Friday, April 17, 2009

selerang VS seletar

sore throat sucks...
strepsils are useless

aniw,last wednesday we had nights off
went outta camp from 5:30pm and went roaming around tampines
went to check out lloyd's new owrkplace,teadot
then we went to check out the vcd shop
bought quite a few discs
esp one which was called [.REC]
its the orignal version,
well,it was remade and called Quarantine

it was kinda freaky at first
with all the blood and stuff
but soon it got kinda predictable..
haha but overall i liked it :D

im loving army life..
we basically have lessons and stuff till arnd 3pm?
then 5pm we go for dinner
and from then till 12am its our free time
haha so we would all hang out at the enlistee's mess
with air con,watching television shows
and chasing drama serials such as
'table of glory' channel8 show at 9pm

and our warrant isnt that bad afterall
hes in fact
a very funny guy
as long as we dont go overboard :)

thursday we were actually allowed to go at 1pm,
but we did smth wrong which made him furious
so he made us change back to army uniform,
when we were already in our civilian clothings waiting to go out
it really dampened all our moods
everyone was sulking while they changed back into their boots
and the algae looking uniform

but in the end,
he still let us go out
at 2:30pm
haha,we sure learnt our lesson

we are now back at seletar camp
for some live firing thingy on monday
all of us hate it here at seletar camp..
cos its so effing regimental

we really miss selerang camp
even though we are only going to stay here until monday night

something really random.

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