Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentine's day

had to stay in camp today morning for remedial training
why? cos i failed my pull ups during IPPT
haha but now i can do 5 pull ups already
must reach at least 7!!

saw rudi at the cookhouse today,he told me that they could only book out on monday cos today was their out field SIT(situatonal) test
they looked so emo..
and i didnt noe what to say to him
so i said "all the best"
wtf? what a stupid thing to say

valentine's day,
went to catch the movie 'Curious case of Benjamin Button'
by myself,the counter person had to keep repeating "1 ticket?"
so loudly,make people feel even more miserable..

that movie lasted 3 hours...
some parts very touching
quite a nice movie to watch :)

happy valentine's to all single people like myself
its just not time yet i guess... oh wells

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