Sunday, April 26, 2009


went to orchard cineleisure with some of my BMT friends
and had dinner at xinwang
wasn't feeling well
thus i only had congee

and a salted egg

we then went to catch 17again
haha the show was so funny
esp the part where Ned tried to woo the female principal

we then head down to the coffee club and had a little chat

$5.50 for this thing...jolly shandy would have tasted much better..
after which went clubbing
and it was fun!!
kept drinking baileys
cos its damn nice (intro by sarah choo last time)

but the cab fare back sucks.
ugh $26..

bought a pair of cargo pants that we have to use at our unit
cost me $40...
also bought this shirt
which cost $22

haha hair finally growing back ler
:D :D :D :D

some memento we're gonna present to the unit
and yes its become my job

as my friends would tell me
"see la,who ask you can draw so well"

oh wells
cya :D

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