Thursday, April 21, 2011

Samuel Han

Thats me right there at the top right hand corner
and standing next to me was my primary school classmate,Samuel Han.
in our class,his table was beside mine
and i vaguely remember how he would tease me in class
and id would raise up my hand to make him panic
as he thought i would report to the teacher
hahaha we had so much fun
he was a brilliant kid,
very intelligent and scored well in class
he even gave me a photo frame for one of my birthday
and i still have it up in my bedroom

it was during primary 5
we suddenly recieved news that he passed away
due to complications and poor immune system
we were too young to fully understand what death was
we were still saying that he has reincarnated,
as it was the seventh day after he has left us

now and then,
id still think of him
and cherishing my friends even more
the time we had together was shortlived
but it made such an impact on my live.

i miss him..

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