Wednesday, March 11, 2009

POP loh!

haha 24KM route march was a killer
started from 10pm
marched till 7am the next day
and i started the march having a blister already
hahaha so freaking glad i survived

after POP,
my mom and i took the bus back to pasir ris interchange
and i had to stand in the bus ride
right in front of my face was another recruit/private
with his LBV attached onto his field pack
he could've at least tried to shuff it into his field pack?...
oh wells.
i stinked too
so i shudn't complain too much

im glad the first 3 months are finally over

and now...
im a private!
(although i dunno whats the diff...but...)
no longer a recruit
hahaha woot!
we get to keep our hair now right?...

to all my fellow friends who was with me on tekong island...
POP loh!!! :D

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