Thursday, December 23, 2010

we're moving~

haha my hair is like shit now
im trying to grow my hair longer,
i dunno how i'll look like
but i really wanna try :)
since i ORD already
but then,
right now my hair is neither here nor there
really thick mess whenever i dont wax it down
real tempted to cut it short XD

aniw,dad's stall at changi airport is closing next tuesday,28thdec
not gonna work there already,after 10 long years
to be honest,our stall's quite well known
especially for its grilled salmon :)
do give it a try!
Terminal 1 staff canteen,basement 1
open till next tuesday,then we'd be moving out :)

heres mom at the stall
(she'd scream if she knew i took a photo of her hahaha)

and here's what our stall offers

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