Thursday, May 5, 2011

Went to NTU for medical checkup yesterday
had to pass by Jurong Point,so many memories there..
anyway,ADM campus is so awesome!!

dear syahidah showed me the way to the medical centre,
if not id surely be lost there,so HUGE.
after which,met up with sarah and her friends
and attended a talk on photography
where the final year students displayed and explained their works
how exciting :D
can't wait for school to start!!

This morning,the sun was out
and i made my way to Tampines Swimming Complex

i used to be so enthusiastic about swimming
cause i wanted to look good,
but now all that doesn't matter to me anymore
i just want things to be back to normal.
after completing my 40laps,
i walked home from tampines
the same path
everything looks the same
but my heart felt so different

upon reaching my HDB flat,
i decided to take a stroll in the park
as i didnt really felt like going home
there wasn't anything to look forward to
felt so aimless.
oh wells,im sure all these will end soon
and things will get better.

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