Monday, April 25, 2011

Jeric's 21st

It was my first time doing birthday decorations
quite challenging,had to take lotsa things into consideration.
did some research and surfed the net for ideas
i cannot afford to screw up,cause it was someone else's 21st birthday.
it was really enjoyable preparing the stuff though
you won't know how it would turn out
the process of cutting the butterflies out with valerie was so memorable
hahaha it felt so meaningful.
oh this is the guestbook :D

then came Saturday!!
met up with Valerie first
we chat and chat and chat all the way from Tampines till Boon Lay
and before we knew it,we arrived!
had lunch at Jurong Point,
haha indofood,ayam pangang!
damn nice.i always have craving for it
the one at plaza sing is still the best
ANYWAY,Valerie and I made our way to Summerdale condo
it was so humid!!
Richie and Roland where there to pick us up at the entrance

pasting the butterflies was really not as easy as it seemed
required the help of Richie,Roland and Valerie to make it work.
the balloons kept bursting on their own,
and the sound was amplified as we were in a room
it was incredibly loud and never fails to give me a shock each time
armed with my beloved DSLR and the external flash that Nuh gave me on my birthday,
i was ready to take photos!!
the flash used up batteries super duper fast!
it was insane,used up 8 batteries in less than half and hour.
but the results were pretty :D
i like hahahaha

im so glad that everything worked out well
and that the birthday boy was happy
thats the most important :)

Happy 21st Birthday Jeric!

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