Thursday, September 30, 2010

who made you king of anything?

being in NS
I start to realise how ugly people can be
and not talking about their appearances
but whats beneath that mask

its everywhere all these while
its just that we didn't really feel the full impact of it
when we were still studying
but when it comes to being coerced to live and see the same people everyday
that is where the real test begins

as my ORD date nears
i find myself being rather happy
at the thought of
never seeing those individuals
who think that they are kings
and we are their slaves.
yeah sure,kings of their own shithole.

i despise them
as they deserve absolutely no respect at all.
sure we do have loads of commanders,officers and all
but how many are really leaders?

Why is it that nobody does anything despite knowing something is amiss.
Why do they continue to let incompetent people to rise through the ranks.
Why doesn't anyone stand up for justice no more?
oh wait,how could i forget,this is reality.

welcome to uniqloooooooo~

i bought a pair of black denim jeans from Uniqlo,tampines1
and sent it for alteration after paying for it..
i was SUPPOSED to collect it about after a few days or so.
the thing is...

and only after chatting on the phone last night
i suddenly recalled about it!

but its at least 6 MONTHS since i bought it!!
plus i think id probably lost the receipt.

haha just sent an email to them
hopefully they do something about it

in the meantime,
check out this song ive just heard today on the radio
lush 99.5FM

Love,save the empty by Erin Mccarley

ah..went down personally
its no longer there
oh wells,
lesson learnt.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

sour sour feeling

bahh dunno whats gotten into me
haha i get this very sour feeling
whenever i see someone thats so good looking.
like in facebook or what
not those superstars or models
but people in your everyday life
friend's friend
or someone related to you somehow or another
it just gets to me

i always compare myself to them
and think:
"why are they so good looking?"
"they are sooo lucky to have so many friends asking them out all the time"
"aww how i wish i could look JUST like him"

things that keep occuring to me
haha i guess i just feel damn insecure about my looks
why i don't have cool friends like they do
why im not attractive enough

I guess its all about the confidence
the way they present themselves
but thats easy for them,
with their looks and all
how not to be confident!

i even considered plastic surgery!
but i've kinda scrapped that idea
considering ive not much money and stuff
and i know how they'd say
looks arent important
and that our looks will all fade away
and inner beauty is what counts
but still...

wouldnt it be nice to look like him?

aniw,just some personal thoughts im sharing
pleaseee don't shoot me with mean comments.
im quite vulnerable to those

Monday, September 27, 2010


haha entertaining :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

We can't control what happens in life,but what we can control is whether to face them with a smile or a frown.

today was a great day!
even though i was called back to camp
as there was a last minute detail,
i wasn't affected by it at all

i dunno why,
but i just felt happy today
and everything went smoothly.

take for example,
i realised i didn't have a cashcard with me
and upon reachig my unit,
i saw my fellow pioneer,kelvin
and asked if he had any cashcard with him
luckily he had one that he was just going to return!

When my handphone was running low on battery,
my friend with the same handphone model as mine
had left his charger in camp :D

When i wanted to get some paperwork done,
i couldn't find the Duty Officer to get them signed,
but just so happen that our Ops warrant came back from lunch
and he signed them
hes such a nice guy!

Thats not all,
when i went for the detail,
the place that i had to drive to
was really really ulu~
and yet i didn't lose my way!
haha thats an amazing feat! :p

best of all,
it ended real fast and soon i was on my way back to camp!
and when i got ready to book out
the dark gloomy sky cleared
and it was sunny again!

what a nice day
i guess staying positive does help alot!
it felt like i had a guardian angel by my side :)

haha oh btw
guess what
i found the camera phone
which i misplaced
haha i always use it to camwhore

We can't control what happens in life,but what we can control is whether to face them with a smile or a frown.

i choose to smile

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Family Dinner @ East Coast Park

Our relatives came to Singapore as one of their honeymoon destination!
and they stayed at our place :D
its been a longggggg time since ive seen my cousin,
well i dont even have a single relative living in Singapore
they are all in different parts of the world
holland,europe,hong kong etc...

she mentioned how ive grown since the last time we met
and how i liked to pluck flowers when i was young
haha that was decades ago!!

aniw,we went to East Coast Park to have dinner together
we ordered Chilli Crab,Prawns,Cockles,Fried tofu,'Kankong',raw fish
it was such a spread!

my mom was greedily eating the coconut flesh
and the thick reddish roe of the crab,
despite my sis telling her its high in cholesterol
haha she was like "oh it is unhealthy?",
while her mouth was busy finishing it up!
so cute :D

jie,kor,ma,pa,cousin's hubby,my cousin :D

and myself

it was nice to have family dinner together like this
we rarely have the chance to sit down together and eat
and im sure my mom is the happiest
she was like commenting when she got off the car
"isnt it amazing?
such a petite woman like myself could give birth to such tall and big children!"


