Thursday, December 4, 2008

prom night

ugh just woke up.

had photoshoot with hellven ytd morning
i actually lost my ticket 2 hours before prom
lucky can get to use IC

prom was at night.hilton hotel
well,the food was boring.
haha but i still ate alot

and the service there was funny,caifeng wanted to change her drink to something else,
but everytime they topped it up before she could finish it.hahahaha

the host for the evening was nt bad,making us do retarded stuff
such as waving our napkins and sing "ali baba"

the prom queen was siantzu!! :D
and king was mao cheng

after that went over to the butter factory
there was such a long queue
i went to ask haikal where to get tix,
then called this guy whom we didnt noe his name
but the tix was sold out
*even black market also runs out of tix*

so i got kinda bored,thus i left the queue and headed home
but on the way i met fahanah and the DB girls
so i joined them and we went to other clubbing areas
we ended up at 'the Arena'
the atmosphere was kinda cool
they had live performances
and a bunch of fake "pussycat dolls"
whom totally c.m.i

oh and i met john tung there too

aniw had a few drinks of orange juice with liquor
and all i rmb was i danced and danced till like 4:30am?

after that we all sat by the river waiting for the first train service
spend too much and didnt wanna cab home.haha

saw SOOOO many post prom partiers at the MRT station

it was my first time clubbing!
feels good to be home :)

and i actually slept until 5:30pm..

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