Monday, March 14, 2011

hey you

you were shy when we first met
your lips shivered when i just looked at you
that innocent smile on you face,
always warms my heart.
whispered in you ear,"i love you"
and you'd say "i love you too"
wanted to tell the whole world that we were in love
that there was nothing that could stop us.

you showed me what it felt like to love and be loved in return
what that fuzzy feeling that everyone talks about.
the little gifts that you gave me
each were ever so special
ever so bright
they all held different memories
but they were all spent with you.
you were always being so thrifty
and you had your reasons for doing so
always putting others before yourself
so many things that you liked but didn't get them for yourself
saying "not today~"
and yet things that i liked,
you'd buy them for me
making me so happy

i still remember when i fell so sick
my skin looked so terrible that i couldnt face myself in the mirror
and yet,there you were
by my side,telling me things are going to be okay
that you still love me no matter what happens
no matter what i looked like.
you were there with me
holding my hand
and i felt safe
as long as you were there.

we even went overseas together
when i was so seasick
feeling so nauseous
you were there to change my plastic bags
full of puke.
you took care of me

i remember the times we laughed at the simplest things
the annoying children that needed a slap
the people that just looked so ridiculous
we went to such amazing places
some places ive never been to
jurong bird park,the zoo,pulau ubin,phuket
they all felt so amazing
because i had you.

you always knew the right things to do
the right things to say
and whenever im feeling scared,confused or sad
you would always be there for me.
you would patiently hear the things i had to say
and giving me advice to pull me through

i know ive hurt you many times
but you never once left me
you were always so understanding
always so patient with me.
we didn't know what the future was going to be like
we didn't care what people would say
what people would think
because as long as you were there by my side
things are gonna be alright

you liked lights,
you liked photography,
you liked cats,
you liked chocolate and things that were sweet
you liked me
and i liked you

thanks for all the memories
thanks for being there for me
thanks for being you
i will never forget you
so please,dont forget me too..

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