Monday, December 13, 2010

Seeing Pink

our last day in 36SCE
felt AWESOME to finally leave that place
so sick and tired of it!
we should get an award for putting up with them
those stinking shit
even on our last day they still boss us around,
clean this clean that
when we first came,the bunk was in a HUGE MESS
and we had to clean up ourselves
bah shan't brood over it

after we got our pink IC,
it was BBQ time at seletar gardens!

all of us split up the work
from cleaning of the grills
to setting up the fire
it didnt take long before we could start barbequeing

didnt really chat much,
as didn't felt really comfortable with people that i don't know well
and don't get along well with..
or maybe i was just tired.
wasn't feeling the whole ORD atmosphere
but yeah,it was nice
not fantastic,but nice :)

after the barbeque,
George drove us back home!!
was so tired already
thinking about taking a bus back was sooo depressing!
haha what a pleasant surprise!
thanks george :)

picture of the day

goes to leonard!!

"this is not goodbye"

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