Sunday, December 5, 2010

OIC portrait day/battle of the immortals

ahh went for OIC portrait day yesterday!
it wasn't as happening as the previous one
probably due to the rain :(
but nevertheless,we still had fun!
haha and i managed to sell 3 of my drawings! thats $30!
it was challenging to draw someone properly in 20minutes..
haha i end up drawing them like cartoon characters

this one below was bought :D

and some not sold :)

(photo taken from

but its awesome to see the customers smiling from viewing our works
its something money can't buy
people buying your works is like an icing on the cake
what matters most is the experience gained

oh oh,
just downloaded a new game yesterday
its called Battle of the Immortals
its a MMORPG game,
really cool graphics
haha i always liked games like these
the last one i fell in love with was muonlinebut too bad the game got kinda screwed up with the pay-to-play part..

shall upload more pics next time!

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