawns,beef,tofu,some baby "kai lan"
and not forgetting Crabs!!

i was really excited cos it was MY treat
it was my first time treating my parents too.
as you know,we NSF have quite a pathetic amount of allowance.
aniway that wasnt my point.
my point is,it was really special for me
and i wanted everything to go well.

but things didnt turn out the way i expected.
the prawns arrived
and when my parents ate them,
they commented on how it wasnt fresh and all
and that my sister and I should have order it steamed
and they went on and on about it.
i was a little upset at it but i didnt show it.

Then came the crab,
we ordered crab bee hoon
and my parents and sis took some of it
while i was still enjoying the tofu we ordered earlier.
saving the best or last
and before i even got to have a taste of the crab
my dad told us not to eat it as it wasnt fresh
and that they served a dead crab and that the meat was stale

at that point it really got me.
i felt as though it was my fault that the dinner was a screw up
i carried such a happy heart hoping my parents would enjoy it
and now it was all ruined.
cos i ordered the wrong dishes.
i kept reminding myself that it was Mother's day
and that i shouldnt put up a sulky face
thus i went to the washroom hoping to calm myself down.

when i came out my parents were trying to console me
that it wasnt my fault that the food was bad
and that my mom was happy
and she appreciated my efforts in having this dinner

we ended up having a refund for the crab
and with me having a heavy heart.
it was a sad night for me.
felt so bad.

i just wanted it to be special.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

War of the smiles

It was meant to be heaven
it was a place of solace
there used to be smiles that came
from the heart.


it revealed the truth
the ugliness in them
they came out from their hiding
their pathetic shells
those smiles
were no longer the same
vile,scheming bastards
consumed by their own greed
for power
over us


is our only shelter,our solace
for this is war
the war that is ever so silent
yet so deadly.
whether we win
or lose

let Time be the judge.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

say with me, "Wacom!"

haha guess what
i finally decided to get myself a tablet!
its a Wacom intuos4 tablet
cost me $379
(bought from a shop at Funan DigitalLife Mall)
its the smallest sized as I figured out i don't really need the larger sized ones
which cost a hell lot more!

haha im just a beginner so this will do :)

okay after 6 hours plus of trying out this digital drawing thing.
i realised how noob i am.
its like drawing for the first time.
i got really annoyed with all the functions
that are so redundant in the photoshop programme.
like all the filter effects
which just makes the picture look extremely fake.
and super ugly.

or maybe its just me LOL

have lots more to learn
hope my eyes don't go blind
from facing the computer screen all day long

gonna practice more.hahahaha

lol one of my first attempts at digital drawing
epic fail.

but i love it nevertheless :)

went to catch IRON MAN 2
well its one of those shows whereby
i just HAD to watch even though im no big fan of it
movies that i didn't just want to hear
from the mouths of my friends who watched it before.

and...my verdict is...
it was a rather draggy show...
too much talking
and i didn't really get why
they had to include scarlett johansson
when she wasn't of much importance

bah,maybe its just me again.
still in love with Avatar.

An artwork by Kit Webster,happen to chance upon it while surfing the web.
i know someone who loves lights.
enjoy :)

and a music video made by Edouard Sailer,
super awesome