Friday, April 15, 2011


yesterday night,
i was about to sleep
had my lights off
tucked myself in bed
hugging my bolster
just when i closed my eyes
"bzzz bzzz"
that ever so familiar sound
echoed through my ears

immeadiately i rushed to on the lights
there was no escape route,
just me and her in the room
i sat and scrutinized every corner
for the slightest bit of movement.
i knew i couldn't let my guard down
as it would give her a chance to strike.
thus i waited
and waited.

she made her move.


took out my set of acrylic paint that i havent touched
since my A levels
which was at least 2 years ago!
ahh..the fond memories
sorry to have neglected you guys

wonder if im still able to paint using acrylic..

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