Monday, May 2, 2011

heres what I did the past few days
okay on friday,helped my dear NYJC classmate Dorcas with her project

then went to meet Nuh to visit One Altitude Bar at raffles place.
man the bar was located on the 62nd level!
its a rooftop bar and the view was awesome :D
sadly there wasn't many seats around
luckily we managed to find one table and got to enjoy our glass of Mojito :D

we already planned to come here a long time ago
the first time we came,it was closed due to rainy weather
second time we came,it was closed cause they don't open on sundays.
and finally we managed to to go on the third attempt
awesome!! :D

on Saturday,
went shopping for clothes
checked out The Heeren and it seems that they are closing it down or something
as all the shops are having moving out sale.
what a pity.
after walking around,i noticed this shop at Orchard Cineleisure.
been here countless time but never really visited the shop before
tried on a few of their clothes and it felt really comfortable
the material was very nice!
though a little pricey but id go for quality rather than quantity.

watched the movie Source Code
it was so heartwrenching
what a nice movie
Oh oh tried this ice cream for the first time

Movenpick,such a small tub cost $6,
haha it tasted like strawberry jam with a creamy aftertaste,i like!

On Sunday,

went to watch a mini event performance by my friend Nuh
it was at Holiday Inn Hotel,

heres them doing a trial run

haha i tried to learn a few dance steps
but i couldn't coordinate my movements haha
oh well,back to drawing i guess :p

we kept playing this frustratingly addictive game
on iPhone called Unblock Me

hahaha the objective is to get the red block through the hole at the right
by rearranging the other wooden blocks.
looks easy,wait till you give it a try :)

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