Tuesday, June 30, 2009


sitting in the IED bus during training today
staring out the window throughout the whole journey
did some reflection on my own past
what were the things in life
that i regretted doing
thinking of whether would i be given another chance
to redeem myself
to salvage the situation
to take it all back before the worst

i wondered about who i wished to speak and sent messages to
at that very moment
but i knew its too late
things have changed
people moved on
and i'm being erased from their lives

maybe i should have apologised
maybe i should have stopped to listen
maybe i shouldn't have reacted so strongly
maybe i should do this
maybe i should do that

why think so much?


Saturday, June 27, 2009

went tanning this morning
accidently rubbed my eyes
when i had banana boat oil on my hands
now its damn red


"people come and go" you once told me that
and now,you're gone too

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pasir Ris Park

hahas took my camera out for a walk
and took random photos here and there

aniw,life has been great these few days
after all the hours of driving practice in the hot sun
finally it was time for our TP test
and i managed to pass the test at first attempt!
i called my mom to tell her the good news
and to my horror
she told me
"huh,i was wishing u'd fail so that u could practice longer"
but she congratulated me nevertheless
awesome feeling those who passed get to stay-out
and we no longer have to be yelled at by our driving instructors

thanks Mr Rudywan :D

Happy Father's Day

had father's day dinner on saturday night
cos i gotta book in today

finally this burden in my heart is gone
it wasn't love afterall
a stupid mistake right from the start

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I pen my feelings down onto paper,not as words..but as drawings

driving test next week...
it all comes to this now...
6 weeks of driving lessons..
please let me pass!!

feeling very bored at home
today book out,then book it the next day
practically seeing my NS mates 7days a week..

I shall set sail on this little boat of mine,not knowing where the wind will bring me to..but theres one thing i know,and that's i'll be far far away from you

Sunday, June 14, 2009


so many things happened
so many happy and unhappy things
it was just one night
one saturday night

the extreme of emotions
the verge of insanity
how can one feel so blessed
and suicidal the next moment

humans aren't perfect
but does that gives us the right
to do wrong

its such a small small world
no matter how you run
where ever you hide
you'd still be on the same place
called earth

till the day u die

but until then,
be reminded of the scars
and remember who caused them

13th June.Saturday

why would people do such things to hurt others?

June 13th,saturday.a night i'll never forget

Sunday, June 7, 2009

love story

went to catch 'Drag me to Hell' yesterday at marina square
haha kinda funny at parts
but overall not bad la
the volume was so loud!

awesome song
my bro has been practicing this song on the piano since last week?..
i book out ytd he still playing this song

the guy in the video looks like mr bean somehow..

Saturday, June 6, 2009

9-headed serpent

starting on another series of photoshoot
and scouting for new models

mum's agreeable to buying me a DSLR camera
damn awesome

now finding the suitable camera for myself