Monday, February 7, 2011

a day at the zoo :)

ok its a sunday,
i wanted to sleep till like 1pm
but my dad woke me up to go to the zoo
as i said id go the day before.
BUT laziness made me hesitant
dad was like "you sure you dont wanna go?we are going out now alr"
and there i was shrugging my shoulders,lightly shaking my head
and when my dad finally stopped asking me
i felt kinda bad as i agreed to go earlier
thus i got my lazy ass off the oh-so-comfortable bed ,took a shower
and set off with my mom and dad to the zoo :)
we were accompanied with a few of our relatives
the queue there wasnt as long as the last time i came
which was on 2009 christmas day.
that was an unbelievably long queue!
aniway,i managed to get quite a few nice pictures
as i brought better lens this time :)

it wasn't THAT fascinating
probably because ive been there quite recently
and nothing much has changed
but nevertheless,it was nice to spend the day with my parents
and im sure they felt its nice to spend time with your own children too =)

oh and i decided to comb my hair up as its getting longggggg
i think it looks nicer and looks smarter :)


and after!


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