Tuesday, November 16, 2010

sad sad situation

went to selerang medical centre to see the MO
due to my difficulty in breathing
man,so many tests had to be done
had to take ECG,which the medic tried several times to get a reading..
then the best part was,
the Medical Officer (the same guy that saw me for my sore throat)
used a stethoscope to hear my breathing,
when i was wearing TWO layers of clothes(my uniform and inner shirt)
woah..is that possible?
and after that,he told me that im fine
the readings were normal and he didnt detect anything wrong..
and dismissed it as "probably due to the haze"

its sad to see people like him that are
probably gonna be doctors in the near future..
they have no concern over people's health and well-being..
its just real sad..

but then again,
thats just SAF for you
nothing's gonna change,
not now,
not ever.

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