Saturday, January 3, 2009

nicole's birthday

2nd Jan,NICOLE'S birthday!
met up with ben,freya,nicole and friend at dohby ghaut
i came too early so i went to PS to walk around,ended up spending $100 on 2 pair of jeans and some CDs,haha wth.

we went to the Singapore Art Museum

there was an exhibition that showed videos of actors/actresses that keep still there,almost like a photograph itself,but after awhile they will start to move

johnny depp

bradd pitt

another was about women being picked by men to be their wives in poorer countries
and the troubles of married couples

of all places in a museum,we took photos at a staircase cos there was this strong air con vent that was super windy...LOL

while waiting for nicole to get a nice shot of the museum
we started to debate about whether the owls on the screens were the same...

we then took MRT to harbour front to buy stuff for our steamboat :)

it was a damn retarded shopping me.

after we were done shopping,nicole's mom drove us to her house

we then helped out to prepare all the food and stuff
heres a video :)

meet nicole's cat.
it has mood moment it comes to u and stuff
the next its scratches you like mad
ben was provoking it with his bare hands and ended up getting scratched by it

after the steamboat,freya and her bf brought nicole downstairs so that we could bring out the cake,
we all hid in the toilet when she came out

haha nicole looked extremely suprised

although the cake looks fudgy,
it tasted really nice :)

after which,we went to a "multi storey carpark" as what nicole said
ended up it was only two storeys

heres a video of a boy who cannot play sparklers like a normal person does :)

after we left nicole's house
ben,brenda and i went to bedok to chill out
bought sugar cane drink and had a little chat

all in all
it was a fun day :D

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