Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ben's 19

met up with ben and friends at zouk
went in around 10pm plus
there was so little people
thus went to buy lotsa coke and two bottles of alcohol
one chivas and one jim beam

haha when it reached 12am
it was officially benjamin's 19th birthday
and heres a video

we went in to party after that
the music was great
haha there was some really fucked up people
but overall i thought it was a fun experience
haha woots!

it all ended at 4am
some of them went back by taxi
while ben,kun yang,haikal,yixiang and myself
waited for the rain to stop
before we went to some place to eat
haha the two of them were so tired that they dozed off
within a minute

caught the morning train back home
alright cya

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