Tuesday, September 28, 2010

sour sour feeling

bahh dunno whats gotten into me
haha i get this very sour feeling
whenever i see someone thats so good looking.
like in facebook or what
not those superstars or models
but people in your everyday life
friend's friend
or someone related to you somehow or another
it just gets to me

i always compare myself to them
and think:
"why are they so good looking?"
"they are sooo lucky to have so many friends asking them out all the time"
"aww how i wish i could look JUST like him"

things that keep occuring to me
haha i guess i just feel damn insecure about my looks
why i don't have cool friends like they do
why im not attractive enough

I guess its all about the confidence
the way they present themselves
but thats easy for them,
with their looks and all
how not to be confident!

i even considered plastic surgery!
but i've kinda scrapped that idea
considering ive not much money and stuff
and i know how they'd say
looks arent important
and that our looks will all fade away
and inner beauty is what counts
but still...

wouldnt it be nice to look like him?

aniw,just some personal thoughts im sharing
pleaseee don't shoot me with mean comments.
im quite vulnerable to those

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