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

things to do.HAVE TO DO!!

was looking through artworks and photography at today
arghhh they are all so good at digital drawing!
im amazed :)
got to buck up myself
loads of catching up to do
and NS kinda caused me to be stagnant
need to get into the environment
the Arts!

ive got myself a tablet a few months ago
and havent touched it ever since.
Im CLUELESS as to how to even start
or maybe im just not motivated
find that ive been very lethargic lately
have things to do but kept procastinating them
you know how artists have times whereby
they've absolutely no inspiration or mood to even lift the pencil?
yeah thats exactly how i felt!

im like reading this guide book about my camera,Nikon D90
have to brush up my technical skills in photography
the thing is,i'm interested in portraits
but i just don't want to attend courses and such
as i feel the technical part of photography would just kill my passion for it
just like how i refused to take art lessons when i was young
the way they would input whats the 'correct' way to drawing
it might have just hindered the upcoming of a great artist
or someone who is capable of much much more!
as einstein once said,
"The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education."

its rather frustrating with things going on in camp
last minute notices and with people refusing to cooperate
being extremely selfish and not considering the plight of others
they're everywhere in life
I've got to learn to accept this fact

here are a few things ive yet do to
#1 confirm the dates with the two models for photoshoot
#2 sketches for the photoshoot
#3 experimentation on the props im gonna use
#4 get a life

I know this blogpost is really disorganised
just wanted to pen down all my thoughts before i head off to bed


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Art Materials!

went over to bugis to get some art materials for the upcoming photoshoot in october!
got myself a whole bottle of black paint

wanted to get some other things but Nuh kept telling me to make it myself
for example..there were these styrofoam shaped into balls and cubes
which i was thinking of using as props for the photoshoot
but he insisted that i can improvise
well ive got to agree,
each one of those styrofoam actually cost $1.50 and above!
could save some money if i were to DIY
plus im gonna dip them in paint anyway

we then went on down to harbour front's DAISO to check out what we can find
haha loads of random stuff sold there
and every item cost $2 each
we ended up getting this cat shaped hole-puncher?

well it works the same way as your hole-puncher
just that it creates this adorable cat figure

theres other shapes too
a dog,a star,a leaf etc
haha being a cat lover,
we both got one each
havent really figure out what to do with it
but it might come in handy when making cards and gifts

oh yeah and i bought a pair of hand warmer and a neck warmer
which i intend to let the model wear for the shoot

its meant for girls,
so it was really tight!!
ah can't wait for the photoshoot!
12th october!

oh btw
im loving this beef & chicken set meal
that is sold at Elias Mall,
the hawker centre in my neighbourhood.
i really like it alot :D
it cost $5.50 btw



my friend,Nuh,gave me some of the cookies he made for hari raya
:D hahaha im gonna finish them even though ive only JUST recovered from sore throat.
nom nom nom nom

Friday, September 17, 2010

Pasir ris park.FAILED.

wanted to go to pasir ris park to take some pictures
the weather was cooling as it was raining previously
it all went well till...
the mosquitoes came attacking me like mad.
each time i stopped and took a photo,
i would then look at my legs,
and there would definitely be at least one mosquito
happily feasting!
it got so annoying that i turned around and headed back home

if only they didnt have to spit a secretion into our blood that makes me itch
i would've graciously let them suck my blood dry.
and im proud to say that ive killed every single one of them that landed on me
not one spared.muahahaha

i only managed to take a few shots

maybe next time
with insect repellent.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

a trip to the MO

waited 2 hours,
2 whole hours under the merciless icy breath of the air conditioning unit in Selerang medical centre...
where other NSF that came after me went in for consultation
i was left there awaiting for my precious time with
THE Medical Officer
finally my turn was up
went in,sat down
explained my illness to him
he examined and this was what he told me

"theres no sign of sore throat,
the sore will go away on its own
just dont go touch it or irritate it
and about your toothache,
you could head on upstairs to the dental centre cause im not a dentist.
dont need a referal letter.
erm wait outside as i prescribe you some lozenges."

geesh,its not the first time ive got sore throat
and its quite obvious why he couldnt see it
CAUSE its so deep down

waited two whole hours under the freezing cold just for that kinda prescription?
what the f**k?
and not to mention that
BLOODY little corporal who thinks hes some kinda big shot
slamming things here and there,wtf
trying to show attitiude is that it?
no sense of urgency in those motherf**kers.

SAF medical centres..
whats the point of renovating their facilities
when its the same old people inside.
when is someone going to do something about it
those poor NSF that have genuine cases
and yet they have to put up with such situation
they deserve better than that

what a facade.

laughter is the best medicine.
uve got to watch this.LOL

i think shes so adorable!

after which,check this out!

if you're feeling the coming of a major sore throat
do try robitussin lozenges
it looks similar to strepsils
but its rather useful
for me at least.
helped big time

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


my wonderful breakfast
plain porridge...

sore throat making me lose appetite :(
and theres this aching in the gum at the back of my teeth
maybe its my wisdom tooth?
its really annoying.
pain pain go away please!

took off today to rest at home
at least i can walk now
trying to stay positive :)
eh btw have u met my girlfriend?

shes awesome!

her in golden bikini

Monday, September 13, 2010


after yesterday morning's run
my back is now aching and i cant walk properly..geesh
Oww..damn jialat

plus sore throat and cough since yesterday
save me please!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Army Half Marathon

SAFRA Singapore Bay Run
Army Half Marathon 2010

We started off at arnd 5:45am,
George,Junbin and myself
haha we had a pact to complete the race together
this 21KM run

for the first 13KM,
it was all cool
but after that,my legs started to give me problems
having cramps every now and then
ended up walking for the rest of the journey
had to stop quite often as my calves was extremely tight
and very tense.
throughout the whole 21KM
george and junbin never left my sight
they were there running by my side
even at the last 500m
where i was really exhausted,
and i actually yelled at george to go on without me
but still,they never gave up on me
was really touched by their act

felt like fainting after the run
and my vision started to become super weird
everything was extremly bright
especially everyone's face
think i overexerted myself :(

after which,
went off together with junbin,leslie,siong yong,leonard and joel
to marina square to get something to eat
everything was alright until i reached esplande
and this excruciating pain in my calves and tighs
caused me to let out a horribly loud yell
and collapsed flat on the ground
it was so fucking painful
the sudden pull of the muscles
and even my feet wasnt spared
it was definitely one of my most painful moments
thankfully,Junbin and Leslie were there to help me out
the both helped to stretch out my legs
until the point were i could walk(or limp) on my own
they even helped to call out to a couple who were giving out Salonpas sample
haha the girl was like spamming the spray on my legs

managed to hail a cab with joel back home
thankfully my legs didnt act up again in the cab
otherwise i really wouldnt know what to do

The run today was excruciating
with all the chain of events that happened to me
and i wasnt in the best of health before the run
but it was definitely something id never want to forget
the friends that were there for me

if it wasnt for them
i would be here resting at home
safe and sound

Dont look down on this peice of thing,you've no idea what i went through just for this

"Hey we made a pact.
Its called honour.
Friendship is more important than a timing.
No question to that."

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hari Raya,Friday

Had a haircut this morning,
got kinda annoyed with my hair

was feeling extremely cold this afternoon
almost feverish.
took some panadol then went to take a nap.

Dad came home to take a rest from work
he isnt feeling so well,probably from his work and eaing habits
he told me that we won't be continuing the stall at changi airport's staff canteen.
cause we were making very little profits due to the expensive ingredients and yet unable to raise the price much.
probably gonna look for another place after the end of this year..
so yeah,do visit my Dad's stall at Changi Airport staff canteen,terminal 1
Yan's Fish Soup
sells awesome grilled salmon fish topped with black pepper or teriyaki sauce
,and other nice and healthy dishes.
Brought most of my bunkmates there to eat :)
and they were full of praises :D

im rather concerned about the change in workplace and my dad's health..
kinda worried :(
but i shan't let it affect me
for im 20 this year,
as an adult i should learn to cope with emotions
learn to be independent.

btw,the ARMY HALF MARATHON is just around the corner.
in fact,its just this coming sunday!
haha really looking forward to it
21km here i come!!

T.O.P - Turn It Up


i like his style and looks

Sunday, September 5, 2010

terrapins :D

Sunday, September 20, 2009
when i first brought them home,
they were just two small little terrapins..

and now,
Sunday, September 5,2010
these are the same two terrapins

haha apparently one of them had been greedy and eat up of the food!
so selfish..

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happier---A Fine Frenzy

its me again

wanna share with you guys (whoever you are)
this awesome song i heard on the radio recently
hope you'll like it too :)

Happier by A Fine Frenzy

Quick kid quick, so harsh and cynical
Touches stricken, cold and clinical
What a transformation to behold
But I don't like this new, I want the old

It's not the words that make it final
You've said such things such things before to rival them
But it's how you say 'em now that's changed
Cold but sympathetic all the same

Lie to convince me that I'll be better off
Oh, you go on and I'll be happier, I'll be happier
You go on, yeah, you go on
You'll be gone and I'll be happier

Shoot me with your rubber bullets
Your finger's on the trigger, pull it
I know you want this suffering to end
So it is forgivable my friend

It's all to convince me that I'll be better off
So you go on and I'll be happier,
You go on and I'll be happier
You go on, yeah, you go on
You'll be gone and I'll be happier


Say what you mean, what you mean
Cause you'll be happier without me, without me, without me, oh

You won't convince me, that I'll be better off
So you go on and I'll be happier, I'll be happier
You go on, you go
You'll be gone, and I'll be gone
You go on and I'll be happier, you go on and I'll be happier
You go on, you go on, you go on and I'll go on and I'll be happier
You on and I'll be happier, you go on and I'll be happier

You go on, and I'll be happier